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Chapter 3275: Breakthrough to the Golden Core Realm

To Huang Xiaolong, helping his parents breakthrough to the Golden Core Realm was not a difficult task.

However, helping his parents condense an immortal-rank golden core needed a little bit more effort and attention.

Not to mention, in the Milky Way, in all of mortal worlds long histories, very few people had managed to condense immortal-rank golden cores.

One needed to go through the golden core tribulation to condense a golden core in their body, and the higher the rank of the golden core being condensed, the stronger a cultivators tribulation would be.

Almost no one had survived the tribulation of an immortal-rank golden core.

Of course, with Huang Xiaolong present, crossing the tribulation would not be an issue.

Inside the Grand Complete Heaven Formation main palaces hall, Huang Xiaolong had Huang Jiyuan sit cross-legged in the center, and then he activated the grand formation.

Immediately, vigorous star power poured down and entered Huang Jiyuans body.

Huang Jiyuan felt as if his body was going to burst, akin to a dam on the verge of collapsing from his surging true qi.

When the state of Huang Jiyuans body reached a certain point, Huang Xiaolong yelled as he slapped his palms against Huang Jiyuans back, and he instructed Huang Jiyuan to circulate the true qi inside his body according to the cultivation technique he had given earlier.

The surging true qi that was almost out of control in his body began to compact, and gather at his navel, spinning and rotating rapidly!”

As Huang Jiyuan repeatedly compacted his true qi, his true qi gradually took the form of a sphere.

In the beginning, the true qi gathered at his navel was a weak gas, roughly the size of a fist.

But as more true qi gathered, the fist-sized true qi expanded, which Huang Jiyuan condensed a second time.

The gathered true qi was then condensed to fist-size again.

He repeated the actions tirelessly, expanding and condensing!

One hour had passed, but Huang Jiyuan continued to gather and compact his true qi.

At his navel, his true qi was shining in a brilliant golden light, in the vague shape of a golden ball.

But the shape didnt seem to be stable yet.

Another hour went by.

This fist-sized golden ball finally stabilized, and as more true qi continued to enter within, the golden ball shone even brighter.

Huang Jiyuan listened to Huang Xiaolongs instruction and continued to compact his true qi at his navel.

Gradually, the golden ball began shrinking.

The rays shining from it were even more dazzling.

Another hour passed in this manner, and finally, mysterious runes began to appear on the golden balls surface.

These runes seemed to originate from the Pangu Immortal World, exuding the aura of an immortal!

Thats right, the aura of an immortal.

In the mortal world, only a Void Immortal Realm expert had the aura of an immortal.

In the beginning, there were only a few faint rows of these immortal runes, but the number increased rapidly, and soon covered the entire golden core!

When the golden core was entirely covered in immortal runes, suddenly, high in the sky above, thunder rumbled and streaks of lightning ran across the sky.

Thick dark clouds began to gather, swirling like a whirlpool as they expanded, covering the entire Blue Dragon Orchard.

At this moment, everyone at the Blue Dragon Orchard felt an immense pressure bearing down on them.

Even Huang Qi, Huang Feiwu, and other Nascent Soul Realm experts faces turned solemn.

“Can a Golden Core tribulation exude this much terrifying pressure” Huang Qi asked in a quivering voice.

The Golden Core Realm tribulation above was more than ten times stronger than the tribulation he had gone through!

He had survived his Golden Core tribulation by the skin of his teeth and successfully formed his rank-four golden core.

“Is this condensing rank-ten golden core!” Huang Feiwu mustered with much difficulty.

Huang Shengan who had entered the Enlightenment Realm shook his head.

“No, rank-ten golden core tribulation is not as terrifying as this.”

“Then, king-rank!” Huang Xin and the others quivered at the thought.

Until now, there hadnt been any cultivators on Earth who had succeeded in condensing a king-rank golden core.

Huang Shengan kept silent, as if trying to contain the scary thought in his mind, for he wasnt very sure.

Whilst everyone was in bewilderment, streaks of lightning dragons with heart-palpitating destructive power whipped down from the dark clouds.

As everyones eyes widened in horror, a blue dragon appeared above the Blue Dragon Orchard and soared up and collided with the flight of lightning dragons.

Blasts thundered high in the air.

This blue dragon was transformed by the power of formations Huang Xiaolong had laid around the Blue Dragon Orchard.

The Huang Familys disciples on the ground below watched nervously, as streaks of lightning dragons continued to strike down.

No matter how violent they were, none of them got past the Blue Dragon Orchards formation.

Tribulation lightning struck frenziedly at the Blue Dragon Orchard for half an hour before dissipating.

Huang Xin, Huang Qi, and other experts were almost drenched in cold sweat, exhausted as if they themselves were going through the tribulation instead.

The horror of an immortal-rank golden core tribulation was not something a Nascent Soul expert could imagine.

After the tribulation clouds dissipated, in Huang Jiyuans navel was a group of bright golden lights.

Every time the golden core completed a full circle, the runes on its surface seemed to come alive.

These immortal runes glimmered and formed a mysterious diagram around the golden core.

Huang Xiaolong breathed out in relief.

His father had passed his golden core tribulation perfectly!

Judging from his fathers current condition, even without him watching from the side, his father would be able to condense immortal-rank golden cores.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong began preparations to help his mother, Wang Meilan, to condense her golden core.

Wang Meilan also successfully crossed her golden core tribulation without a hitch.

Like his father, she too had condensed an immortal-rank golden core.

The night casted a blanket of darkness on the land.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the air above the palace, looking at the night sky.

In the last two days, Huang Xiaolong had ordered Huang Shengan to use the Huang Familys manpower to look for all records related to the mythical Pangu.

It was clear that it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to place hope in the Huang Familys disciples to find the Pangus axe.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong merely had them looking for records related to the Pangus axe.

He would analyse these records later, and deduce the likely place the Pangus axe might appear.

However, most of the information the Huang Familys disciples found in the last two days was more mythical than real, and these myths spoke of inconsistent matters and werent worth much.

Huang Xiaolong went to the Huang Familys library and went through the collection of books, but there was no result.

“Eastern University,” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

According to Huang Shengan, the largest collection of books on Earth should be the Eastern University, and Huang Xiaolong planned to make a trip to the Eastern University after meeting his sister, Huang Wen.

There was a chance he could run into Zhang Yuhan.

Though Huang Xiaolong didnt manage to deduce the probable location of the Pangu‘s axe, from the information Huang Shengan had collected, the changes on Earth a millennium ago had to be related to some kind of treasures impending appearance, which had triggered the changes in Earths spiritual energy.

The Six Swords Gate, Purple Flame Sect, Divine Hall Sect, and foreign sect forces experts had rush to Earth for this very treasure.

Whether this treasure was the Pangus axe or not remained to be determined.

The night gave way to the morning sun.

Huang Jiyuan was the first to wake up as sunlight hit the Blue Dragon Orchards tallest rooftop.

He was so over the moon that he successfully broke through to the Golden Core Realm and condensed an immortal-rank golden core that he jumped around with joy.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, watching his fathers childlike actions.

Huang Xiaolong told his parents to familiarise themselves with the new cultivation realm while he went out with Huang Chenfei and Huang Datou.

This was the day of the auction in Huazhou City, and Huang Xiaolong was going to buy the Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit Trees seeds.

Huang Xiaolong did not have Huang Shengan or any of the Huang Familys experts follow him, and he left them to protect the Blue Dragon Orchard just in case of an accident.

After all, his mother, Wang Meilan, still had not woken up.

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