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Chapter 3181: Hidden Dragon Sacred Land

Zi Juedao muttered, “The young master of the Nether Spirit Palace has probably reached perfection level in seven different types of elements!”

Even though they were cultivators of the same generation, the other party had reached perfection level in seven different elements! Compared to him who had only reached perfection level in three different elements, they were at completely different levels!

Zi Juedao felt his heart palpitating when he spoke about the young master of the Nether Spirit Palace.

Even his father, the World Master of the Purple Vision World, would have to show some respect when meeting the young master of the Nether Spirit Palace.

His father might have comprehended six different elements, but he had only reached perfection level in five of them.

Compared to the Nether Spirit Palace Prince, he was still lacking too far behind him.

“Youre probably right! The young master of the Nether Spirit Palace once said that he wouldnt leave seclusion unless he reached perfection level in seven different elements.

Now that he has reappeared, he definitely managed to do so!” Zhen Shifeng nodded his head and exclaimed, “The young master of the Nether Spirit Palace has unparalleled talent.

He took a mere several tens of millions of years to reach his current level!”

Huang Xiaolong and the others had no idea what Zi Juedao and the others were talking about.

At that instant, Huang Xiaolong was traveling towards the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital with Yuan Tianyi and the others.

Since he was trying to make the Purple Lightning Peak look like a peak-grade cosmos artifact, they had lowered their speed to a crawl.

It took nearly a month for them to finally arrive.

Even though they had some guesses on what the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital would look like, everyone was shocked when they actually looked at the capital city standing before them.

No… It was more appropriate to call it a capital region.

Massive islands and palaces drifted across their eyes, and there were countless beasts standing guard around the various palaces.

Massive spirit stones hung from the air and they resembled giant stars.

All the spirit stones that hung in the air were at the genesis-level, and they were placed at precise locations to form a massive Star Spirit Grand Formation.

Traces of star spiritual qi drifted down from the void, and they enveloped the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital.

Huang Xiaolong and the others sucked in a cold breath.

All of them felt the star spiritual qi seeping into their bodies, and they felt a wave of comfort washing over them.

It was as though their souls and physical body were going through a round of refinement under the influence of the star spiritual qi.

“These are ninth-grade star dao stones that would only appear during the creation of the world!” A light flashed in Yuan Tianyis eyes.

“Every single one of them are priceless treasures! Who would have thought that the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire would lay them around the entire region! Anyone who enters the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital would be able to absorb the star spiritual qi!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement.

“Its no wonder the Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital is the most prosperous region in the Blazing Dragon World…”

Even Huang Xiaolong wasnt able to do something of that scale!

After all, ninth-grade star dao stones were something money couldnt buy.

Even if the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire was willing to put them on auction, a single star would be worth an insane amount of money.

“Lets go…” After stopping for quite some time, Huang Xiaolong and the others made their way over to one of the nearest sacred lands.

The Blazing Dragon Celestial Capital was surrounded by countless sacred lands, but the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land was located at the heart of the region!

Despite their strength, only core disciples of the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land and their upper echelons would be able to enter the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land.

Experts who came from other worlds were definitely not allowed to approach, unless they received an invitation from the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empires invitation.

If anyone dared to barge into the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land, there would only be one ending for them.

They would be killed on the spot!

“Your Highness, the Nether Spirit Flying Ship has been following us for quite some time now,” He Zhen spoke up all of a sudden.

“Ignore it.”

Since they had entered the Blazing Dragon Holy World, the flying ship had been following them around.

Huang Xiaolong had detected it a long time ago, but he decided to ignore it.

“Nether Spirit Palace…” Huang Xiaolong growled.

He knew exactly who they were.

In fact, the only reason he was allowing them to do as they wished was because they hadnt got on his nerves yet.

If they pissed him off, he wouldnt mind using them as a warm up to announce his arrival.

Several days later, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land.

The reason he chose the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land was because he had heard that the headquarters of various powers were situated there!

With that being the case, the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land was the richest and most prosperous sacred land if one took the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land out of the picture.

It was also the place with the highest concentration of experts.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land, he headed straight for the Exiled Dragon City, the main city located in the area.

The Exiled Dragon City was the largest city in the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land, and no other cities even came close.

As the richest sacred land in the region, the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land was the size of several thousand sacred lands combined.

The Exiled Dragon City itself was the size of a small-scaled sacred land.

However, the price of entering the Exiled Dragon City wasnt low.

Everyone, who wanted to enter, would have to pay up a million dao coins.

Moreover, they had to leave after one year if they werent residents of the city.

If they wanted to enter the city again, they would have to pay another million dao coins!

In order to become a residence of the Exile Dragon City, they would have to possess some sort of property in the city itself!

“The Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire should be rolling in the dough just from the income of the Exiled Dragon City…” Li Shuo exclaimed after they entered.

As the Blazing Dragon Holy World was controlled by the various princes of the celestial empire, every single region would have to pay their due taxes to the empire.

Moreover, the amount they had to pay wasnt a small one!

A chuckle left Huang Xiaolongs lips.

Wealth was nothing if one didnt have the power to protect themselves.

Ultimately, strength ruled supreme.

Without enough power, one would never be able to defend their riches!

When Huang Xiaolong arrived in the city, the Nether Spirit Flying Ship paused for a moment above the city gates before leaving.

“Your Highness, the members of the Nether Spirit Palace left,” He Zhen reported.

Nodding slightly, Huang Xiaolong knew that the Nether Spirit Palace wouldnt let him off so easily now that they had their eyes on him.

They were definitely planning their next move now that they learned that he was in the Exiled Dragon City.

Several hours passed and Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at the headquarters of the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce.

It was the largest chamber of commerce located in the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land.

As soon as he arrived, Huang Xiaolong told the attendant that he wished to purchase a manor in the city.

The eyes of the attendant lit up in an instant and a brilliant smile formed on his face as he tried his best to attend to Huang Xiaolong.

If Huang Xiaolong was serious and bought a manor in the city, he would be able to receive a huge amount in commission!

“I wonder which manor Lord wishes to buy… Would you be interested in those ranging in the tens of billions Or would you be looking at those in the hundred billions” The disciple laughed.

Instead of replying to the attendant, Huang Xiaolong got the man to introduce every available manor in the city.

When he was done, Huang Xiaolong decided on one that would cost three hundred billion.

With his wealth, three hundred billion was nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

Along the way, the amount of dao coins he had changed had reached a number ranging north of several quadrillions.

If he counted the dao coins he had obtained from plundering the various powers that crossed him, his wealth would already range in the trillions.

When the experts in the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce saw how Huang Xiaolong bought a manor worth three hundred billion without batting an eyelid, they stared at him in shock.

Many of them couldnt help but ask around about Huang Xiaolong.

After paying up, the elder in charge of the branch in the Hidden Dragon Sacred Land personally came out to bring Huang Xiaolong around.

When he finally arrived at the entrance of the manor, he handed over the keys respectfully.

He even told Huang Xiaolong to look for him directly if he wanted to buy anything else.

As long as Huang Xiaolong was the customer, the branch elder would be more than willing to give him a discount.

Moreover, the elder gave Huang Xiaolong a VIP card for any other purchases in the future.

Holding the card in his hand, Huang Xiaolong chuckled to himself before throwing it into the Blood Dragon Stele.

Not too long after Huang Xiaolong purchased the manor, the woman in the Nether Spirit Palace received the news.

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