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Chapter 334: This Monster!

The Luo Tong Kingdom’s Prime Minister Wu Feng and the other ministers followed, laughing aloud.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re at a dead end, stop putting on an act!” Wu Feng mocked Huang Xiaolong, “Too bad that old fogey Haotian is not here, if not, he could witness your death with his own eyes!”

Wu Feng, as Luo Tong Kingdom’s Prime Minister, was the pillar of the governing side, and had many contradictions with Haotian, who was the only Marshal.

Of course, the grudge he had with Huang Xiaolong wasn’t small either.

Huang Xiaolong remained the same, “Is that so” At the moment, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to kill jumping clowns such as Wu Feng.

The important thing now was to resolve Ao Baixue first.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Ao Baixue, “Don’t say I didn’t give a chance, call out your Saint realm space.”

Ao Baixue was startled, the sounds of laughter from Fan Yiming’s group died down halfway.

When they finally understood that Huang Xiaolong meant what he said, weird expression hung on their faces looking at Huang Xiaolong.

“What did you say” Ao Baixue said doubtfully, “Just now, you say you want to give me a chance so that I can call out my Saint realm space” Did he hear correctly just now

Huang Xiaolong generously affirmed: “You did not hear wrongly.”

Ao Baixue finally ascertained, Huang Xiaolong really did say that he will give him, Ao Baixue, a chance just now, for him to use his Saint realm space.

His lips parted in boisterous laughter, even more unscrupulous than before, a frenzy laughter tinted with madness to the point of forgetting himself.

At the end, anger crept into Ao Baixue’s laugh.

This was the anger of someone who was used to being high above challenged by someone equivalent to an ant in his eyes.

This time around, Fan Yiming, Wu Feng, and the others dared not join in the laughter.

The terrible anger in Ao Baixue’s voice did not go unnoticed by them.

Ao Baixue stared coldly at Huang Xiaolong, “Originally, I planned to capture you alive and bring you back to Deities Templar, where the Temple Preceptor can judge your sins and punishment, allowing you to live a few more days.

But now, I want you to die, terribly, miserably!”

But, Huang Xiaolong made the first move instead, before the last word was spoken out from Ao Baixue’s lips, Huang Xiaolong had traveled the short distance between them.

A punch of Great Void Divine Fist shot out at full force, straight at Ao Baixue’s chest.

Sensing that Huang Xiaolong’s strength wasn’t as weak and negligible as he had assumed, Ao Baixue’s face tightened.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s Great Void Divine Fist struck his chest.

A zealous force passed through Ao Baixue’s chest.

The agonizing pain made him scream unwittingly as his entire body inverted, flying back and crashing into the shops on the other side of the street.

The row of shops on the opposite side of the street crumbled, burying Ao Baixue underneath.

Dust clouds were blown up into the air.

Any noise in the surroundings died in an instant.

Except for the wind, which seemingly grew violent.

Fan Yiming and the rest could almost swear they could hear the wind howling in their ears.

Everyone present looked blankly at the opposite side of the street, where Ao Baixue was buried under crumbled buildings.

Between the gravel and wood gaps, Ao Baixue’s arse stuck out prominently.

Apart from his arse, they managed to make out his left leg.

The rest of his body was obscured from sight.

Standing behind Huang Xiaolong, Lu Kai, who was dead worried earlier, was now staring with mouth agape, as large as his mouth could stretch, at Huang Xiaolong.

Didn’t this kid just tell him that he could only be considered a high-level Xiantian

Someone that can be considered a high-level Xiantian actually sent a Saint realm expert flying off with a single punch!

That was a Saint realm expert, ah, a legendary existence!

Every breath Lu Kai took felt insufficient.

Huang Xiaolong stepped into Xiantian the year he participated in the Duaren Imperial City Battle, how many years had that been He could already send a Saint realm expert flying!

Counting this year, Huang Xiaolong was only twenty-three years old! This…! Lu Kai failed to describe the shock, astonishment, and everything else he was feeling at this moment.

The freak! Super monster!

This was the best Lu Kai could do, describing Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong did not pay attention to the shocked people around him, but merely looked at Ao Baixue.

After all, he had said that he would give him a chance.

At this point, Ao Baixue, under the building debris, moved.

A horrifying aura burst out from his body, the gravel and wood pieces above him exploded, blasted into the air.

Ao Baixue’s robe fluttered vigorously in the absence of wind.

He looked over at Huang Xiaolong, eyes scarlet with murderous intent soaring sky-high.


For him this was a humiliation that could not be forgiven!

“Huang Xiaolong, dieㅡ!!” White-colored flames burned around Ao Baixue, his momentum continued to rise higher.

His fingers spread, instantly locking the space around Huang Xiaolong.

Space manipulation!

At the same time, Ao Baixue’s fist aimed at Huang Xiaolong’s chest! He wanted to blast Huang Xiaolong to death with a single punch, to wash away the humiliation just now!

When Ao Baixue’s fist was close to striking its target, a golden mountain shone bright and brilliant.

With a shake, it shattered the space lock that the other side placed around Huang Xiaolong.

Then, his body veered to the side and Ao Baixue’s fist brushed past him, less than an inch from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Ao Baixue was stunned, his attack landed on empty air.

But very quickly, his face warped, a howl came from his throat, his back bending forward like a cooked shrimp.

After dodging Ao Baixue’s attack, Huang Xiaolong countered with a heavy punch deep into Ao Baixue’s stomach.

Ao Baixue only felt a strong tremor, and his intestines were shattered into countless pieces by Huang Xiaolong, and was sent flying once more, crashing through another row of shops.

Several hundred meters back, he was buried beneath an even bigger pile of rubble and broken wood.

This time, they couldn’t even see Ao Baixue’s arse anymore.

He was fully buried underneath.

Fan Yiming, Wu Feng, Lu Kai, and everyone else watched on dumbly.

If they could excuse that the first time was because Huang Xiaolong made a sneak attack, then what about this time!

The wind seemed to have grown fiercer.

Fan Yiming and Wu Feng’s group felt that today’s weather was sunny and bright just moments earlier, but somehow, the sun seemed cruel and harsh at this moment.

The gazes they looked at Huang Xiaolong with were filled with horror, intense, boundless fear.

But no one dared to run, no one even dared, they already realized, they wouldn’t be able to outrun Huang Xiaolong.

Thus, all their hopes were pinned on Ao Baixue.

Watching the mound of rubble, Huang Xiaolong scoffed, this Ao Baixue failed to judge the situation clearly earlier.

Did he really think that he was the same Huang Xiaolong that he could pinch with his fingers easily

If Ao Baixue summoned his martial spirit and Saint space realm, he wouldn’t fall to this tragic point so fast.

Huang Xiaolong’s current strength was much stronger than the time he entered the  Ghost King’s cultivation cave.

That time, Zhao Chen was unable to endure Huang Xiaolong full force punch, not to mentioned now.

Ao Baixue Hmph!

A while later, Ao Baixue emerged from underneath the rubble, standing up slowly.

With a ‘waw’ blood came spewing out from his mouth.

Due to his stomach injury, he was unable to stand up straight for the time being.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t shocked watching Ao Baixue stand up again.

A Saint realm expert’s physical defense was tough, possessing strong vitality, they wouldn’t die so easily even if all their internal organs were shattered.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong never expected to kill Ao Baixue easily.

Ao Baixue stood up once again.

Although his eyes were still scarlet with rage, the losses he ate the last two times finally cleared his head.

Now, he was not in a hurry to attack Huang Xiaolong.

“Little pup Huang, good, very good!!!” Intense hatred and killing intent spilled over Ao Baixue’s eyes, “Truly unexpected! A mere few short years and you actually grew to this extent!”

In a short few year’s time, Huang Xiaolong’s strength actually rose to this level.

This created a palpable fear in him.

At the same time, it firmly cemented his determination to kill Huang Xiaolong.

If not, in a hundred year’s time, Deities Templar would probably be destroyed under Huang Xiaolong’s hand!



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