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Chapter 3280: Who Is His Highness

The Lirong Provinces Chen Family was also one of Huaxia Alliances top ten cultivation families.

In terms of strength, the Chen Family was slightly stronger than the Huang Family.

The person that was repelled by the restriction was one of the Chen Familys top five experts, Chen Feiliang.

Everyone was still alarmed when a group of Huang Family experts appeared from within, led by Huang Xin.

Other than Huang Xin, there were three other Huang Familys grand elders and fifty-plus elders.

Seeing Huang Xin emerge, Chen Feiliang got up angrily from the ground.

Disregarding his injuries, he pointed an accusing finger at Huang Xin.

“Huang Xin, whats the meaning of attacking me without reason!”

Huang Xin snorted with disdain.

“Chen Feiliang, you couldnt keep your hands in check and have the cheek to come yelling in our face”

Chen Feiliangs retort choked in his throat.

“Inside the orchard, it would be best if everyone can refrain themselves from touching things unnecessarily.

If you accidentally triggered some restrictive array formations, please dont say I did not remind you all!” A strong pressure surged from Huang Xins body towards theguests that even a mid-Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm expert like Chen Feiliang could barely breathe.

“Late-Nascent Soul Realm!” Sun Familys patriarch, Sun Cheng, exclaimed in shock under his breath.

“No, its the peak late-Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm!” The Sun Familys Old Ancestor Sun Yaos expression turned slightly serious.

Although he had advanced to Enlightenment Realm, he actually sensed a trace of danger from Huang Xin.

Sun Yao was absolutely certain at this point that Huang Xin was not an average peak late-Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

Other Sun Familys grand elders were clearly shocked when they heard the old ancestor point out that Huang Xin was a peak late-Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm with certainty.

One step further from the peak of late-Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm was the Enlightenment Realm!

But in their memory, Huang Xins cultivation was at the early Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm, wasnt it How did it jump to peak late-Ninth Level Nascent Soul Realm so suddenly Did he conceal his strength previously like Huang Shengan

While these people were still in shock about Huang Xins strength, Huang Xins voice sounded again, “If anyone is interested in purchasing spiritual fruits from our Blue Dragon Orchard, you can make reservations with us.

His Highness has decided to supply these spiritual fruits in our orchard from tomorrow onwards.” Then he made an inviting gesture with his hand.

“Everyone, this way please!”

His Highness Questions and doubts emerged when the crowd heard the title.

‘The Highness Huang Xin spoke of, is it Huang Shengan

These experts followed behind the escorting group of Huang Familys experts on the wide stone walkway.

Looking at the luscious spiritual herbs and spiritual fruit trees planted on both sides of the stone walkway, especially the glistening fruits, each had their own thoughts.

Facing so many spiritual herbs over six hundred years old and various spiritual fruits, it would be a lie to say they were not tempted.

In this crowd of experts, there were representatives from four of Huaxia Alliances top ten cultivation families, and experts from these four families had started communicating with each other through voice transmission, and the main topic of their conversations was the Blue Dragon Orchards spiritual herbs and spiritual fruits! In truth, the other present cultivation families were also doing the same .

As they continued onward on the stone walkway, the Grand Complete Heaven Palace gradually came into sight.

As they looked at the Grand Complete Heaven Palace resembling an immortal palace, it was truly a visual impact on the guests, leaving them in awe.

“Huang Xin, these palace buildings! Who did the Huang Family hire to construct this place” The Sun Familys Old Ancestor Sun Yao, couldnt resist asking, truly amazed by the palace.

All eyes immediately fell on Huang Xin.

Huang Xin smiled naturally and said, “This Grand Complete Heaven Palace is built by His Highness.”

“Your Highness!” Sun Yao and the others had not expected that answer.

This was the second time Huang Xin mentioned this Highness.

“Your Highness, who is he” Grand Elder Tan Jian asked.

Huang Xin replied, “You will know in a moment.”

Seeing Huang Xin deliberately put on a mysterious facade, Sun Yao frowned in displeasure and his voice hardened slightly.

“How much does it cost to build this Grand Complete Heaven Palace Our Sun Family is willing to pay ten million low-grade spirit stones to hire His Highness to construct the same for our Sun Family.”

Huang Xin stopped walking and made a full turn around.

He was clearly looking at Sun Yao like he was looking at a fool.

He shook his head silently, then continued to lead everyone inside.

Although Huang Xin did not utter a word, his gaze said it all.

Sun Yaos face darkened.

He, an Enlightenment Realm expert, was disregarded like a fool.

“Our Murong Family is willing to come up with a hundred million low-grade spirit stones to invite His Highness to help us build the same,” The Murong Familys old ancestor, Murong Cheng, spoke.

As one of the top ten cultivation families of Huaxia Alliance, the Murong Familys Murong Cheng was also an Enlightenment Realm expert.

On top of that, Murong Cheng was a late-First Level Enlightenment Realm, and his strength rivaled Huang Mings.

In terms of hierarchical status and identity, Murong Cheng stood high above Sun Yao.

Yet Huang Xin shook his head, “The Grand Complete Heaven Palace consists of three hundred and sixty-five buildings.

One hundred million low-grade spirits stones can barely build you one of them.”

Of course, there was a sentence Huang Xin had left unsaid which was that even if they could come up with a hundred million, they still wouldnt be able to afford to hire His Highness.

When Murong Cheng and other experts heard that one hundred million low-grade spirit stones could merely build one of these palaces, their expressions changed subtly.

At this time, the large group reached the palaces main door.

Huang Xin opened the door and entered first, and the rest followed in an orderly manner.

When Murong Cheng and the others stepped inside, the star power from the void gave them a feeling of bathing in an ocean of star power, and even their souls felt stronger.

“This is!” Murong Cheng, Sun Yao, and the others were obviously amazed.

“This is the power of stars, the Grand Complete Heaven Palaces buildings connect to form a Grand Complete Heaven Formation.

When activated, the formation forms a connection with the power of stars in space.

Cultivating inside here is ten times faster than outside!” Huang Xin explained.

“Ten times faster!” Tan Jian repeated stiffly.

In other words, genius cultivators who required a hundred years to reach the Nascent Soul Realm would only require ten years inside here!

Although they remained skeptical, their hearts quickened merely imagining the possibility, and the look in their eyes changed.

Walking down the corridor, the guests looked around with interest at everything inside the palace.

The more they saw, the more astounded they were.

Every pillar and every corner of the place was simply perfect.

They were starting to believe what Huang Xin had said earlier that one hundred million could barely build one of these buildings.

While everyone was mesmerized by the place, two overwhelming auras were approaching the Blue Dragon Orchard with roaring hostility.

“Two Enlightenment experts!” The crowd gasped.

“What a terrifying Enlightenment aura!” Murong Cheng, Sun Yao, and other experts hurried out of the building.

Looking towards the sky, they saw two figures approaching in the whistling wind.

One of them exuded an unbridled dao qi that could be felt by the people in the orchard despite the distance as if they would be split into pieces at any moment.

“The Huang Familys Old Ancestor Huang Ming is back!”

“Demon Blade Fan Yidong is also here!”

“Huang Ming came back with Demon Blade Fan Yidong!”

Several experts exclaimed at the same time.

By this time, Huang Xin and other Huang Family experts had also come out.

Except for the initial mild surprise when they saw Huang Ming together with Demon Blade Fan Yidong, there wasnt any panic or flustered expression.

Sun Chengs eyes lit up as he responded to Sun Yao through voice transmission, “Old Ancestor, Huang Ming really came back with Fan Yidong!”

Sun Yao nodded, feeling just as delighted inwardly.

Huang Ming and Demon Blade Fan Yidongs speed was fast, arriving at the Blue Dragon Orchard in seconds.

“Huang Shengan, roll out here for this ancestor!” Huang Ming barked as soon as he arrived.

His voice thundered in everyones ears.

The defensive formations around the Blue Dragon Orchard deactivated at this point, and from the Grand Complete Heaven Palace, two people rose into the air.

One was Huang Shengan and the other was a young man in his twenties.

More importantly, everyone was quick to notice that Huang Shengan was standing respectfully half a step behind the young man.

“Who is that young man!” Murong Cheng asked in surprise.

The Tan Familys grand elder, Tan Jian, blurted out, “Huang Xiaolong!”

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