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Chapter 33: Asura Demon Claw

Huang Xiaolong took wine out from the Asura Ring, then he shredded the black bear's gallbladder to mix it into the wine before he drank and gulped it all down.

He finally got the wine a few days before after killing a group of mercenaries that called themselves Evil Spirit.

The moment the mid-Sixth Stage black bear's gallbladder entered his stomach, warm strands of energy began to flow into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

The strands started small, and then grew thicker within several breaths of time.

Huang Xiaolong quickly started running the Asura Tactics' exercise law to absorb and convert the energy into battle qi.

With little more than one month’s time, his battle qi had increased much quicker by training and killing demonic beasts in Silvermoon Forest than when he crazily practiced at Huang Clan Manor.

In Silvermoon Forest, he would run into things that aided his practice, such as the black bear gallbladder; this was important because the Sixth Order barrier is hard to break through.

Those who had top grade level ten martial spirits needed about a year to break through from late peak-Fifth Order warrior to Sixth Order warrior.

Even though Huang Xiaolong possessed twin superb talent martial spirits, at the very least, he would need between five months to half a year before he could break into the Sixth Order.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged while he refined the energy, whereas the little violet monkey chewed on a purple-colored fruit that nobody knew from where it had picked it up.

It never had to refine the beast cores that it swallowed. 

The entire time, Fei Hou stood guard ten meters away, totally focused on the surrounding area.

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong was done refining the black bear's gallbladder and got up.

Not only had his battle qi increased, but his physique was also tougher, stronger, and firmer, including his tendons; and this increased his instant explosive power.

Huang Xiaolong summoned his blades and leaped up, and while in midair, his blades slashed downwards.

Dozens of sword rays turned into razor- thin rain drops that drizzled down, covering an area ten meters wide.

Everything within that ten meters turned into dust.

A faint cry echoed from the razor-thin rain as if it came from hell, infringing upon peoples’ mind.

Afterward, Huang Xiaolong landed. 

After one month of practicing, the Asura Sword Skill – Second Style, Tears of Asura had finally gotten to the minor completion level!

With one wave, cries of Asura could be heard.

But, he was still miles away from reaching major completion.

With each wave of the blade, the razor-like rain was sometimes violent, or perhaps gentle like water, at times it raged like a heavenly river, and sometimes it was formless.

That was the state when Tears of Asura reached the major completion level. 

Currently, each of Huang Xiaolong’s waves brought down a drizzle of razor-rain, but he had no control over its range or size.

Huang Xiaolong stopped his practice and recalled the Blades of Asura back into his arms.

Suddenly, his fingers curled and clawed into the black bear corpse ignoring space.

Dark black threads of energy flowed out from the black bear’s corpse into Huang Xiaolong’s body through his hands.  

As the black strands of energy poured into Huang Xiaolong’s body, he stood there while black light glimmered around his body, then suddenly Huang Xiaolong clawed at a huge tree ten meters away.

The sky seemed to darken as two black claws appeared midair.

A “Bang!” resounded through the air as both claws smashed against the huge tree, and it tumbled down, while the areas around the claw print had turned black, emanating death in the air.

In the past month, Huang Xiaolong had also started practicing the other battle skill mentioned in the illustration, Asura Demon Claw.

There were only five moves in Asura Demon Claw, but once it reached the major completion level, each move had an overwhelming destructive power.

The move Huang Xiaolong displayed earlier was called the Hiss of a Thousand Demons; when this move reached major completion and struck out – thousands of demons would appear and cover the sky, sweeping away everything in its path.

Yet, in Huang Xiaolong’s previous hit, not even one demon appeared.

“It seems like I need to put more effort into practicing the Asura Demon Claw.” Huang Xiaolong said to himself.

The problem with practicing the Asura Demon Claw was that it had one primary requirement; one must absorb the soul blood qi of a recently deceased corpse, regardless of whether it was human or beast.

The black strands of energy from the black bear Huang Xiaolong absorbed earlier was its soul blood qi.

Due to the need to absorb soul blood qi, Huang Xiaolong could not practice the Asura Demon Claw when he was back at home.

Suddenly, the sounds of footsteps and faint human voices was heard from afar.

Fei Hou instantly arrived behind Huang Xiaolong in a flash while the little violet monkey jumped down from a tree and perched onto Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder.

“Let's avoid them,” said Huang Xiaolong after having thought about it for a moment.

Quickly Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, and the little violet monkey flew into a tree with dense foliage some distance away and hid themselves.

Just as they had hidden among in the tree, some distance away, Huang Xiaolong could still see a group people moving towards them, wearing purple clothes-- they were Purple-Robed Sword Sect disciples!

Seeing that they were disciples of the Purple-Robed Sword Sect, Huang Xiaolong was a bit surprised and held his breath.

“Elder Chen, it has been one month and Senior Cheng has yet to meet up with us, could something have happened to them” One of the Purple-Robed Sword Sect disciples asked.

Chen Feng’s thick gray brows wrinkled; Cheng Liang group’s of disciples had yet to rendezvous with them, so something unexpected might have happened.

Thinking of this, a cold light flickered across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Hmph, those who dare to kill disciples of our Purple-Robed Sword Sect are tired of living!” Another one added, “If we ever find them, we will eradicate nine generations of their lineage!”

Chen Feng turned his head and asked one of the disciples, “Have you found the two Cosmic Star Academy disciples”  A month ago, Cheng Liang was pursuing both of them before his team went missing.

As long as they found the Cosmic Star Academy disciples, then they would know what happened to Chen Liang and his team.

“Reporting to Elder Chen, according to the message from our disciples, the Cosmic Star Academy disciples are somewhere near Poison Mist Valley.”  a disciple responded respectfully.

“Poison Mist Valley!” Chen Feng brows furrowed as he said coldly, “All of you follow me, we are going to Poison Mist Valley right now!” 

“Yes, Elder Chen!”

A while later, the disciples of Purple-Robed Sword Sect left.

After the purple robed figures had gone and were no longer visible, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou came out from their hiding place.

“Sovereign, should we head towards Poison Mist Valley”  Fei Hou asked, “You should know that Poison Mist Valley is one of Silvermoon Forest’s three most perilous spots.”

“One of three most perilous” Huang Xiaolong pondered for a moment and then said, “ Let’s go and have a look.”

Thus, two people and a monkey followed behind the Purple-Robed Sword Sect disciples towards Poison Mist Valley; it wasn’t that far away from where they were and after only one day of travel, they arrived at Poison Mist Valley.”

They stood at the entrance of the Poison Mist Valley and watched as poisonous gray mists streaked with something green floated in the air.

Chen Feng waved his hand and said, “Spread out and search.”

The disciples of Purple-Robed Sword Sect answered respectfully and spread out.

Moments later, a disciple reported: “Elder Chen, there are some traces of fighting up front.”  

"Oh, let's go and have a look!"




Blood Soul of Qi (血魂之氣), which was translated in here as blood soul qi.


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