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Chapter 3272: Ten-thousand-Year-Old Cold Iron

Seeing Huang Xiaolong suddenly stop and look toward the horizon, Wang Meilan asked, “Xiaolong, what is it”

“Huang Houdes back,” Huang Xiaolong answered.

“And right now, hes rushing over with a large group of Huang Familys grand elder and elders.”

“What The patriarchs back! So fast!” Huang Jiyuans and Wang Meilans faces paled and so did Huang Chenfeis and Huang Datous faces.

As the Huang Familys current patriarch, Huang Houde held the highest authority and he had been managing the Huang Family for several decades.

His majestic image had long been imprinted in the minds of every Huang Familymemberers.

No one dared to defy Huang Houdes order.

In Huang Jiyuans, Wang Meilans, and the others minds, Huang Houde was an indomitable mountain.

Hence, they panicked when they heard Huang Houde was back and coming for them.

Huang Xiaolong had shown amazing strength when he had moved the six grand elders from Datong City to the villa and had dealt with Huang Chengyi, Huang Maosheng, and Huang Bingquan.

Still, Huang Houdes prestige was too deeply imprinted in Huang Jiyuans, Wang Meilans, and the others minds that they couldnt help panicking.

“Xiaolong, we!” Huang Jiyuan turned to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong gave them a reassuring look and said, “I will have him kneel and kowtow in front of you and apologize.”

Huang Jiyuan, and Wang Meilan were stunned.

Have Huang Houde kneel and kowtow in front of us

While his family was in a daze, Huang Xiaolong took a step forward and when his foot landed, he appeared above the Blue Dragon Orchard.

Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu quickly followed upon seeing this, standing in a row behind Huang Xiaolong respectfully.

As the seconds ticked by, Huang Houde, Huang Xin, and the others soon entered Huang Xiaolongs line of sight.

At the edge of the sky, several hundred black dots represented the several hundred experts of Huang Family accompanying Huang Houde, and with the sunlight shining down on Huang Houde, Huang Xin, and Huang Wendan made them look like knights of light descending to the world.

Huang Houde, Huang Xin, Huang Wendan, and the others did not hold back the coercive auras from their bodies.

As the group got closer to the Blue Dragon Orchard, the auras from Huang Houde, Huang Xin, and the others triggered waves of energy that surged toward the Blue Dragon Orchard.

Counting Huang Houde, there were seven great Nascent Soul Realm experts on the Huang Familys side.

Not to mention the group of Golden Core Realm elders, as one could imagine the pressure they exuded…

Astounding waves of energy was akin to a giant hurricane, cutting across the air.

Huang Jiyuans and Wang Meilans faces turned deathly pale upon seeing the astounding waves of energy.

But when the astounding energy waves reached the scope of Blue Dragon Orchard, it vanished without a trace like drops of water into the ocean.

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and the others were stunned.

Even Huang Houde failed to conceal his surprise.

“It seems like a defensive formation.” Huang Xin was clearly astonished.

“Defensive formation!” Huang Houdes brows creased, “This formation is arranged by Huang Xiaolong Is he also a formation master”

Huang Wendan interjected, “It is difficult to master formation, and even if Huang Xiaolong is a formation master, his skills would only be so-so.

The Divine Hall Sects sect master once said that mastering formation is harder than pure cultivation.

Moreover, it requires a high aptitude.

Although Huang Xiaolong has a talent for cultivation, that doesnt mean he will be good in formation as well.”

Huang Houde nodded his head in agreement.

Soon, Huang Houdes group stopped at the edge of Blue Dragon Orchard.

Huang Xiaolong deactivated the defensive formation, but Huang Houde hesitated before entering with Huang Xin and the rest.

“These, so many spiritual fruit trees!”

“So many spiritual herbs, aging at least three hundred years!”

The moment this group entered the Blue Dragon Orchard area, the experts that came with Huang Houde gasped in astonishment, and excitement.

Huang Houde looked around, and saw that there were rows and rows of over a dozen kinds of tall spiritual fruit trees and there were more than a thousand of them!

There were even more spiritual herbs, at a rough glance.

To be specific, there were fifty to sixty kinds of spiritual herbs with a total of twenty to thirty thousand stalks of them!

Twenty to thirty thousand stalks of spiritual plants covered a large piece of the ground.

Looking from the air, it was a sea of spiritual herbs and blossoms in myriad colors.

These spiritual herbs were enshrouded in startling spiritual energy, and every stalk of these spiritual herbs were aged three hundred years and above!

Even Huang Xin, Huang Wendan, and the remaining Huang Familys grand elders were dumbfounded.

“How could there be so many spiritual herbs here, and so many spiritual fruit trees!!” Huang Wendan asked dazedly, “Probably, not even the Purple Flames Sect has half of this amount!”

As one of the top six sects on Earth, one that was known for their pill refining ability, it was no secret that the Purple Flames Sect had planted many spiritual herbs, but they were somehow certain it couldnt compare to the sight before them!

“Were rich.

These spiritual herbs and spiritual fruit trees are worth at least a hundred million low-grade spirit stones!”

“Only a hundred million These three hundred years old spiritual herbs are worth several hundred million.

There are twenty to thirty thousand stalks here, and just these spiritual herbs will fetch at least two hundred million!”

The Huang Familys grand elders discussed excitedly, and their faces shone with elation.

Huang Wendan said to Huang Houde, “Patriarch, it looks like Huang Xiaolong really obtained a large number of spiritual herbs.

He must have transferred these spiritual herbs from another place!”

This sight proved that Huang Xiaolong had immortal spiritual herbs on him!

Huang Houde understood the meaning of Huang Wendans words and he looked at Huang Xiaolongs twenty-something appearance.

He looked better than he did in the past, and Huang Houdes gaze became hot.

Ten meters or so from Huang Xiaolong, Huang Houde and his group stopped.

“Missing for a hundred years, I thought you were long dead.” Huang Houde said looking at Huang Xiaolong with a sharp gleam in his eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, since youre still alive, you shouldnt have come back!”

“I dont care what kind of fortuitous adventure you had outside, but you must die today!” With that said, Huang Houde summoned the Dragon Blade, and put on the top-grade spiritual artifact armor.

He caressed the Dragon Blades body, generously introducing to Huang Xiaolong, “The old ancestor spent several years forging this Dragon Blade with a ten-thousand-year-old cold iron he found on the East Seas seabed.

It has yet to taste blood, so its your honor to die under this Dragon Blade the old ancestor forged himself!”

“Oh,” Huang Xiaolong responded with a deadpan expression.

Suddenly, Huang Houde lunged across the sky, landing in front of Huang Xiaolong with the Dragon Blade raised well over Huang Xiaolongs head, as he prepared to split Huang Xiaolong into half.

As Huang Houde channeled his true essence into the Dragon Blade, the Dragon Blade emitted dazzling rays of light, and let out a dragon roar.

He saw that the Dragon Blade was about to split Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong didnt even give the blade a second look.

Instead, he merely waved his hand like he was waving away a fly.

Watching Huang Xiaolong try to parry the Dragon Blade with his bare hand, Huang Wendan mocked, “Courting death!”

But in the next second, he saw Huang Houde thrown back as if he was hit by a great force, and the top-grade spiritual armor on his body pulverized into dust.

Huang Houde crashed down at the edge of the orchard, forming a big pit in the ground.

The Dragon Blade fell into Huang Xiaolongs hand.

“Dragon Blade Ten-thousand-year-old cold iron” Huang Xiaolong looked at the Dragon Blade in his hand and let out a derisive chuckle, and then, his hands crumpled the blade into crushed metal pieces!

The metal pieces floated down from high air over the Blue Dragon Orchard, contributing to the scenery.

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