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Chapter 34: Framed


Chen Feng and some of the Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples moved quickly towards the scene of the fight; there were messy footprints stamped into the ground and sword marks on the surrounding trees.

Chen Feng continued following the footprints while the other disciples followed closely after him.

After they had walked about twenty li, they picked up their pace on hearing the sound of a battle close by.

A few seconds later, Chen Feng saw five people in black robes fighting against a young man and woman who were clothed in blue.

The young man and woman were the disciples of the Cosmic Star Academy who they had been searching for.

Chen Feng was delighted at the turn of events and quickly motioned the disciples Purple Robed Sword Sect to spread out and encircle the seven people who were fighting.

The disciples of the Cosmic Star Academy and their assailants in black robes were surprised at being surrounded, and they immediately stopped fighting.

Chen Feng walked forward slowly as he glanced at the seven people; suddenly, he pointed at the five in black robes and said to a group of disciples.

“The lot of you go take care of them.”

“Yes, Elder Chen!”

The expressions of the five in black robes paled, and one of them said urgently, “Senior, Wait! We are disciples of Black Sand Sect, and the Black Sand Sect has no grudge with the Purple Robed Sword Sect, correct”

“A grudge” Chen Feng jeered, “Do you think we need a reason to kill you all If you insist on a reason, so be it, I’ll give you one.

I find you not pleasing to look at-- that is the reason.”

The Black Sand Sect disciple wanted to say more, but a sudden beam of sword light filled with a murderous intent cut him down.

The Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples launched their attack and of men the Black Sand sect frozen in fear at the strength of the incoming attacks; they were mowed down like grass and moments later they were all dead, their blood splattered all over as it slowly seeped into the brown earth.

The two disciples from the Cosmic Star Academy were paralyzed with fright.

They had already tried to escape twice but were pushed back by other Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples that had closed up the area.

Chen Feng looked at the pair and asked in an icy tone, “Did you killed ten or so of our disciples”

The young man and woman were terrified, the young man suddenly said, “Senior, this is a misunderstanding! We didn’t kill your fellow disciples, with our current strength how could we”

The young girl chimed in, saying, “Right, right, that’s right Senior.

The killer was a man with a variation Silver River martial spirit; We had nothing to do with it at all!”

Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed, "A variation of Silver River martial spirit”

“Yes, senior.

That person also snatched away the treasure map.

The treasure map is not on us anymore; please let us go, Senior!” The young man explained further.

A strong killing intent flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes when he heard this.

He didn’t expect the two people that he saved, to keep their lives not only exposed everything that happened that day but even framed he and Fei Hou for taking away some treasure map! Both of them have not even seen a corner of this so-called treasure map.

Chen Feng sneered as he looked at the two disciples from Cosmic Star Academy, “You don’t have the treasure map” Chen Feng didn’t doubt it when they said didn't kill Cheng Liang and the rest, but he didn't believe the treasure map is not on them.

“Senior, the treasure map really...!” The young girl emphasized again, but her voice trailed off in the middle, her widened in shock as she stared at a point behind Chen Feng.

Puzzled, Chen Feng turned a hundred and eighty degrees and saw about ten meters away, stood a seven eight-year-old boy and a tall broad middle-aged man without him realizing their presence.

Furthermore, there’s a cute little monkey on the small boy’s shoulder.

“Senior, that’s him; he’s the one who killed your sect disciples!” The Cosmic Stars Academy female disciple went into a daze, and then shrieked in joy; her finger pointed at Fei Hou.

 Earlier, she was afraid Chen Feng wouldn’t believe her; now, isn't it great Fei Hou suddenly appeared before them

“Yes, it’s them.

Senior, the treasure map is with him.

He’s the one who took the treasure map away!” The male disciple’s eyes lit up and he pointed at Fei Hou as he screamed aloud.

Chen Feng stared at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou walking towards them

Under Chen Feng’s watchful eyes, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou crossed the distance between them and stood not far from them.

“You are the one who killed my Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples” Chen Feng looked icily at Fei Hou.

Fei Hou did not speak, just like Huang Xiaolong, he just stared coldly at the two Cosmic Star Academy disciples.

 Huang Xiaolong looked at them both, and his cold voice rang out: “You both deserve to die!”

 Their expression immediately turned ugly.

But, very quickly the young man collected himself and grinned, looking at Huang Xiaolong, “Kid, you killed Purple Robed Sword Sect’s disciples, I advise you to handover the treasure map obediently to this honorable Senior and then kneel down and beg for mercy.

Maybe, you can keep your little life, otherwise, hey hey!”

Although he knew Fei Hou is very powerful, however, beside him is an Elder of the Purple Robed Sword Sect, which means he is at least a Tenth Order warrior.

He doesn’t believe Fei Hou is so strong that he can ignore a Tenth Order.

They can find a way to escape when both sides are fighting among themselves.

These two didn’t put him in their eyes at all! Fei Hou ignored him, and a little kid like Huang Xiaolong reprimanded the two Cosmic Star Academy disciples in front of him!

With his identity as a Purple Robed Sword Sect Elder, it didn't matter where he went he would be welcomed by the royal family and well-known families! In spite of all that, a wimpy kid actually dared ignored him!

Chen Feng’s face was extremely gloomy.

However, he was in no hurry to attack; although he’s very confident in his own strength, the other side dared to walk straight at them, they must have something up their sleeves.

This time, two Purple Robed Sword Sect’s Elder were dispatched into the Silvermoon Forest.

Thus there’s another Elder, Fu Yuan.

And they have special means of communication.

Very soon, the other Elder would rush over to assist them.

Chen Feng stared coldly at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou; when Elder Fu Yuan arrived, hey hey!

 At this moment, Huang Xiaolong’s gaze was like a sharp blade that cut into Chen Feng, as if he saw through his heart and knew what he was thinking.

Huang Xiaolong said to Fei Hou, “Little Monkey and I will deal with the two, you handle the rest of them.”


“Yes, Young Master!” Replied Fei Hou.

Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou flew off in different direction at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, Huang Xiaolong reached the Cosmic Star Academy disciples, while Fei Hou came in front of Chen Feng, his body leaned slightly, and a sword slashed down on Chen Feng; the Luohan Sword skill.

The sudden attack shocked Chen Feng, his body spun away like a top, dodging Fei Hou’s sword attack.

Cold sweat ran down his back; suddenly a shrill scream rang out beside him.

He turned and saw Fei Hou had just stabbed through a disciple’s throat with his sword.

However, the pair of young man and woman were dazed for some seconds when they saw a kid like Huang Xiaolong approached them.

Feeling gleeful, both of them were confident in their peak of mid-Sixth Order strength, how easy would it be to deal with a little kid and monkey


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