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Chapter 3288: Exterminate the Lin Family

Other people might not be able to realize that something was wrong, but Huang Xiaolong was no ordinary man.

He was an old monster who experienced more than a hundred million years of life.

He knew that something was wrong the moment Lin Xiaotian entered the hall.

No matter how hard the two of them tried to play it off, Huang Xiaolong caught them instantly.

With his actual cultivation base at the God of Creation Realm, Huang Xiaolongs aura alone was terrifying despite his suppression of his cultivation base.

How could a mere Golden Core Realm cultivator hide anything from him! With a plop, he fell to his knees.

Lin Xiaotian stared at Huang Xiaolong.

Was that the power of an expert at the Nascent Soul Realm

“Senior, Lord, I…” Lin Xiaotian failed to form a single coherent sentence.

“Whats going on!” Lin Guodong and the others realized that something was wrong.

In a state of panic, they couldnt respond in time.

“Speak! Where is my sister!” A trace of coldness flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes and he dragged Lin Xiaotian towards him with a wave of his arm.

Feeling the killing intent rolling off Huang Xiaolongs body, Lin Xiaotians mind went blank and he forgot everything they rehearsed previously.

“She… She… She was expelled from the Lin Family yesterday!”

“WHAT!” Lin Guodong and the others jumped in fright.

When they heard that Huang Wen was expelled from the family, Huang Jiyuan and the others felt their expressions changing.

It was especially so for Wang Meilan.

She grabbed Lin Xiaotian by the collar and screamed, “Why did you do that Why would you expel my daughter from the Lin Family! What wrong did she do!”

Lin Xiaotian was so terrified by Huang Xiaolong that he coudnt utter a word.

In an instant, he spoke about the matters that happened that day.

When they heard everything that happened, Wang Meilan cried out in anger, “Youre a heartless b*stard! Lin Kai is your son! How could you listen to everything Zou Xueqing and her daughter said!”

As Huang Xiaolong had his back towards Lin Guodong, the latter didnt manage to see the terrifying expression on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Stepping up as the patriarch of the Lin Family, he tried to make things better.

“Grand Elder Huang, please hand the matter over to me.

I will get to the bottom of it.

If Zou Xueqing and her daughter really conspired against your sister, I will definitely punish them accordingly! I will ensure that I give Grand Elder Huang a proper explanation!”

Even though that was what Lin Guodong said, he was obviously siding with Lin Xiaotian! Of course, he couldnt side with an outsider when a member of his family was threatened.

Despite Lin Xiaotian crippling his son and expelling his wife from the family, he had to do all he could as the patriarch! Even if he did punish them in the future, he would let them off easily!

There was no way they could hand them over to Huang Xiaolong! Otherwise, the Lin Familys name would be dragged through the mud!

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong glared at Lin Guodong.

“You wish to conduct your own investigation Do you really think you will give them a fair trial”

Lin Guodongs heart trembled uncomfortably when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

He knew that he wasnt planning to, but he was the Lin Family Patriarch and he had to keep up the appearances no matter what!

“Grand Elder Huang Xiaolong, Xiaotian is a member of my Lin Family!” Lin Guodong wanted to continue, but a terrifying aura emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body as anger clouded his heart.


A single word from Huang Xiaolong was like the heavenly tribulation that was about to end the world.

As they were located in the Ha Province, the entire continent shook and more than ten cities and the tens of millions of people location in the area heard his yell.

They felt the boundless killing intent rolling off Huang Xiaolong and they stared into the skies in horror.

Practically every single beast in the continent got to their knees in an instant and even those hiding in their caves fell to the ground.

Some even urinated on the ground in fear.

The flying ships in the air above the Ha Province trembled like a leaf in the wind and all of them had to make an emergency landing after the soundwave slammed into them.

As for Lin Guodong who was standing in front of Huang Xiaolong, he was sent flying in an instant.

The main hall of the Lin Family was reduced to dust and the structures around crumbled.

Lin Guodong wasnt the only one who was sent flying as the other experts in the hall experienced the same fate.

As for Lin Chengtian, he felt as though he was a blade of grass in a hurricane.

Lin Xiaotian was the only exception.

He wasnt sent flying as blood sprayed from all seven orifices of his body.

Lin Guodong and the others stared at Huang Xiaolong fearfully.

“You…” Lin Guodong failed to complete his sentence, and no one knew if it was because of his fear for Huang Xiaolong or his injuries.

As the patriarch of the Lin Family, Lin Guodong was even stronger than Huang Houde! He was an Eighth Level Nascent Soul Realm expert, but he failed to withstand a single snort from Huang Xiaolong!

In fact, Huang Xiaolong only used a tiny bit of his power at the Ninth Level Void mmortal Realm.

Even so, none of them were able to resist his power.

“All of you better start praying to whatever god you believe in right now.

You better pray that my sister and my nephew doesnt run into any mishap.

If they do, Ill raze your Lin Family to the ground!” Huang Xiaolong glared at Lin Guodong and the others before disappearing from his spot.

The most important thing right now was to locate his sister, and not to discipline the Lin Family.

When Lin Guodong saw how Huang Xiaolong disappeared from his spot, he felt extreme regret in his heart.

If he knew how terrifying Huang Xiaolong was, he wouldnt even try to protect the members of his Lin Family.

All of a sudden, he caught sight of Wang Meilan and the others.

He saw the look of fear and shock on their faces and a trace of hope formed in his heart.

He couldnt be bothered with his injuries as he cralwed over to Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan.

“Please, please help to plead on our behalf! I know my mistakes!”

When Huang Xiaolong left, Lin Guodong knew that he would definitely live up to his words and exterminate the Lin Family if anything happened to his sister and his nephew.

The grand elders of the Lin Family were the same.

They begged Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan for mercy.

In fact, Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan were shocked by Huang Xiaolongs sudden outburst.

At that instant, Huang Wen and Lin Kai were surrounded by more than a dozen beasts in a certain mountain range away from the Ha Province.

There were several beast corpses lining the road as blood stained the ground red.

No one knew if the blood came from the beasts or from the mother son duo.

Lin Kais arms were crippled, and the two of them didnt have any money on them.

Initially, Huang Wen wanted to pick some herbs for Lin Kai, but no one expected them to be surrounded by more than a dozen beasts.

Luckily for them, Huang Wen was in the Foundation Building Realm and she managed to fight them off.

However, she wasnt able to sustain for long and the two of them fell into danger.

Huang Wens wounds were bleeding non-stop as Lin Kais legs were bitten by one of the beasts.

“Mother, you have to leave right now! Leave me!” Lin Kai cried.

“If you stay here, none of us will be able to leave!”

Huang Wen shook her head resolutely and she sobbed, “Im not going anywhere! If you die, I wont have the will to live anymore! The two of us shall reunite in the afterlife! The only thing I regret is not being a filial daughter! I wont be able to see your grandparents ever again!”

“If we die, there wont be anyone left to avenge us! Please! Dying here will be too easy on those two women!”

A beast lunged at Lin Kai as he completed his sentence, and its fangs appeared beside Lin Kais neck in an instant.

With a sad smile forming on his face, Lin Kai accepted his fate.

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