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Chapter 330: God Killing Fist!

He Hui glared at Lu Kai at the center of the square and barked: “On your knees!”

Lu Kai stood upright, looking coldly at the old man.

Watching Lu Kai’s stubbornness, He Hui snickered instead, lifting his foot and kicking the back of Lu Kai’s knees as swift as lightning.

Lu Kai’s knees bent and he fell to his knees.

“Do you think you’re still Luo Tong Kingdom’s Prince” He Hui mocked, “Now, you’re nothing but a death row prisoner waiting to be beheaded, merely a prisoner!”

Lu Kai raised his head, eyes tinted with bloodlust watching He Hui.

Seeing this, He Hui struck across Lu Kai’s face without any misgiving, leaving a raw five-finger print on Lu Kai’s cheek.

His head fell to the side, blood filling his mouth.

From afar, the commoners became agitated and angered.

Lu Jing frowned slightly as he stood on the erected stage, saying “Senior Brother He, it’s good enough.” After all, Lu Kai was his brother.

“Big brother, speak, do you have any last words” Lu Jing looked at Lu Kai, kneeling at the center of the square, asking in a condescending manner.

Lu Kai looked up, a tiny depreciating smile lifted the corner of his mouth as he stared fixedly at his younger brother: “Don’t kill my mother.”

Although they were brothers, they were born of different mothers.

Lu Jing shook his head: “Change your request.” His meaning was very clear.

Once Lu Kai was dead, his mother must also die, all possibilities must be uprooted.

Tears fell from Lu Kai’s eyes without warning.

“Junior Brother, it’s about time.” He Hui added, “Master ordered that there must not be any mishap.” The last sentence contained a hint of reminder.

Lu Jing was displeased, in the end, he did not say anything, he merely nodded.

He Hui walked up, raising his voice: “Prepare for execution!”

The executioner, who was ready at the side, approached Lu Kai, but before he came close to Lu Kai, his body froze for a moment and tumbled to the ground abruptly.

The sudden turn of events struck everyone dumb.

“What is happening!” Lu Jing jumped from his seat.

He Hui scanned the surrounding crowd, snorting disdainfully, “Someone wants to snatch people from the execution” He leaped into the air, landing beside the dead executioner, yet what puzzled him was that he couldn’t find the cause of death.

There were no wounds at all on the executioner’s body.

The noisy crowd quieted down all of a sudden, all of them turned their heads towards a certain direction where a black-haired young man and a four-meter-tall giant man covered entirely in a black cloak were slowly walking towards the square center.

He Hui and Lu Jing inevitably also turned to look.

When Lu Kai saw the young man’s face, his body shook, eyes wide with disbelief, a joy rushed from his heart and even his lips quivered.

As Huang Xiaolong and giant ghost Feng Yang moved forward, the crowd opened a small berth for them.

The palace guards barricading the perimeter shouted a warning, motioning the guards to execute the two trespassers on the spot, but shockingly, before the palace guards took more than ten steps, their bodies were pushed back without reason, no matter how many of them went up.

Witnessing this scene, all the commoners on the square were dumbstruck, eyes larger than the size of a gold coin.

They clearly saw that neither one of the two people made any attack.

He Hui’s brows wrinkled slightly because he did not see any of the two people making a move either.

Or should he say, with his sight, he was unable to determine these two people’s attack

But then he shook his head, thinking that the probability was too absurd.

According to his knowledge, in this tiny Luo Tong Kingdom, a Xiantian Third Order did not exist, the strongest cultivation was only a mid-Xiantian Second Order.

Huang Xiaolong and Feng Yang finally arrived at the execution stage.

Lu Kai stood up, filled with excitement looking at Huang Xiaolong.

They merely looked at each other like that.

“Brother, I am late.” Huang Xiaolong spoke first.

Lu Kai shook his head, tears streaming down his face, unsure if they were tears of joy or grief.

He never imagined that Huang Xiaolong would appear here, didn’t Haotian’s letter a few months ago say that Huang Xiaolong traveled to the Bedlam Lands

“I heard Marshal Haotian mention some months ago that you went off to the Bedlam Lands” Lu Kai asked.

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “En, I stayed there for some time.

Just came back, and on the way, I thought of having a drink with you.”

Have a drink Lu Kai laughed through his tears, “Can I ask, in the Bedlam Lands, are there a lot of beauties”

Huang Xiaolong was stumped, speechless, this fella nearly had his head chopped off, and now he was standing there enquiring about beauties

A cold voice cut into their conversation, “Drink wine Beauties Hmph, when you go to hell, you can reunite there and enjoy yourselves.” It was He Hui’s voice.

He Hui’s heart was on fire.

These two people broke into the execution stage yet they dared stand there conversing idly, they were not putting him in their eyes at all! He marched towards Huang Xiaolong and giant ghost Feng Yang, battle qi flame burst out from his body, exuding a terrifying atmosphere.

Lu Kai’s heart tightened, quickly looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Brother, this old fogey is a peak late-Xiantian Second Order, do you have any confidence” Although he understood Huang Xiaolong, knew that this brother of his wouldn’t do things he has no grasp in, Lu Kai still worried.

After all, when Huang Xiaolong left the Luo Tong Kingdom, he has yet to break through Xiantian realm.

Huang Xiaolong shrugged nonchalantly, “What do you think”

Hearing this, Lu Kai relaxed, completely reassured.

He Hui heard Huang Xiaolong’s words and he glared at him, “Vainglorious boast! Little brat, I want to see what capability you have to rescue people from under my watch!” He Hui prepared to attack at the end of his words.

However, precisely at the same time, amongst the crowd, someone suddenly exclaimed out loud: “That one looks like… Huang Xiaolong… Huang Xiaolong!”

“Huang Xiaolong A few years back, the same Huang Xiaolong that brought glory to our Luo Tong Kingdom, winning the first place at the Duanren Imperial City Battle!”

“Yes, yes, that’s him! Huang Xiaolong! Our Luo Tong Kingdom’s legendary genius!” The crowd’s excitement was incited, the voices around became louder, everyone speaking and shouting at once, turning into a trend.

Finally, someone recognized Huang Xiaolong!

The news spread, one to ten, ten to a hundred!

He Hui was stunned at first, before it turned into a cold sneer, “Duanren Imperial City Battle’s number one several years ago No wonder you’re so arrogant, but do you think that winning whatever Imperial City number one makes you invincible in the world Today, I will show you that there is a Heaven beyond the Heavens, mountains beyond mountains!” With that, He Hui aimed a punch at Huang Xiaolong, fist imprint breaking the wind, distorting airflow, and space.

“God Killing Fist!” He Hui hollered as if beneath his fist, even God would be annihilated.

Huang Xiaolong was calm as ever watching the other side’s fist coming at him, standing there, waiting, unmoving, as if he has no intention to counter.

Lu Kai became nervous only to see the giant ‘man’ beside Huang Xiaolong reach out.

With a single pat and an eerie cry, He Hui was struck down, embedded into the square floor.

Lu Kai’s mouth was agape with shock, fixed at the jaw, his eyeballs almost popping out staring at He Hui’s half-buried body.

The crowd that was excited because of Huang Xiaolong’s appearance also went silent in a daze.

Including Lu Jing and the surrounding palace guards.

Ignoring the expressions around him, Huang Xiaolong slowly approached He Hui.


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