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Chapter 3179: Robbery

Of course, bringing these one hundred fierce souls was to ensure thesafety of Huang Xiaolong and his group.

Huang Rong had seen Yuan Tianyi, Myriad Formation Devil He Zhen, and Li Shuo before.

Thus it was better if the three of them did not make any moves that could expose them.

If they encountered any ambush, Huang Xiaolong would have the one hundred fierce souls deal with it.

These one hundred fierce souls were powerful, and who knew how long they had been cultivating in space, they could be older than Lei Yu and the Myriad Formation Devil He Zhen.

Moreover, these fierce souls existed in their soul form, making them almost indestructible existences, and the weakest among them was comparable to an expert in the top twenty of the Extermination List.

The most powerful fierce soul was stronger than the ten overlords leader, Cang Xun!

Huang Xiaolong exerted quite some effort to suppress this particular fierce soul.

After suppressing this fierce soul inside the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong spent several years subjugating it.

Before long, the Purple Lightning Peak left the Fire Cloud Creed behind it.

Letting Li Shuo and He Zhen to helm the Purple Lightning Peak, Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi cultivated under the Tree of Origin inside the Sun Moon Furnace.

With Yuan Tianyis thirteen elements interaction, whenever they practiced over the years, had greatly raised Huang Xiaolongs comprehension and mastery of the thirteen elements.

Yuan Tianyi had accompanied the Tree of Origin for half his life and had been cultivating for a very long time.

It could be said that Yuan Tianyi was Huang Long Worlds oldest living creature, and his mastery of the thirteen elements was definitely the best.

Then again, Huang Xiaolongs current mastery of the thirteen elements was not far behind Yuan Tianyi.

Half a month later, when Huang Xiaolong was passing by the Guangzong Region Lord Manor, he stayed there for two days.

Although Huang Xiaolong had a lot of genesis-level spiritual herbs, pills, spiritual veins, and high-grade cosmos artifacts, he lacked Blazing Dragon Worlds dao coins, and having insufficient dao coins was always an inconvenience.

Hence, when they were passing by the Guangzong Region Lord Manor, Huang Xiaolong visited the Guangzong Heavenly Caves big chambers of commerce, and traded some of his genesis-level spiritual herbs for traveling expenses.

Huang Xiaolong went to ten chambers of commerce headquarters and traded items worth a hundred billion dao coins!

Ten chambers of commerce, thats one trillion dao coins.

Huang Xiaolongs actions alerted the entire Guangzong Heavenly Caves super forces and chambers of commerce.

Even the Guangzong Region Lord received a report on the matter, and he was shocked while he listened to the report.

One trillion dao coins Even he would have a hard time taking out this amount.

“Have you found out that young mans identity” Guangzong Region Lord asked.

“Not yet.” The subordinate shook his head.

“Where is he now”

“That young man left after trading one trillion dao coins worth of items.

He was seemingly in a hurry to go on his way, and judging from the direction he left, hes heading to the Spirit Heavenly Cave!”

The Spirit Heavenly Cave was one of Guangzong Heavenly Caves neighbors.

“What does that young man want to do with so many dao coins” Guangzong Region Lords brows creased as he fell into contemplation.

If he knew that Huang Xiaolong had exchanged so many dao coins for traveling expenses, what would he think

“That young man has attracted too much attention with his actions.

With one trillion dao coins, anyone would be tempted.

It is said the Phantom Desire Creed and a dozen other creeds already have their eye on him.

Hou Zuns group is already waiting in ambush for him!” The subordinate shook his head.

“I dont think that young man would be able to leave!”

The Phantom Desire Creed ranked fourth in the Guangzong Heavenly Cave, and was never one to follow the righteous paths.

Strengths of other creeds that targeted Huang Xiaolong were comparable to the Phantom Desire Creed.

Whereas Hou Zun, he was an infamous bandit that ran rampant in the Guangzong Heavenly Cave and the neighboring heavenly caves.

His whereabouts had always been elusive, and robbing was second nature to him.

The Guangzong Region Lord and other region lords had no good way to deal with Hou Zun.

Hearing that Huo Zun and his group were already waiting in ambush for Huang Xiaolong, the Guangzong Region Lord lit a candle for Huang Xiaolong in his heart.

Hou Zun was not weaker than him, and he wielded the power of radiance and wind at the major completion stage.

However, a day later, shocking news spread through the Guangzong Heavenly Cave.

“What The Phantom Desire Creed and the dozen creeds experts were all annihilated!”

“Hou Zun and his subordinates, the Eighteen Tyrants were all killed!”

When the Guangzong Region Lord heard the news, he was stunned for half a day.

At this time, Li Shuo, and He Zhen were busy tabulating the harvests they had collected from the Phantoms Desire Creed, Hou Zuns group, and others.

As the fourth-ranked creed in the Guangzong Heavenly Cave, the Phantom Desire Creeds experts did carry a lot of good stuff on them, even more so Hou Zuns group of bandits.

The harvests from them beat others.

After counting their harvests, Li Shuo reported to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness, theres more than two hundred and thirty billion dao coins, a dozen genesis level spiritual herbs, but no genesis level pills.” He then recited a long list of treasures.

Yuan Tianyi said to Huang Xiaolong, “Thats a big business.

From now on, every time we pass by a place, well exchange a large batch of items in a high-profile manner, and then leave.

Let them ambush us on the way!”

Huang Xiaolong, He Zhen, and Li Shuo grinned at the thought.

“Were idle on the way anyways, so lets do it!” Huang Xiaolong laughingly agreed.

Although two hundred and thirty billion dao coins wasnt a lot to Huang Xiaolong, the amount would be shocking after passing through thirty to forty heavenly caves.

By the time they reach the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt have to worry about food, clothing, and housing.

The Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire was the most prosperous place in the Blazing Dragon World, and everything there was expensive.

If an average residences cost within an average city started at ten billion dao coins, then how much would the residences in the main cities cost.

With that decided, every time they passed through a heavenly cave, Huang Xiaolong was bound to head to the chambers of commerce headquarters to trade genesis-level spiritual herbs for dao coins.

By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the Heavenly Sword World Master Manor, just the income from robbing was over a trillion dao coins! Counting the dao coins Huang Xiaolong had traded along the way, he had accumulated five hundred to six hundred trillion dao coins!

Huang Xiaolong had Li Shuo and He Zhen keep the one trillion gained from robbing, so when they went about running errands for him, they could use it wherever necessary.

They did not stop for long at the Heavenly Sword World Masters Manor and were already on their way to the Taichen Holy World a few days later.

Although the Taichen was next to the Heavenly Sword Holy World, in terms of strength, it was at the far bottom of the rung.

The Heavenly Sword World Masters strength could barely enter the rankings, but the Taichen World Masters strength was much lower, and amongst his five elements of absolute powers, only three had reached perfection level.

This level of strength was lower than the Origin World Master Xiao Tianqis in Huang Long World, and it was more at the Myriad Formation Devil He Zhens level.

After passing through more than thirty holy worlds and four years later, Huang Xiaolong finally arrived at the Blazing Dragon Holy World.

The Blazing Dragon Holy World was the biggest holy world in the Blazing Dragon World with numerous heavenly caves within.

The Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital was located in the centermost of Blazing Dragon Holy World.

Merely the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital was as big as several heavenly caves put together.

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