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Chapter 3297: Call Liu Chang Back Here

The smile on Liu Pinchens face froze.

Everyone standing around couldnt believe their eyes.

Before their very eyes, everything was sent flying backwards and the flying ships were blown to smithereens.

The bullets pierced the bodies of various enforcers and the police cars that were on the scene.


The cars and ships exploded as the enforcers were sent flying.

By the time they landed, blood stained the lands.

However, Huang Xiaolong didnt go for the kill as he allowed them to live.

Even so, all of them werent too far away from the gates of hell.

Sucking in a cold breath, everyone in the surroundings stared at Huang Xiaolong apprehensively.

In the blink of an eye, he decimated the police force that was sent over to take him down!

Huang Xiaolong turned to stare at Liu Pinchen and Liu Decong.

As panic filled their hearts, the blood drained from their faces.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to call the police” Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze about.

“You can even call the entire special forces over.

Ill wait.”

Special forces! They were the strongest law enforcement officers the Huaxia Alliance had to offer! They would only move out when facing large threats by the super terrorist groups.

Everyone retreated in haste, and the person who called the police earlier felt his legs go numb.

Liu Pinchen, who was panicking, secretly shattered a jade symbol in his hands.

With Huang Xiaolongs perception, he knew that the man was going to do it a long time ago.

However, he didnt bother stopping it.

A middle aged man who looked like Liu Pinchen roared in rage when he received the message.

With a single punch, he smashed the table before him into dist.

The public security bureau was alerted instantly.

“Commissioner Liu, this…”

Allowing everyone to read the contents of the message, Liu Chang roared in anger, “This person has no respect for authority! He dares to kill law-enforcement officers in broad daylight, and he even eliminated the force sent to capture him! Hes a terrorist, and the city will not rest till hes dead!”

From what Liu Chang said, Huang Xiaolong suddenly turned into a terrorist capable of threatening the city.

“Listen to my order! All policemen are to head over there immediately! Take him down at all costs!” Liu Chang roared in anger.

“Youre authorized to use the Purple Canons!”

As one of the strongest weapons the police force could use, the purple canons could hurt Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

“Notify the special forces immediately! Send out the elite force and take him down in case the bombardment fails!”

As the commissioner of the police force, Liu Changs order shook the entire city.

Everyone started moving immediately, and sirens filled the air.

“What! The capital city suffered a terrorist attack in broad daylight!”

“He killed two officers and he destroyed a fleet sent to capture him! He even killed someone of the Zou Family!”

“Thats not all, Ive heard that several dozen officers were killed too! You didnt see how Commissioner Liu Chang passed down his order.

Practically the entire police force is rushing over as we speak.

Even the special forces have been activated!”

When Liu Chang and the officers were rushing towards the scene with the purple canons, Grand Elder Liu Shengyuan who was living in one of the luxurious mansions in the city received the report.

Both Liu Chang and Liu Pinchen were his sons, and Zou Yu was his daughter-in-law!

As soon as he heard that someone killed his daughter-in-law on the streets, the rage in Liu Shengyuans heart surpassed the anger felt by Liu Chang.

He roared in rage, “Send over the video record of everything thats going on right now!”

The elders bowed respectfully as they raced to get the videos.

It didnt take long for them to get several people on the scene to send over their videos.

When Liu Shengyuan and the various elders looked at the scene of destruction, they saw the countless police officers lying on the streets withering in pain.

However, Liu Shengyuan quickly focused on the youngster who had his back facing them.

As soon as he saw the person in the video, Liu Shengyuan felt as though an explosion went off in his mind.

Several days ago, the Liu Familys old ancestor brought them to the Huang Family, and he was one of those present!

When he saw the familiar sight of Huang Xiaolongs back, he felt his legs going numb.

“Grand Elder Liu Shengyuan!” The elders felt that something was wrong and they quickly called out to him.

Snapping back to attention, Liu Shengyuan screamed in haste, “Show me… Show me his face! Hurry up and get someone to send me a video of the mans face!”

When the elders saw the look of panic on Liu Shengyuans face, they didnt dare to dally as they got someone to take a picture of Huang Xiaolong from the front.

The instant Liu Shengyuan saw the picture, he felt the world crashing down on him.

“Its him… His… His Highness…” Fear gripped Liu Shengyuans heart and it was the face of the scariest monster he would ever see in his life.

Leaping to his feet, he hollered, “Call Liu Chang right now! Tell him to get his *ss back here! If he doesnt appear before me in the next few minutes, Ill personally chop him up and feed him to the dogs!”


The elders knew that things were getting too serious and they quickly tried to contact Liu Chang.

Despite their efforts, none of them managed to get through.

Not even their calls to Liu Pinchen managed to connect.

All of a sudden, the scene changed as the livestream of the events showed several hundred flying ships showing up.

There were also several hundred assault vehicles, and Liu Shengyuan felt the world turning dark around him.

“Were done…”

“The Liu Family is f*cked…”

Like a little baby, Liu Shengyuan started to bawl his eyes out.

Staring at each other in shock, one of the elders mustered the courage to ask, “Grand elder, whats going on”

Could the youngster be the young patriarch of one of the six greatest sects! That shouldnt be possible as they knew every single important figure in the six greatest sects.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt one of them.

“Quick! Get the fastest ship we have! I have to head over there now!” Liu Shengyuan leaped to his feet and screamed.

“Tell the old ancestor about this too!”

The elders of the Liu Family were shocked.

“But… But the old ancestor is currently in seclusion!”

“Seclusion my *ss!” Liu Shengyuan roared, “Go notify the old ancestor when I tell you to! Tell him that its a matter concerning His Highness!” After he spoke, he jumped into a flying ship and left the Liu Family Manor.

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