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Chapter 3180: Nether Spirit Palace

Upon entering the Blazing Dragon Holy World, more troops could be seen along the way.

These troops naturally belonged to the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empires army.

Some troops rode on mounts of star behemoths, while others patrolled on flying ships.

These armies consisted of only Dao Venerable experts!

Led by a high-level Dao Venerable, and some generals were Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Star behemoths were all Dao Venerables as well.

And all the flying ships were cosmos artifacts, but most of them were low-grade and mid-grade cosmos artifacts.

One rarely saw any high-level cosmos artifact flying ship army.

At a glance, the entire Blazing Dragon Holy Worlds space was filled with various top creeds and chambers of commerces flying ships.

These flying ships came in various shapes and sizes.

Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peak that took the shape of a mountain could be considered unique, but here, there were even more unique-looking flying ships.

There was a flying ship refined from an ancient giant shark, and there were a few desolate giant dragon flying ships, and even the branches of a tree!

Huang Xiaolong even saw a few sword-shaped flying ships!

There was also a genesis level pearl that was refined into a sphere-shaped flying ship!

There were also cultivators, who used a kind of beast that resembled an earthworm to refine their flying ships.

In this eclectic mix of flying ships, Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peak looked more normal.

Yuan Tianyi, Li Shuo, and He Zhen watched with wide-eyed surprise as the earthworm-shaped flying ship passed by them.

“This hobby is really uncommon.” Yuan Tianyi made a rare joke.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“The world is so big, and everyones preference is different, so its not that strange.

Lets head to the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital first, and then start inquiring for information.”

The three complied respectfully.

The Purple Lightning Peak turned into a streak of lightning, flying straight towards the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital in the central region.

In order to keep a low profile, Huang Xiaolong converged the Purple Lightning Peaks aura, and disguised it as a peak-level cosmos artifact.

Even so, the Purple Lightning Peak still attracted many eyes as it zoomed past.

Peak-level cosmos artifact flying ships were rare even in the Blazing Dragon Holy World.

High-grade cosmos artifact flying ships were far from comparable to peak-level cosmos artifact flying ships.

Generally, only the super chambers of commerce or families possessed peak-level cosmos artifact flying ships.

“Whos that young man! I dont remember hearing about anyone with a giant peak peak-level cosmos artifact flying ship!” A World Master Manors young patriarch said as he pointed at Huang Xiaolong who was standing on the peak of Purple Lightning Peak.

This young patriarch was the Purple Vision Holy World Master Manors eldest young master, Zi Juedao!

The Purple Vision Holy World was a very powerful holy world under the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

The Purple Vision World Master was as strong as the Heavenly Sword World Master, or probably slightly stronger.

Zi Juedao was a famous cultivator amongst the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empires younger generation.

His strength was higher than many top-tier creeds patriarchs, and he wielded major completion stage power of radiance, blaze, and wood.

An elderly man beside Zi Juedao looked at Huang Xiaolong with a serious expression and slowly said, “That young man is not simple!”

Not simple

Zi Juedao was stunned.

Uncle Zheng Long was one of the ten great experts of their Purple Vision World Master Manor.

Someone being described as not simple by Uncle Zheng Long had to be extraordinary.

“Does Uncle Zheng Long mean to say that this young man is as good as me” Zi Juedao looked at Huang Xiaolong with a new perspective.

But the elderly man Zheng Long shook his head and corrected, “No, hes stronger than me!”

Zi Juedao was shocked.


That young man is stronger than Uncle Zheng Long!

His Uncle Zheng Long had comprehended four elements of absolute powers, and all four elements had reached major completion, especially his power of darkness was only one stop from reaching perfection level.

Another black-haired elderly man beside Zi Juedao chimed in, “Not only is he stronger than you, hes also stronger than me!”

Zheng Longs judgment was limited, but he could see that the young man was stronger than that.

Both Zi Juedao and Zheng Long were genuinely flabbergasted.

“Elder Brother, hes really stronger than you!” Zheng Long gasped.

His elder brother, Zheng Shifengs strength was only under the Purple Vision World Master! And his elder brother was stronger than many World Masters.

But that young man was said to be stronger than his elder brother!

Zheng Shifeng looked extremely solemn as he observed Huang Xiaolong.


He uttered only one word!

But this one word was self-explanatory.

Zi Juedao and Zheng Long sucked in a breath of cold air.

They were already shocked when Zheng Shifeng said the young man was stronger than him, but who knew that Zheng Shifeng would actually say that the young man was unfathomable!

Unfathomable and stronger than Zheng Shifeng were two different concepts.

Zi Juedao stared at Huang Xiaolong dazedly.

“Does that mean hes an expert at the same level as my father!”

His father, the Purple Vision World Master, had comprehended six elements of absolute powers with five of them at perfection level.

Zheng Shifeng did not say anymore.

In truth, he could only sense that the young mans strength was unfathomable, but whether the young mans strength was comparable to their World Master, he couldnt be certain of it.

By this time, Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peak had flown out from everyones sight.

On a giant flying ship inscribed with a nether spirit on the sides, stood a group of women in black dresses.

Each of the women in this group held a long black sword, and their faces were concealed under black veils, and even the trinkets on their hands were all black in color.

From head to toe, everything on them was black, just like nether spirits in broad daylight, giving others a chilling feeling.

Seeing this flying ship and the women on the flying ship, all nearby flying ships shied far away as if they couldnt get away fast enough.

Even Ji Zuedaos face tensed when he saw the black flying ship and quickly ordered his subordinates to steer the Purple Vision World Master Manors flying ship away.

The leader of this group of women was also staring at Huang Xiaolongs Purple Lightning Peak that had gone out of sight.

Her beautiful eyes glimmered.

Clearly, she had heard Zo Juedao, Zheng Long, and Zheng Shifengs conversation.

In fact, she had noticed Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Tianyi, Li Shuo, and He Zhen.

“Find out that young mans identity and the place hes staying.

As our Nether Spirit Palace appears this time, the Young Palace Master wants to recruit a large number of experts, and that young mans strength could probably enter the Young Palace Masters eyes!” The leader ordered the group of women behind her.

“Yes, Senior Sister Chen!” the female disciples complied with respect.

The Nether Spirit Flying Ship sped away.

When the Nether Spirit Flying Ship had flown out of sight, the various creeds and world manors experts breathed out in relief.

“The Nether Spirit Palace has appeared again!” Zi Juedao looked in the direction where the Nether Spirit Flying Ship had disappeared in palpitation.

How and when did the Nether Spirit Flying Ship appear, and why didnt I discover it!

The Nether Spirit Flying Ships movements were really like a nether spirit.

“Every time the Nether Spirit Palace appears, theres bound to be a bloodstorm.” Zheng Shifeng stated with a solemn face, “Dont know if the Nether Spirit Palace Masters twelve elements have reached perfection level, but if they have, it would be terrifying!”

“Every time the Nether Spirit Palace appears, they recruit a large batch of experts, and it is obvious the Nether Spirit Palace has taken an interest in that young man.

That young mans in trouble.

Anyone the Nether Spirit Palace has their eye on, has to either submit to the Nether Spirit Palace or end up miserably!”

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