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Chapter 3160: Fighting Huang Rong

The moment the Myriad Formation Devil broke the Mystical Pavilion groups formation, a powerful and majestic voice sounded, “Whos there!”

His voice boomed like ten thousand thunders, shaking half the Nether Grottos ninth level.

The demon experts in the ninth level, ferocious beasts of darkness, and devils were petrified.

“So scary!”

“Who was it! This aura… Is it a human race expert!”

The demon experts exclaimed one after one another.

Then, a pillar of flames rose up like a javelin aimed at the sky and exploded somewhere in the ninth level.

Horrifying waves of flames swept out, turning the immediate surrounding into a sea of fire, burning away the darkness, coldness, and devil qi wherever the flames went.

The sea of fire expanded rapidly, frightening the demon experts into a panic to scurry for their lives.

“Perfection level of absolute blaze power!”

Looking at the vigorous flames swirling towards him, Huang Xiaolong let out a cold harrumph, and without doing anything more, absolute frost power came roaring out from his body, turning every inch of space it passed into a frosty blue world.

Astounding frosty blue world collided with blazing flames.


Sizzling sounds of flames being extinguished went on endlessly.

It was a draw and the battle came to an abrupt halt.

“Ei!” The exclamation of surprise rang in everyones ears.

“No wonder the formation I had laid out was broken!”

Then, a huge golden palm appeared from the horizon, crossed the distance, and it appeared right above Huang Xiaolongs group.

This huge golden palm was condensed from the power of metal, and the harsh light from the power of metal blinded many demon experts on the ninth level, making them unable to open their eyes.

Watching the huge golden palm slamming down on them, Huang Xiaolong retaliated with a palm strike of his own.

An enormous lightning element palm shot upwards, and the dark Nether Grotto became bright as the day as the terrifying destructive power of lightning sizzled the air.


The lightning palm and golden palm collided hard in the air.

“Perfection level power of lightning! Excellent!” The instant the voice sounded, an attack in the form of finger force containing an absolute power descended from the horizon.

This finger force contained power of radiance, and bright light covered the land, purifying all darkness and expelling coldness.

The demon experts in the ninth level escaped to the far edge of the grotto, extremely terrified that they would be tainted by the radiance energy.

For demon experts that lived their lives in darkness were most afraid of the power of absolute radiance, and even someone like Jin Xin felt palpitations.

Huang Xiaolong let out another cold harrumph as he too shot out a ray of force from his finger that also contained the power of radiance.

The two opposing forces collide again.

The power of radiance clashed with the power of radiance and exploded into crepuscular rays.

The space in the ninth level of Nether Grotto seemed to be on the verge of being torn to shreds by the power of radiance, and everything within the sight was submerged by the exploding radiance as tragic screams rang in the air.

The weaker ones were purified by the power of radiance and the others barely escaped from the onslaught of radiance rays with frightening burns on their skins, and they looked grotesque and unrecognizable.

Then, a curtain of numerous ice arrows of darkness energy appeared on the horizon!

These ice arrows were a combination of absolute darkness power and absolute frost power!

This attack was more powerful than the waves of flames, golden palm, and finger of radiance!

With a casual wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong condensed rows of ice arrows out of absolute darkness and absolute frost power!

This time around, Huang Xiaolongs ice arrows crushed all of the other sides ice arrows and forged ahead towards the horizon.

Unlike Huang Xiaolong, the opponents power of darkness and power of frost had yet to reach perfection level.

In the time it took to blink, Huang Xiaolong and the opponent had exchanged over a dozen moves.

During these exchanges, there were times the two sides were at a draw, and the rest of the time, Huang Xiaolong gained the upper hand.

Huang Xiaolong did not allow Cang Xun, or the others to interfere, parrying and attacking the opponent all on his own.

From the beginning until now, the other side had used eleven elements energies, and seven of them had reached perfection level! Huang Xiaolong also used eleven elements to deal with the opponent.

However, he merely has six elements at perfection level!

Even so, Huang Xiaolong gained the upper hand because he had three small worlds!

In the beginning, the opponents attacks showed disdain but as time passed, he grew serious for Huang Xiaolongs strength had greatly exceeded his estimation and startled him.

The attacks stopped after a dozen exchanges.

“Excellency is…!” The opponent actually used an honorific.

Huang Xiaolong answered calmly, “Huang Xiaolong!”

“Huang Xiaolong!” There was something strange in the other persons tone, and disbelief as if he had not expected Huang Xiaolong to be here, much less possess strength that surpassed what was reported.

“So its you!” After a moment of silence, came a slow response.

“Yes, its me,” Huang Xiaolong stated in a flat tone.

“Huang Rong, I know what you and Huang Shuai are here in the Nether Grotto for.

Hand over the Huang Long Heart and Huang Long Cape as neither of you would be able to escape!”

Huang Xiaolongs opponent was none other than the Main Mystical Pavilion Master, Huang Rong.

However, Huang Rong had achieved seven elements perfection which surprised Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Rong currently mastered eleven elements of absolute powers, leaving only the power of space and power of time.

If Huang Rong had comprehended all thirteen elements like him, it would be extremely difficult for him to contain Huang Rong there.

Huang Rong chuckled sarcastically when he heard Huang Xiaolong demand that he hand over the Huang Long Heart and Huang Long Cape.

“Huang Xiaolong, your strength has indeed exceeded my expectation, but youve got guts to brag in front of me with merely six elements perfection Ive long wanted to deal with you once and for all, but I was delayed by various matters.

Since youre here now, theres no need to leave anymore!”

The space in front of Huang Xiaolong rippled as a person appeared!

This person was none other than the Main Mystical Pavilion Master, Huang Rong!

Huang Rong was physically stalwart, with a height of almost two meters!

The size of Huang Rongs head stood out, so did his eyes that were twice as big as the average person.

His pupils seemed to pull people in, making others afraid to look directly into his eyes.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed looking at Huang Rong, who suddenly appeared a few meters away from him, using the power of space!

Since he had also mastered the power of space, he could sense that Huang Rong had used the power of space to appear in front of him!

Counting the other eleven elements, Huang Rong had mastered twelve elements!

Moreover, Huang Rongs power of space was also at minor completion like him.

Twelve elements Huang Xiaolongs face turned solemn looking at Huang Rong.

Huang Rongs gaze shifted from Huang Xiaolong to Cang Xun, Di Shuang, and the rest, and he felt surprised inwardly.

But on the surface, he grinned widely, “The Death Beasts Peril Lands ten beast kings, and the Origin Lands ten overlords, as well as the Golden Spider Black Regions number one expert, Jin Xin!”

“Huang Xiaolong, no matter what, youre the Huang Long Worlds Son of Creation.

Do you have nothing better but these old and weak soldiers by your side Not even one slightly more formidable looking expert” Huang Rong mocked.

In others eyes, the ten beast kings and ten overlords were overwhelmingly powerful existences, but in the eyes of the Main Mystical Pavilion Master Huang Rongs eyes, they were nothing but old and weak soldiers.

He didnt even put the Golden Spider Black Regions number one master, Jin Xin, in his eyes.

Huang Rongs mocking words did not anger Huang Xiaolong.

He looked indifferently at Huang Rong and said, “The ones by my side are weak and feeble soldiers, and you, as the mighty Main Mystical Pavilion Master, only have garbage beside you!”

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