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Chapter 3277: If I Hear Your Voice One More Time…!

Huang Chenfei quickly composed himself, and his gaze was filled with frost when it fell on Zhang Rui and Sun Youwei again.

Sun Youwei raised his hand, calling for a Longxing Commerces staff over, seemingly a supervisor.

He pointed at Huang Xiaolongs group and said, “The Longxing Commerce has a rule that people who do not carry a thousand low-grade spirit stones are not allowed into the auction hall.

These three people cannot possibly possess one thousand low-grade spirit stones!”

“Forget one thousand low-grade spirit stones, they cant even take out ten low-grade spirit stones!”

“How can you allow people like this to enter! How could people like them sit in the same room as us” Sun Youwei did not lower his voice, and his words rang clearly through the hall filled with several hundred guests.

Huang Xiaolongs group immediately became the center of attention.

Zou Familys disciple, Zou Youyi, sitting in the first row, turned and saw Huang Xiaolong, and his face sank immediately.

“Its him!” He then turned and said to an imposing middle-aged man next to him, “Uncle Yu, thats him, the punk who was at the Swiss Bank!”

Zou Yu, an elder of the Zou Family was also a high-level authority in the Huaxia Alliances police department.

More specifically, he was a senior captain in the special unit.

The special unit under the alliances police department held great power, and as the senior captain of the special unit, one can imagine the influence Zou Yu held in his hand.

Zou Yu looked at Huang Xiaolong with a slightly astonished expression and asked, “Hes the young man who exchanged high-rank golden cores at the Swiss Bank”

Zou Youyi had mentioned this to him before.

Zou Youyi was his nephew.

When Zou Youyi had come looking for him that day, his nephew had sonorously and righteously claimed there had to be something wrong with that batch of golden cores origin.

Just as Huang Xiaolongs group of three became the center of attention, someone suddenly exclaimed, “I know them! They are the lowest level of Huang Family disciples! That one with the big head is called Huang Datou.

Theyre so poor that they couldnt even afford to buy a spiritual hog beast.

They absolutely do not have one thousand low-grade spirit stones on them!”

Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou looked over and saw the person yelling for all to hear was none other than Chu Zhangming, whom Huang Datou had once beaten up.

Apart from Chu Zhangming, there were three other Chu Familys disciples who were taught a lesson by Huang Datou.

These four Chu Family disciples legs were broken, and Chu Zhangming had a mouthful of his teeth knocked out.

Then again, it was obvious that these four people had forgotten the pain now that they had healed.

It also showed how much Earths medical technology has progressed in the last one hundred years.

The Longxing Commerces auction hall supervisor hesitated upon hearing both Sun Youwei and Chu Zhangmings words, and turned to look at Huang Xiaolongs group.

However, the Longxing Commerce disciple leading Huang Xiaolongs group into the auction hall hurried forward to the supervisors side and whispered something into his ear.

His eyes widened visibly after hearing the disciples words.

In truth, the disciple told him that Huang Xiaolongs group came in a luxurious BMW.

On top of that, it was the latest model off-road vehicle.

Sun Youwei, and Chu Zhangming did not see it, but the disciples on duty at the main entrance definitely noticed these details.

“Elder Sun Youwei, Im afraid youve misunderstood these several guests.

They arrived in a BMW,” after a momentary lapse of courtesy, the supervisor turned to the displeased Sun Youwei and explained.

Sun Youwei was stunned.

Chu Zhangming and others, including Zhang Rui, were surprised to hear that.

At current market price, the cheapest model of BMW carried a minimum of ten thousand low-grade spirit stones!

“Did you guys make a mistake” Sun Youwei frowned.

“Those people can afford to drive a BMW”

He was aware how Huang Chenfei and Huang Datou had been living all these years.

“Their BMW must have been borrowed!” Chu Zhangming ridiculed.

The supervisor was thrown into disarray again.

He knew who Sun Youwei and Chu Zhangming were, and since both of them were so certain these three people were literally paupers, then the BMW they had arrived in could very well be borrowed.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong flicked his fingers, and finger force shot out like a bullet across the air that hit Sun Youwei.

Sun Youwei was sent flying, and his screams reverberating in the hall as he crashed onto the auction stage.

It happened too fast for anyone to react, leaving everyone stupefied.

“If I hear your voice again, you will die!” Huang Xiaolong looked at Sun Youwei who was coughing up blood without any emotion in his eyes.


A seemingly normal sentence, yet it sent chills down everyones hearts.

Sun Youwei glared angrily at Huang Xiaolong.

“You, you dirty mong-!”

But before he could finish his words, Huang Xiaolongs fingers flicked out another bullet of force, and in the next second, Sun Youweis head burst into a cloud of blood mist.

“What!” Everyone was slightly shaken, and some fell to their knees, and many were screaming.

Even Chu Zhangming, who was clamoring with such fervor earlier, had turned deathly pale.

As for Zhang Rui, she had fainted into oblivion when she saw Sun Youweis head explode from where she sat.

“I already told him that if I heard his voice again, he would die!” Huang Xiaolong merely repeated in a placid voice, yet his voice reverberated in the auction hall.

Then he simply turned around and walked to his seat.

Other guests opened up a wide berth in fear as Huang Xiaolong walked past, getting as far away as possible from Huang Xiaolong.

The Longxing Commerces supervisor also backed away in haste, a chilly feeling wrapping around his limbs.

Zou Youyi was frightened senseless, and his throat felt scorched as he turned to look at his Uncle Zou Yu.

“Uncle Yu, he…”

Zou Yu was a senior captain in the special unit, and capturing notorious criminals fell under his responsibility.

However, his strength wasnt that much stronger than Sun Youwei.

“I will inform the Huazhou Citys police department right now, and have them send the police over immediately!” Zou Yu inhaled deeply and said, and fiddled with the high-tech watch on his wrist to inform the special unit chief in Huazhou City.

Right at this moment, a group of people walked into the auction hall.

It was the Tan Familys group of experts, led by Grand Elder Tan Jian.

Upon stepping into the auction hall, Tan Jian immediately sensed the strange atmosphere within.

Following the majority of peoples line of sight, Tan Jian spotted Huang Xiaolong.

He was surprised at first, but hurried forward.

His actions shocked Chu Zhangming, Zou Yu, and many others.

“Haha, Brother Huang Xiaolong, we will meet again.

Its really fate!” As Tan Jian approached Huang Xiaolong, he greeted amiably with cupped fists, “Brother Huang Xiaolong is also here for the Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit Trees seeds, I presume.”

“Huang Xiaolong Where have I heard this name before”

“Right, hes that Huang Xiaolong from the Huang Family! Its said he went missing for a hundred years, and has recently returned as a high-level Nascent Soul expert!” someone amongst the guests exclaimed.

Immediately, the auction hall turned into a rowdy market.

“So, its him! I heard he persuaded Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu to revolt, and after Huang Shengan took over the patriarch position, he directly promoted Huang Xiaolong to the grand elder, the supreme grand elder.

With the Enlightenment Realm Huang Shengan backing him, no wonder he has the guts to kill Sun Youwei on the spot!”

Words were exchanged in hushed whispers.

Tan Jian was stunned.

Sun Youwei is dead Huang Xiaolong killed him

On the other hand, a red-faced Huang Datou was greeting a pure and pretty girl standing behind Tan Jian, “Miss Tan Wei.”

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