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Chapter 3303: Sightings of the Pangu Axe


“That… The beast tide in the East Sea erupted again, and the military has been beaten back time and time again.

Our university formed an alliance with other universities in order to form an army to beat the beasts back.

According to the school rules, any student in the fourth year or higher will be able to sign up, but the chairperson of my class refuses to allow me to sign up due to my lack of strength.”

“There were some misgivings between us, and he has been looking down on me since the start of school…”

Huang Xiaolong raised a single eyebrow in surprise.

“Are you planning to get me to approve your application to head over to the East Sea to kill beasts”


I might have been weak in the past, but you increased my strength when you saved me in the past.

Also, I learned the Asura Sword Art and Dragon Fist you taught me, and I wish to give it a shot! After all, this will help in my graduation exam!”

“I’ll talk to Murong Qing about this.” Huang Xiaolong nodded slowly.

“However, you cannot overestimate your strength when you head over to the East Sea.

You should remain humble and act within your means.”

His sister only had one son, and that was Lin Kai.

If anything happened to him, Huang Xiaolong would blame himself for the rest of his life.

Of course, he didn’t disapprove Lin Kai’s desire to go over to the East Sea.

After all, it was a great way to train himself.

“Nice! Uncle, you can rest assured.

I will definitely do what I can.” Lin Kai jumped in joy when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“When are you leaving” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Probably in several days.

Nothing has been decided yet.

According to what they say, we will have to wait for Teacher Yuhan to return in order to make the decision.” Lin Kai explained, “After all, she will be bringing us over along with Vice Principal Chu Kun.”

“Oh Is Zhang Yuhan going too” Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback.

A crafty smile formed on Lin Kai’s face when he heard Huang Xiaolong’s question.

“Why don’t you go with us too!”

“Sure.” Without thinking much about it, Huang Xiaolong agreed.

After all the books he read in the three days, Huang Xiaolong could deduce that the Pangu Axe might be located in three places on earth.

One of them was the East Sea, and if it really was located there, it would be on the shores of the East Sea.

As such, he planned to take a trip down to the East Sea anyway.

A frown formed on Lin Kai’s face.

“Uncle, are you really going with us! Oh wait a minute… Of course you are! After all, Teacher Yuhan is going with us too!”

The corners of Huang Xiaolong’s lips arched upwards.

The little brat was definitely mistaking something.

After all, he wouldn’t go all the way there if the Pangu Axe wasn’t rumored to be at the East Sea.

However, he didn’t plan to explain anything to Lin Kai.

“Should we go stroll about the school now that you’ve been reading for three days straight” Lin Kai asked.


Since he had already learned of the possible places the Pangu Axe might be located, Huang Xiaolong decided to walk around the campus to enjoy the sights.

Stretching a little, he left the library with Lin Kai.

In the corner of the library, Zhang Jiaying stared at his leaving figure with a complicated look in her eyes.

When she learned that Huang Xiaolong was the deputy head of the school, she was just as surprised as everyone else.

However, she didn’t understand why the principal would be so terrified when he spoke about the man.

As the greatest university in the Huaxia Alliance, the entire campus was built with great care.

The view was great, and there was a refreshing air that surrounded the place.

Huang Xiaolong could see that the school was much larger than his Blue Dragon Orchard.

Since Lin Kai was a fourth year student, he couldn’t be more familiar with the campus.

He was acting like a guide as he brought Huang Xiaolong around.

When the two of them passed by a certain building, a group of students including Lu Fang emerged.

There were several dozen people besides Lu Fang, and there was an impressive looking young man who accompanied them and Lin Kai’s expression changed when he saw the other party.

“Zhang Han!” Lin Kai gaspedin shock before turning to Huang Xiaolong, “He’s the strongest fifth year student and he’s one of the candidates picked by the Six Swords Gate to become an inner disciple!”

Afraid Huang Xiaolong might not know about Zhang Han’s true identity, Lin Kai quickly made the explanation. 

He also introduced the haughty looking girl beside Lu Fang.

“She’s Princess Ying of our University, and she’s called Ying Rongrong.

She’s a direct disciple of the Ying Family, and there are rumors going around that her father is the patriarch of the Ying Family! There are also others who say that her father is one of the grand elders of the Ying Family…”

Huang Xiaolong nodded slowly.

The group quickly caught sight of Huang Xiaolong.

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, Lu Fang whispered something into Zhang Han’s ear.

Visibly shocked, Zhang Han couldn’t believe that the deputy head of the school was such a young man.

However, he recalled that there were youthful pills in the world and he was no longer as surprised.

The old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect looked young too, but he was already an old monster.

As Huang Xiaolong and Lin Kai continued to make their way forward, Zhang Han stopped them with a wave of his hand.

He chuckled, “So you’re the new deputy head of our school.

I’m Zhang Han, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

He reached out, intending to shake Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

Tilting his head backwards, he tried physically looking down on Huang Xiaolong.

As the future disciple of the Six Swords Gate, he felt that his position in the world would definitely outclass Huang Xiaolong.

After all, the latter was merely the deputy head of a university! An inner disciple of one of the six greatest sects in the world would be leagues ahead of him! 

“I’ve never heard of you.

Anyway, good dogs wouldn’t block the road.

Get lost if you don’t want to be a cripple.”

Everyone stared at him in shock.

Even Zhang Han felt that Huang Xiaolong had a screw loose in his head.

One had to know that he would be an inner disciple of the Six Swords Gate in the future! Even the patriarchs of the various families in the Huaxia Alliance would have to lower their heads before him!

Seething with rage, Zhang Han snorted, “Humph, I’ll stand in your way every time I see you.

When you see me in the future, you better take another path.”

As a future disciple of the Six Swords Gate, he refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong had the guts to touch him!

Even the higher-ups of the Huaxia Alliance would have to think twice if they wanted to offend him, much less the deputy head of a university!

The words barely left his mouth when he was sent flying.

When he smashed into one of the fake mountains in the garden, his entire head was flattened. 

Lu Fang and the others sucked in a cold breath, and Ying Rongrong felt a trace of fear filling her heart.

Stepping forward, no one dared to stand in his way.

The entire gang formed a path for him, and Lu Fang felt his limbs going cold.

He didn’t know if Huang Xiaolong would actually cripple him if he found out that he was using his family’s power to kick him out of the university!

When Huang Xiaolong walked past Lu Fang, he casually turned to glance at the kid.

When he did, Lu Fang didn’t even dare to breathe.


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