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Chapter 3214: God of Creation, Blazing Dragon

Huang Xiaolong was shocked when he heard what the old man promised.

He was also shocked by the discovery that Huang Sheng would devour his father in the next billion years.

He stared at the old man in disbelief, clearly doubtful that he could enter the grand perfection level in the next billion years.

The old man might be able to save him from Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao to prove his strength, that didnt mean that he could ensure Huang Xiaolongs ascension to the God of Creation Realm.

Much less the grand perfection level!

The universe existed since the start of time, but the number of God of Creation Realm experts could be counted on two hands!

Right now, the strongest they have gotten was the grand perfection level.

No one could surpass that level.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but doubt the old mans claim to bring him to that level in the next one billion years.

The old man didnt bother with Huang Xiaolongs doubt as he chuckled in amusement, “Youre definitely doubting me, but I can ensure that you enter the grand perfection level in the God of Creation Realm.

Others might not be able to do so, but you definitely can.”

“That is because your Huang Long Bloodline is exceptionally strong! Its even better than Huang Shengs bloodline!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at the old man and muttered softly, “Who are you”

“Blazing Dragon.” The old man uttered two words, but they were enough.

“Blazing Dragon!” The name was like a bomb that went off in Huang Xiaolongs head.

He stared at the old man in shock.

“Senior… Is senior the God of Creation, Lord Blazing Dragon!”

Blazing Dragon! He was the oldest existence in the universe, and he was also the strongest existence for a long time!

After the rise of Huang Sheng, Blazing Dragon was no longer the strongest cultivator around and he dropped into the second ranked spot.

Regardless, his ranking stood firmly at the top of the universe.

It was enough to show how powerful the old dragon really was.

That was the ranking in the universe, not the Blazing Dragon World!

The more Huang Xiaolong thought about it, the more it made sense.

The only person who could know so much about Huang Sheng would be his greatest enemy!

“Thats right.

Im the God of Creation, Blazing Dragon.” The old man laughed and stroked his beard.

“Our common enemy now is Huang Sheng, and if you take me as your master, I can allow you to become the Son of Creation of the Blazing Dragon World.

You can control the origin of the Blazing Dragon World, and receive its assistance when cultivating.

It wont be long till you comprehend the thirteenth element to perfection level!”

“In fact, you might even reach the grand perfection level!”

“As for whether you will be able to enter the God of Creation Realm in the next one hundred million years, it will be up to your luck.”

The old dragon snickered in amusement all of a sudden.

“The Blazing Dragon Worlds origin is the oldest in the universe, and it contains a shocking amount of power.

You will definitely be surprised if you use it to assist your cultivation.”

“As such, taking me in as your master will only benefit you!”

“Moreover, Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao will give up their idea on killing you the moment I make the announcement.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled a little when he heard the old dragons praise of the Blazing Dragon World.

However, his expression sank when he heard their names.

Killing intent rose in his heart when he pictured their faces in his mind.

“Senior Blazing Dragon, what happened to my subordinates after you saved me” Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but ask.


Yuan Tianyi is fine.” The old man laughed as he casually pointed towards the void.

A figure fell from the skies and Yuan Tianyi appeared before him.

“Your Highness!” Yuan Tianyi screamed in joy when he saw Huang Xiaolong.

“As for the other two, you can just reform their bodies when you enter the God of Creation Realm.” The old man waved his arm and threw the dao souls at Huang Xiaolong.

“Keep them well!”

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the dao souls of He Zhen and Li Shuo before thanking the old dragon.

“Many thanks to Senior Blazing Dragon!”

“Since youve recovered, lets leave this place.” As soon as he spoke, he brought Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Tianyi out of the weird place they were in.

In the blink of an eye, they traveled an ungodly distance.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong asked the old dragon about lots of things.

The old man answered every question happily.

It was only then when Huang Xiaolong learned that it had been three thousand years since the battle.

The treasury fell into the hands of Fu Luosen and Huang Shengdao, and they only allowed Zeng Ying to search for treasures within.

The other experts present were angry, but they couldnt do a thing to the two princes.

Eventually, the bulk of the treasures landed on their hands.

As for the Dao Emperor\'s Sword, no one managed to locate it even after years of searching.

Eventually the two of them left and several experts who were unresigned stayed behind to continue looking for the sword.

“Why would the little brat make his sword so easy to locate Hahaha.” The old dragon chuckled happily.

Huang Xiaolongs heart shook.

From what the old man said, he seemed to have learned about the location of the sword.

“Does Senior Blazing Dragon know where to find the sword”

Glancing at Huang Xiaolong from the corner of his eye, the old dragons lips rose upwards slightly.

“Of course I do.”

“Then…” Huang Xiaolong felt his heart trembling.

“But Im not telling you.” The old dragon snorted.

Huang Xiaolong felt beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead.


When you become my direct disciple, Ill tell you.”

Huang Xiaolong felt the world spinning around him.

The old dragon before him looked and sounded like a prankster.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong imagined the once strongest expert in the universe to be extremely strict and fierce.

There was no way someone ranked on top of the universe would laugh and joke around.

However, he realized that the old dragon was like a mischievous little kid.

Several days later, the old dragon brought Huang Xiaolong back to the Blazing Dragon World and into the Blazing Dragon Celestial Empire.

They quickly entered the place where the old dragon cultivated.

The space where he trained was a special region in the celestial empire, and according to the old dragon, that was the closest place to the Blazing Dragon Worlds origin.

The weird thing was that the space wasnt in the Blazing Dragon Sacred Land.

“Get used to life here.

A few years later, Ill formally accept you as my disciple and hand over my Blazing Dragon Grand Art to you.

You will be able to leech on the worlds origin then.” The old dragon chuckled.

During their journey, Huang Xiaolong did some calculations and he decided to formally accept the old man as his master.

Like what the old dragon said.

He had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

With the help of an expert at the level of the Blazing Dragon, Huang Xiaolong might really be able to enter the grand perfection level in the God of Creation Realm.

If he relied on himself, things might get ugly.

After the old man spoke, he didnt bother waiting for Huang Xiaolongs reply as he disappeared instantly.

Laughing helplessly, Huang Xiaolong spoke to Yuan Tianyi.

“Lets go.

Well take a look around and get to know this place better.”

The space they were in seemed pretty large, and Huang Xiaolong started to stroll about aimlessly.

He discovered that the space was larger than he thought, and they only managed to make a round after a year of flying!

The entire space was filled with lush greenery, and divine beasts.

It was extremely pretty, but every creature was no ordinary one.

They were all obtained from the old dragons travels, and most of them were creatures or treasures at the creation level.

The spiritual energy in the space was too dense to describe, and it was a true cultivation haven.

As Huang Xiaolong was messing about in the space, the Blazing Dragon World erupted into chaos over a piece of news.

“What! Lord Creation is planning to hold an appointment ceremony in five years to announce his new disciple!”

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