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Chapter 322: Giant Ghost Feng Yang’s Might

Huang Xiaolong bore the atmosphere of an ancient primordial divine dragon with dragon’s might surging from his body, piercing the Nine Heavens.

Li Qiuping and the rest watched with jaws agape the scene before them, especially the dazzling black and blue dragons winding around Huang Xiaolong.

“Twin, twin dragons martial spirit!”

“There is a something like a blue dragon martial spirit in this heaven and earth!”

Everyone was stunned out of their spirit stones.

While everyone was still in shock, coruscating lights of black and blue flickered, Huang Xiaolong soul transformed in an instant with the twin dragons martial spirit.

Gleaming black and blue dragon scales covered Huang Xiaolong’s body, sharp nasty bone spikes lined the length of his arms.

Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a blur, both hands formed into fists, pummeling in Zhao Chen’s direction.

Intangible fist imprints filled the air, blocking the sky, mysterious and profound.

“Great Void Divine Fist!” Zhao Chen’s face tightened, countering with his two fists in a frontal collision.

When Zhao Chen’s fists struck out, multiple large fist imprints of blue fire rotated forward at rapid speed, like a ball, piercing through space.

A few keen ears caught Zhao Chen’s exclamation, Li Qiuping, Wang Lin, and the others stared unblinkingly at Huang Xiaolong’s attack.

Great Void Divine Fist! The legendary Great Void Divine Fist!

In that split second, Huang Xiaolong’s Great Void Divine Fist and Zhao Chen’s rotating blue flame fist slammed into each other in midair, causing a thunderous chain of explosions, raining fire sparks over the square.

A stalwart rebound force drove Zhao Chen to stagger back more than once.

Huang Xiaolong sidestepped, reappearing with the Eminent Holiness Halberd in his hands.

A single swing brought forth fierce twisters that expanded like waves, layers upon layers.

“Tossing Mountains, Flipping Seas!”

Zhao Chen was perturbed, striking out a Star Burst Fist, and at the same time, he utilized the Saint realm space to block the attack.

The earth quaked as if it was about to shift places with heaven.

Huang Xiaolong somersaulted in midair, the long halberd in his hands continued to spin akin to a dragon leaping out from the sea, thrusting straight at Zhao Chen.

The Eminent Holiness Halberd executed attack after attack at rapid speed, it was so fast that even Li Qiuping and the rest could barely follow his speed.

Zhao Chen was constantly knocked down and pushed back in the battle.

Huang Xiaolong’s attacks continued to rain down like a torrent, and Li Qiuping saw that Zhao Chen could only defend, barely having a chance to counterattack.

Zhao Chen too realized how awkward and disadvantaged he looked and an ugly expression hung on his face.

A Saint realm expert actually took a beating from a Xiantian without even having the power to resist in the slightest! Moreover, if it wasn’t for his Saint realm space’s existence blocking Huang Xiaolong’s attacks, he would have already been defeated.

Enduring more than a dozen rapid attacks from Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Chen was exasperated, being forced into a corner.

“Absolute Control!” Zhao Chen hollered as he was retreating, surging battle qi wrapped around his palms, aimed at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong felt as if every trace of energy in the surroundings disappeared, as if everything was enveloped by a vacuum.

The mountains around the perimeter emanated heavy pressure that locked him in the air, making him unable to move.

This was a Saint realm expert’s absolute control over space!

Stepping into Saint realm territory meant having a certain understanding towards the law of space, allowing them to manipulate and control space within a limited area.

The only downside was that it consumed a large amount of spiritual force and battle qi to perform, so unless it was absolutely necessary, most Saint realm experts would not use this method.

Zhao Chen looked fiercely grim seeing Huang Xiaolong shackled in the air.

A long sword materialized in his grip.

A long sword with the length of an average adult, its body was a crimson red, inscribed on its blade was the diagram of a fire dragon.

“Go die!” Zhao Chen roared with fury.

The Fire Dragon Longsword cut through space straight at Huang Xiaolong.

Just as the longsword’s tip was about to pierce into Huang Xiaolong’s heart, a glaring light burst out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, accompanied by a terrifying energy.

With a minuscule shake, the space law that shackled Huang Xiaolong in place loosened.

Huang Xiaolong disappeared from the spot, but Zhao Chen’s Fire Dragon longsword managed to leave a line of red blood across his ribs.

Zhao Chen was dumbstruck, shocked to the core.

Huang Xiaolong broke free from his space law Absolute Control manipulation!

While he was still caught in shock, two sharp blade lights flew toward Zhao Chen and he dodged at the last moment in a panic. Zi! Sharp noises sounded as the blade lights grazed the edges of his robe, pain spread from Zhao Chen’s waist to every part of his body.

Zhao Chen jumped back a great distance before standing still.

His left hand touched the wound on his waist, fresh blood painted his palm red, two bone-deep cuts ran across his back.

Feeling the extent of his injuries, Zhao Chen was startled, he even forgot the pain for a moment.

How many years has it been, he had forgotten what pain felt like.

In the distance, Li Qiuping, Wang Lin, Guo Dehui, and the crowd could hardly believe staring at the two gruesome, bone-deep slash wounds on Zhao Chen.

“Young Lord!” Steward Feng and the rest of the guards finally reacted, they all rushed to Zhao Chen’s side at the fastest speed, rattled and ashen-faced.

After a small scene of chaos, Steward Feng and some of the guards took out several golden, thumb-sized pellets from their spatial rings, giving them to Zhao Chen to swallow, and from another jade bottle, Steward Feng poured out a crystalline emerald liquid, smearing it over Zhao Chen’s wounds.

Zhao Chen waved his hand at them, stating: “I’m fine.” The throbbing pain on his waist actually helped him become clear-headed.

Huang Xiaolong stood some paces away and did not attack when Zhao Chen’s subordinates healed him.

Yet his eyes were like glacial ice; Fine Perhaps in Zhao Chen’s eyes, these were nothing but flesh wounds, but very soon he would taste the enigmatic torturous pain of having the Asura qi corrode his flesh.

And indeed, as Huang Xiaolong thought, moments later Zhao Chen lost all the color from his face all of a sudden.

Black fumes weaved around the wound on his waist, issuing hair-raising shrieks.

Steward Feng and others who noticed the abrupt change were alarmed.

“Young Lord, are you alright!” Steward Feng approached, inquiring with a face full of ‘concern.’

Zhao Chen raised his head, his vicious eyes glowering at Huang Xiaolong in the distance, killing intent surged in his eyes as he spat the words: “Kill them!”


Steward Feng and the guards immediately called out their martial spirits and soul transformed, pouncing on Huang Xiaolong and giant ghost Feng Yang like hungry wolves.

On Zhao Chen’s side, other than Steward Feng, there was one other Saint realm expert.

These two Saint realm experts cooperated, targeting their attacks at Huang Xiaolong, whereas the five half-Saints focused on giant ghost Feng Yang.

In the eyes of Steward Feng and the guards, the biggest threat was Huang Xiaolong.

As long they removed the variable Huang Xiaolong, everything would be within their control.

As for the giant of man behind Huang Xiaolong, they were never concerned about him.

Zhao Chen watched gloomily as the five half-Saints sieged the giant man, ordering coldly: “Get it done quickly!”

“Yes, Young Lord!” The five half-Saints answered in unison and went all out, each one executing their most powerful attack on Feng Yang.

In a split second, fists and palm imprints covered the area, and blinding lights lit up the space.

Facing attacks from five different directions, giant ghost Feng Yang threw his head back, issuing a strange ear-splitting roar at the sky.

The people present were astounded to see the giant ‘man’ neither dodging nor avoiding, letting the five half-Saints’ attack fall on his body.

Zheng! Bang! Blasts and explosions rang out one after another, yet Feng Yang remained standing on the same spot.

Everyone’s eyes popped out in shock.

When the glaring lights dimmed, giant ghost Feng Yang raised his fist, sending a punch towards one of the opponents and that half-Saint lifted one hand, attempting to block giant ghost Feng Yang’s fist, but ended up being thrown back, screaming.

His body exploded into pieces in the air, turning into blood mist.

One punch shattered a half-Saint, a peak half-Saint at that.

Then, Feng Yang used both fists, landing punches on two half-Saints’ torsos, the heavy force penetrated through their flesh, coming out from their backs.

The last two remaining half-Saint lost all color from their faces.

Just when they turned around wanting to run, gigantic hands clutched at their heads from above, five fingers pierced holes into their skulls.

The screams from the two half-Saints were abruptly cut short.

Giang ghost Feng Yang opened his mouth, swallowing the half-Saints’ souls into his body.


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