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Chapter 3256: Earths Number One Pill Refiner

After the car purchases, Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou did not stay longer than necessary at the dealership.

They left with the respectful send-offs from the dealerships highest authority personnel.

Huang Xiaolong drove off in a blue off-road vehicle, and Huang Datou chose the yellow off-road vehicle, one in front and the other in the back as they circled around the city streets at high speed.

They attracted attention from both men and women on the streets and drew sighs of admiration, even more than a few envious glances.

The remaining three off-road cars and two flying ships were collected into the Sun Moon Furnace.

This new model of off-road was really a stallion on the road, and Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou soon sped out of the city.

Once out of the city, they accelerated, increasing their speed to the max.

The blue off-road was literally a streak of blue light on the highway.

Huang Xiaolong felt he had returned to his youth on Earth as he sat behind the wheel.

He didnt have many hobbies in the past, but racing cars was one of them.

He loved the feeling of exhilaration at extreme speed.

After coming back to Earth this time, Huang Xiaolong once again experienced the life of a mortal by taking a temporary break from cultivating.

He forgot about killing and faced everything around him from the perspective of a mortal, living a somewhat normal and a happy life with his family.

More importantly, he felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the empty passenger seat beside him.

More of than not, Zhang Yuhan occupied this position in the past, clamoring for him to bring her along to experience the feeling of floating when the car reached extreme speed.

Zhang Yuhan seemed gentle and docile on the surface, just like a beautiful ancient woman, but in her blood was a thirst for extreme, and she was a daredevil who challenged head on!

“Zhang Yuhan!” Huang Xiaolong spoke the name like a spell, recalling that person was now a lecturer in the Eastern University, and he really found it funny.

He remembered that she had once said that she disliked being a lecturer the most because a lecturer stands on the podium every day, repeating the same thing every year.

Not just that but a lecturer has to mark more than a dozen homeworks of the same thing.

Who wouldve thought that in the end, the very same person would have stayed in school.

Behind Huang Xiaolongs car, Huang Datou got a fright when Huang Xiaolongs car accelerated to the extreme, but he could only follow and increase his speed, following closely behind his blue off-road.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong began to slow down, and drove side by side with Huang Datou.

“Kid, your driving skills are not bad.” Huang Xiaolong lowered down the window and teased Huang Datou playfully.

Huang Datou smiled shyly, “Back at the university, I took first place in the driving assessment.”

Nowadays, driving assessment is one of the universitys compulsory subjects.

Huang Xiaolong nodded appreciatively after hearing that his nephew took first place in the universitys driving assessment.

Huang attended the Eastern University and getting first place in such a place was proof of Huang Datous excellent driving skills.

Because their cars couldnt travel across the Xingan Mountains, the two of them drove around to get to the other side.

Even so, it took them less than an hour to reach Huazhou City.

Back in Huazhou City, Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou did not return to the house immediately but went to Huazhou Citys property market street.

Because Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou both arrived in expensive cars despite their plain attire, they received an enthusiastic welcome from the property sales staffs.

Huang Xiaolong spent over a million low-grade spirit stones to purchase a big villa with more than a thousand square meters of land.

It had one main entrance and was surrounded by four sturdy walls.

The villa had a large garden, spacious private parking, a large swimming pool at the back, and it was magnificently furnished.

The villa consisted of three floors with more than twenty rooms, and it was fully equipped with modern facilities.

Not a piece of furniture was missing, and every piece was a high quality item.

All the Huang Family had to do was move in.

Huang Datou was beside himself with excitement looking at the villa in front of him.

After staying in that small house for so many years, it would be a lie to say he didnt want to live in a big villa.

Huang Xiaolong also purchased a large piece of barren land outside of Huazhou City which was located several hundred miles south from the city.

It was a piece of land over two thousand acres!

As it was barren land outside of the city, the price was not expensive, and the two thousand plus acres of land merely cost Huang Xiaolong less than a million low-grade spirit stones.

“Uncle, you want to buy such a large piece of land” Huang Datou was surprised as he couldnt figure out why Huang Xiaolong would waste so much money to buy such a large piece of barren land.

Generally, there was little value in barren land, and the soils low fertility barely produced any harvest no matter what was planted.

Additionally, no one would want to buy any housing property built in this kind of land due to the frequent beast attacks outside of the city area.

Huang Xiaolong let out a low chuckle.

“Big Im thinking its a bit small.”

One acre was approximately six hundred and sixty square meters.

A little over two thousand acres, that was roughly one million and three hundred thousand square meters.

To others, it was an enormous piece of land, but to Huang Xiaolong, who was used to seeing and living in super huge residences, he did not think this land was big at all.

Originally, he had wanted a bigger land, but this was the biggest piece of land in the Huazhou Citys vicinity for sale at the moment.

Huang Xiaolong had plans to construct a mega villa on this land!

Of course, it wont simply be a mega villa as he would gather and plant various spiritual trees, spiritual herbs, and spiritual tea plants available on Earth around this villa! Of course, there would also be various species of spiritual beasts!

Also, he needed to build a large flying ship dock for his flying ships.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong did not explain his plans as Huang Datou would know later.

A feeling of speechlessness washed over Huang Datou, listening to Huang Xiaolong cuckling.

After the various procedures were signed and completed, Huang Xiaolong threw the papers into the Sun Moon Furnace, and left the property market street with Huang Datou.

“Uncle, that furnace of yours, is it a pill furnace” On the way back, Huang Datou asked.

Actually, Huang Datou had wanted to ask this question when he had seen Huang Xiaolong take out the Sun Moon Furnace in the bank.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“Yes, its a pill furnace.”

Huang Datous eyes lit up immediately.

“Uncle, youre a pill refiner”

“Yes.” Huang Xiaolong smiled as he could guess what was going around in Huang Datous mind, and the most profitable career on Earth right now was none other than being a pill refiner!

“Then, what level are you” Huang Datou asked urgently, looking at Huang Xiaolong with big, expectant eyes.

Currently, pill refiners and formation masters on Earth were divided into ten levels, grade-one was the starting point, and level ten was highest.

“Im not sure what level is my skill.” Huang Xiaolong smiled mysteriously.

“But I am certain I am better than Earths number one pill refiner.”

Huang Datou stammered in shock, “The most amazing pill refiner on Earth now is the Purple Flames Sects old ancestor, and it is said that hes an Enlightenment Realm expert!”

It was written all over his nephews face that he didnt believe Huang Xiaolongs pill refining was better than the Purple Flames Sects old ancestor.

The Purple Flames Sect, like the Six Swords Gate, was one of Earths biggest sects, and the Purple Flames Sect was slightly stronger than the Six Swords Gate.

On top of that, the Purple Flames Sect was acknowledged as one of Earths six most powerful cultivators.

The Purple Flames Sects old ancestors pill refining abilities were claimed to have surpassed perfection, and he was recognized as the most authoritative person in pill refining on Earth.

Therefore, it was understandable that Huang Datou did not believe that Huang Xiaolongs pill refining skills were better than the Purple Flames Sect.


Chinese unit acre; 1 acre is approx.

666.67 square meters.

(legal especially in measuring farmlands).

International measurement; 1 acre is approx 4047 square meters

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