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Chapter 3212: Serious Injuries!

Huang Shengdaos palm didnt fall too far behind.

It transformed into countless golden dragons that covered the skies.

A world of dragons was formed, and everything it contained followed Huang Shengdaos will.

The two of them attacked Huang Xiaolong from both the front and the back.

Seeing as their attacks were about to reach their target, a ferocious dragon roar tore through the skies and another golden dragon appeared in the skies above them.

The dragon that materialized was almost identical to the one behind Huang Shengdao, but it was slightly lacking in size.

Huang Xiaolongs transformation was one entire size smaller than Huang Shengdao, but that didnt mean he was weaker! In fact, he was comparable to Huang Shengdao in strength and there was a faint feeling that he was a little stronger.

With a fist and a palm, Huang Xiaolong received their attacks.


The heavens shattered and the earth crumbled.

The sea of flames was torn into several pieces, and the flying ships that were docked there flew in all directions.

Not a single one managed to withstand the blast as all of them were flung out of the sacred land.

In an instant, cracks formed all around the landmass they were on as spatial cracks formed in the skies around them.

Experts were sent flying one after another, and even though they had escaped from the sea of flames, they werent safe.

They were blasted away all the same.

As for Chen Zhenghong and those from the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire, they were no exceptions.

All of them were blasted towards the bottom of the sea.

Yuan Tianyi protected Li Shuo as the two of them retreated from the sea of flames.

The five experts who were breaking the formation had reached the final stage, but because of the shocking power outside the Five Directions Grand Formation, all of them were stopped dead in their tracks.

He Zhen, who was the weakest among them, vomited mouthfuls of blood.

As the Five Directions Grand Formation was too damn strong, He Zhen, with three elements at perfection level, managed to withstand the shockwave of the battle.

If he was in the outside world, he would have been blasted into cosmic dust!

Among the five, only Zeng Ying was able to sustain minor injuries.

Even so, she was terrified by the sudden interruption.

“Whats going on!” Hao Yi cried out in shock.

Xu Fu and Bai Xugang were equally as shocked.

No longer bothering with the formation, Zeng Ying and the others quickly emerged.

As soon as they appeared, they saw three figures in the skies above the sea of flames.

“Fu Luosen!”

“Huang Shengdao!”

Zeng Ying screamed in shock.

Hao Yi and the others felt their expressions changing instantly.

The only thing more surprising was the two of them working against a single person! She couldnt imagine who it could be, and she quickly turned to look at him.

“Its… Its the Purple Lightning Young Master!” Hao Yi stammered in shock.

When Zeng Ying saw the golden dragon behind Huang Xiaolong, her eyes widened in shock.

“Creation level bloodline from the True Dragon Huang Clan!” However, she quickly denied her guess.

“No… He cant be from the Huang Clan!”

If the Purple Lightning Young Master was really from the True Dragon Huang Clan, how could he remain hidden from her Moreover, Huang Shengdao wouldnt dare to fight with him openly in front of so many people present.

Even if the Purple Lightning Young Master had some sort of god-moving hatred with Huang Shengdao, there was no way Huang Shengdao would work with Fu Luosen to kill the other party if he was part of the Huang Clan!

“His bloodline seems to be even stronger than Huang Shengdao!” Zeng Ying gasped in horror.

Huang Xiaolongs golden dragon might be smaller than the one created by Huang Shengdao, but the might it emitted was way stronger!

One could even say that Huang Xiaolongs bloodline wasnt fully mature! If he really became the strongest he could be, there was no way Huang Shengdao would hold a candle to him!

If the other party wasnt from the Huang Clan, and he possessed the Huang Long bloodline, wouldnt that mean… A thought flashed through Zeng Yings mind.

Huang Xiaolongs identity appeared in her mind.

“He… He has three types of cosmos energy” Zeng Yings eyes flickered when she realized Huang Xiaolongs true strength.

In the blink of an eye, the three of them exchanged several dozen blows that had the power to shatter the sacred land they were on hundreds of times over.

As explosions rang out again and again, their fight brought them all over the region.

With their strength, countless sacred lands were reduced to dust.

Even the space was shattered beyond belief.

The experts who were there to witness the start of the battle retreated god knew how far away before allowing themselves to stop.

“Too f*cking scary! The power of the two princes is too damn strong!”

“The Purple Lightning Young Master is even shocking!”

Fu Luosen and Huang Shengtian were strong, but Huang Xiaolong was fighting them one against two!

The scene was burned into the minds of everyone present.

As the fight played out, Huang Xiaolong summoned the entire Huang Long Armor Set and the two princes brought out all the creation artifacts they had on them.

Fu Luosens artifact was a massive heavenly palace, and it contained a formation of palaces.

It was enhanced by his power of space and time, and it could freeze the time and space it contained.

Huang Shengdao used a dragon spear, and it was strong enough to piece a hole through the various regions they fought in.

Despite using four creation artifacts, Huang Xiaolong was still suppressed by the two of them.

Under the pressure of the two supreme bloodlines, Huang Xiaolong was only able to use seventy percent of his actual strength.

If he hadnt used the cosmos energy of three small worlds, he would have died a long time ago!

Of course, if things were to keep up, his defeat would be a matter of time.

Finally, Huang Shengdao landed a palm strike on Huang Xiaolongs body and he was sent flying.

Blood streamed down Huang Xiaolongs lips, and even though the Huang Long Armor was indestructible, he wasnt.

In the flying ship of the Lightning Yang Race, Lei Qinghai roared in excitement, “Father, hes injured now! Hahaha! That little b*stard is finally injured!”

Lei Bao had a face full of smiles as he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

“That little brat has to die today!”

As if Lei Baos words blessed Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao, they managed to land another hit on Huang Xiaolongs chest.

His injuries became even more serious as he vomited mouthfuls of blood.

Lei Qinghai and Lei Bao roared with laughter as everyone who had a grudge with Huang Xiaolong felt their chests grow lighter.

“What a pity.” The Evil Wind Patriarch shook his head slowly.

Everyone could see that Huang Xiaolong was bound to lose.

Moreover, no one would be able to save him.

Even if they could, who would dare to offend both the Excessive Darkness Celestial Empire and the True Dragon Celestial Empire at the same time

At long last, Huang Xiaolong transformed into a ray of golden light as he revealed his true body.

Fu Luosen turned into a ray of white light and Huang Shengdao turned into the second golden dragon that filled the skies.

The three of them fought till the space around them crumbled, but Huang Xiaolongs injuries grew heavier and heavier as the battle raged on.

Finally, he turned back into his human form as he smashed through countless sacred lands.

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