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Chapter 3282: Refuse to Reply

“Are you Tan Weis grandfather” Huang Xiaolong turned to Tan Bi and asked.

Tan Wei Tan Bi started at Huang Xiaolong for a solid moment before replying, “Yes, I am Tan Weis grandfather, and I…” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand to cut off the man before he could go any further.

“Supreme Elder Tan Jian.” Huang Xiaolong turned and continued, “I believe we met yesterday I recall you saying something about our families getting closer”

Gasping in fright, Tan Jian yelled, “Lord has to be joking! I had no idea who I was kidding with the day before, please forgive me!” As soon as he spoke, he wanted to get to his knees but was stopped by Huang Xiaolong.

“You might be kidding, but Im not.

I shall head over to your Tan Family tomorrow.”

Tan Bi and the others stared at each other in shock as question marks popped up in their minds.

Sweeping his gaze across those present, Huang Xiaolong casually addressed Murong Deng and the others.

“I hope that nobody speaks of the matter that happened here today.”

“Lord, you can rest assured that my Murong Family will keep their mouths shut!” Murong Deng replied in haste.

He turned to glare at the members of the Murong Family, “Everyone who speaks of the events that happened here will be disowned by the family and handed over to the Huang Family!”

Chen Feiliang made the same oath and everyone else followed.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong invited everyone into the heavenly palace for them to enjoy the spiritual fruits in the Blue Dragon Orchard.

The spiritual fruits in the Blue Dragon Orchard grew from the immortal earth, and ordinary spiritual fruits couldnt be compared to it! Everyone gasped in shock when they tasted Huang Xiaolongs spiritual fruits.

Half a day later…

The experts of the various families took their leave, and several shocking news rocked the world.

“Huang Ming, the old ancestor of the Huang Family, was defeated! He accepted Huang Shengans ascension to the position of the Huang Family patriarch, and will no longer take part in the Huang Familys affairs!”

“The Sun Family and Tan Family submitted to the Huang Family! Sun Yao and Tan Bi stated that they will be willing to work for the Huang Family, and Sun Yao of the Sun Family was killed because of his ill intentions towards the Huang Family!”

The news shook the entire Huaxia Alliance the moment it started to spread.

In one of the presidential suites of a luxurious hotel in the Xia Continent, Zou Youyi of the Zou Family received the news and his jaws dropped in fright.

“Uncle Yu, this… Isnt Huang Ming an expert at the First Level Enlightenment Realm! How can he lose to Huang Shengan!”

Zou Yu was similarly in shock.

Complex emotions filled his heart.

“It doesnt matter if Huang Ming lost to Huang Shengan! Half an hour ago, Huang Ming called for a meeting among the Huang Family to officially appoint Huang Shengan as the patriarch of the Huang Family.

According to him, he will be an eminent elder of the Huang Family and no longer participate in the matters of the Huang Family!”

The only part Zou Yu didnt understand was why the Sun and Tan Families would submit to the Huang Family.

Submission was different from forming an alliance.

They would be under the Huang Familys rule from now on, and if he could speak his mind, the Sun Family and the Tan Family would be the slaves of the Huang Family from now on.

Things were even worse when he thought about how Sun Yao was an expert at the Enlightenment Realm.

How could someone at his level lower himself to serving the Huang Family!

He couldnt understand what was going on no matter how hard he tried.

Initially, he thought that Huang Ming would defeat Huang Shengan and suppress the rebellion in the Huang Family.

Huang Xiaolong, Huang Qi, Huang Feiwu, and the others would die as soon as Huang Ming obtained victory.

The outcome of the battle was supposed to be set in stone, and that was also the reason the Zou Family didnt send anyone over to watch the battle.

The events that happened really surprised them all.

“The grand elder of the Chen Family, Chen Feiliang, entered the Blue Dragon Orchard to watch the battle.

Uncle Yu, youre close to Senior Chen Feiliang.

Why dont you ask him about what happened” Zou Youyi asked all of a sudden.

With his eyes lighting up, Zou Yu nodded, “Alright! Ill contact Chen Feiliang right now!” He quickly called the other party using their new and improved facetime technology.

As soon as they were connected, Chen Feiliang appeared in front of them.

Zou Yu and Zou Youyi greeted Chen Feiliang the moment he appeared.

Zou Yu might be an official in the Huaxia Alliances Ministry of Public Security, but he didnt dare to flaunt his position in front of an expert like Chen Feiliang!

Chen Feiliangs expression sank when he realized that they wanted to ask about the events that transpired in the Blue Dragon Orchard.

“Stop trying to find out what happened that day.” As soon as Chen Feiliang spoke, he terminated the connection.

Zou Yu and Zou Youyi stared at each other in shock.

“Senior Chen Feiliang, he…”

Zou Yu didnt say a word, but he felt an uneasy feeling swapping up in his heart.

How could the mere mention of the events in the Blue Dragon Orchard cause the grand elder of the Chen Family to feel so much fear It was as though he stepped onto the tail of a heavenly python…

“Huang Family…” Zou Yu muttered.

“There has to be something we dont know about the Huang Family!”

In one of the secret military bases of the Huaxia Alliance, a group of several experts stood side by side.

From their ranks, they were all commanders at the level of a great general!

There were different ranks among the government in the Huaxia Alliance, and it was the same for the military.

There was an ordinary general, mid-grade general, and high-grade generals! Above that were the great generals, and the grand marshal came after that! As such, the ranks of those standing in the military base was something no one could ignore! Among them, two of them were Great General Yang Yuhe and Mo Yuan who were sent over to the Blue Dragon Orchard to watch the battle.

“Tell us every single detail that happened that day!” One of the old experts with tiger-like eyes snapped when he looked at the two of them.

The old expert was a grand marshal of the Huaxia Alliance, Jia Fang!

Every single great general in the room stared at the two of them, unwilling to miss out a single detail.

Yang Yuhe and Mo Yuan shook their heads in haste.

“Grand Marshal, we cannot speak of anything that happened that day!” Yuan Yuhe didnt hesitate to reply.

Mo Yuan was the same.

“What the f*ck are you talking about! Jia Fang was enraged.

As the grand marshal, he couldnt accept the fact that his subordinates were unwilling to answer his question.

“We will not speak a word about the battle.” The two of them shook their heads resolutely.

With his expression sinking, the aura of an Enlightenment Realm expert emerged from Jia Fangs body.

Everyone felt their hearts pounding in fear.

“Do you believe Ill demote you right here and now!” Jia Fang snorted.

After a short moment of silence, the two of them shook their heads resolutely.

“Even if you do, we will not speak a word.”

Everyone stared at each other in shock when they heard the reply.

Even Jia Fang was stunned by their resolution.

As an officer of the Huaxia Alliance, they were bound by the military oath they made when they joined the army! However, they were unwilling to speak of the matters in the Blue Dragon Orchard!

Chen Feiliang, Yang Yuhe, and Mo Yuan werent the only ones.

Every single expert who returned from the Blue Dragon Orchard, including the old ancestor of the Murong Family, Murong Deng, who was already at the Enlightenment Realm, refused to say anything about the events that happened.

The experts of the Huaxia Alliance couldnt be more perplexed at their sudden oath of silence.

Suspicion filled the hearts of everyone who didnt witness the battle.

The mystery of the Blue Dragon Orchard turned into a legend overnight, and it became a synonym for fear!

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