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Chapter 3211: Huang Shengdao Makes His Move

Fu Luosen pushed himself a little further when he saw Huang Xiaolongs attempt to stop him.

With rays of resplendent light emerging from his fist, it seemed to contain the power to shatter the world!

“Kneel and accept your death!”

Their fists smashed into each other, and a massive explosion ensued.

Everyone standing around felt as though the world around them was crumbling, and the sea of flames split in two.

Spatial cracks appeared in the air around them, and the entire area around the two seemed to disintegrate into nothingness.

The entire region was turned into a little boat floating in the stormy seas as everyone felt the impact of the battle.

They were sent sprawling on the ground in an attempt to keep themselves from being blown away by the shockwaves.

As the two of them were sent flying at the exact same time, Huang Xiaolong was thrown out of the sea of flames while Fu Luosen slammed heavily into the Excessive Darkness Flying Ship.

When he did, the ship was sent tumbling countless miles across the sea of flames.

Fu Luosen eventually fell onto the surface of the sea of flames.


Everyone was shocked when they noticed what happened.

Fu Luosen used his grand cosmos energy, and the power of thirteen elements at the grand perfection level.

However, he failed to defeat Huang Xiaolong with a single strike! Moreover, the two of them seemed on an even level after the previous exchange!


When Fu Luosen hadnt used his grand cosmos energy, he was able to gain the upper hand.

However, they were evenly matched now!

The minds of everyone present went blank.

Only after a long while did the Evil Wind Patriarch stare at Huang Xiaolong as he stammered in shock, “You… You… Three.

Three… Three worlds!”

Three types of cosmos energy!

Everyone felt their bodies freezing in place when they heard what he said.

An incredulous look formed on their faces as they looked at Huang Xiaolong like they were looking at an extinct animal.

How could one person possess three different types of cosmos energy!

If two was considered a miracle, what was three!

The faces of the Extreme East Old Man, and everyone else who crossed Huang Xiaolong in the past turned pale.


As the sea of flames was torn apart, Fu Luosen charged straight up into the air.

His hair was no longer as nicely styled as it once was, and he was no longer the lofty god who could look down on everyone.

“Who… Who the hell are you!” Fu Luosen gasped in shock when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Someone who hadnt reached the grand completion stage in thirteen elements had the ability to wield three different types of cosmos energy! He was even on equal footing with Fu Luosen!

No matter how he tried to explain it, Fu Luosen couldt accept such an outcome!

“His name is Huang Xiaolong!” A voice toes through the air, and everyone turned to look at another massive flying ship soaring towards them.

It was flashing through the space, and it arrived before them in an instant,

Everyones expression changed when they saw the newcomer.

A bunch of people were standing on board the ship, but one person caught all the attention.

“Huang Shengdao!”

He was the Second Prince of the True Dragon Celestial Empire, and the strongest prince they had!

He had another title, and it was one that could shake the world! The strongest expert in the younger generation of the universe had arrived!

Even Fu Luosens face sank when he saw Huang Shengdaos arrival.

“Brother Fu Luosen, what a coincidence.

You look great!” Huang Shengdao smiled.

“Brother Huang Shengdao, its been a long time.” A smile formed on Fu Luosens face too.

Slowly turning to stare at Huang Xiaolong, Huang Shengtians gaze turned a little serious.

Huang Xiaolong met his gaze, and he slowly turned to look at Huang Rong, the Palace Master of the Mystical Pavilion back in the Huang Long World.

Now that they met again, Huang Rongs gaze was extremely complicated.

He witnessed the exchange between Huang Xiaolong and Fu Luosen.

Back in the Huang Long world, Huang Xiaolong was merely an expert who reached perfection level in six elements! Now, he had comprehended double the number to perfection level, and the power of time was infinitely close to the major completion stage!

It had been so many years since he returned to the True Dragon Celestial Empire to work for Huang Shengdao, and his treatment was pretty good.

He managed to obtain a lot of lucky chances and resources, and he managed to push his strength up to a whole new level.

He thought that he would be able to suppress Huang Xiaolong with his newfound strength, but now, he realized that they were on two completely separate levels.

“Ive heard from Huang Rong that Huang Xiaolongs talent is extremely heaven-defying.

Today, I finally realized that Huang Rong wasnt exaggerating.” Huang Shengdao looked at Huang Xiaolong and continued, “From what he said, Brother Huang Xiaolong only comprehended six elements to perfection level several hundred thousand years ago, yes Your cultivation speed really puts all of us to shame!”

Huang Shengdaos words caused everyone present to stare at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

“What! Six elements at perfection level several hundred thousand years ago! How is that possible!”

“Thats not possible!”

Even Fu Luosen felt that it was absurd.

However, Huang Shengdao didnt seem like the type of guy who would lie about such matters.

If that was true, then…

Fu Luosen stared at Huang Xiaolong with goosebumps growing all over his body.

All of a sudden, Huang Shengdao made an interesting proposition.

“Brother Fu Luosen, why dont we work together to kill him”

Everyone felt a bomb going off in their heads.

Even Fu Luosen failed to understand what he wanted to do.

“Ill be honest.

Huang Xiaolong is the Son of Creation of the Huang Long World.

He has the Huang Long Armor Set and Im not capable of killing him myself!” Huang Shengdao exposed Huang Xiaolong immediately.

“If we join hands, things might be different!”

Everyone couldnt believe what he just said.

“Son of Creation of the Huang Long World!” Fu Luosens eyes widened in surprise.

Nodding slowly, Huang Shengdao continued, “Thats right.

As long as we kill him, well split the treasures he has on him evenly.

After all, hes as valuable as the Mysterious Magicians Treasury!”

A passionate gaze formed in Fu Luosens eyes and the way he looked at Huang Xiaolong changed.

He no longer thought about it and he laughed happily, “Alright!”

After all, he was planning to kill Huang Xiaolong anyway.

With Huang Shengdaos help, there was no way for the brat to escape!

Huang Shengdao roared with laughter and he leaped into the skies.

He arrived behind Huang Xiaolong, and the two of them pincered Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Shengdao released his aura completely, and it came as no surprise he was also at the grand perfection level.

With the power of his grand cosmos energy, Huang Shengdaos aura was able to suppress the power displayed by Fu Luosen!

A hazy light flashed through Fu Luosens eyes for a second, but he quickly returned to normal.

“Kill!” Fu Luosen screamed as they soared into the skies at the same time.

Giant phantoms appeared behind them!

The phantom behind Fu Luosen was white in color, and it covered the entire skies on his side.

The white crystals formed around the phantom seemed to construct another space all by themselves.

That was Fu Luosens bloodline power, the power of excessive light! It was a bloodline at the creation level with the power of space and time!

As for Huang Shengdao, a golden dragon formed behind him and it was as large as the entire sacred land! He had the same bloodline as Huang Xiaolong, and with the two of them unleashing their ultimate powers at the same time, two palms shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

Before Fu Luosens palm could arrive, Huang Xiaolong felt his entire body being sealed off by the power of space and time!

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