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Chapter 342: Cripple Your Own Two Legs

Ground floor or first floor are just the same

Huang Xiaohai looked at the restaurant boss impassively, “It seems that you failed to understand my meaning”

Huang Xiaohai had clearly stated his intent earlier, they two brothers reserved the entire first floor, those who had ordered, the payment was on them, those who haven’t ordered, scram!

The restaurant owner put on a difficult face looking at Huo Ping, those who came were customers, since those two men were unwilling to leave, they couldn’t use force to throw people out.

He could tell that those two young men had certain status, otherwise, no one would dare to challenge Young Noble Huo Ping in public.

Huo Ping’s face grew gloomier by the second, he glared icily at the Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai, “Today, I don’t care who you are, I’m giving you a last chance to roll out, if not…!”

Huang Xiaolong calmly interjected, “If not, what then”

“If not, I will break your dog legs and then throw you out of the first floor through the windows.” Huo Ping laughed coldly.

Being ‘insulted’ to this level, if he still acted benevolently, how would others see him, how would he gain a foothold in this Duanren Imperial City

“I really want to see how you will break our ‘dog’ legs and throw us off the first floor.” Huang Xiaohai snorted.

Huo Ping nodded to the guard behind him, that clever guard understood,  answering respectfully, and proceeded to stride towards Huang Xiaolong’s table.

“You two should be grateful to our Young Lord, he merely want your dog legs crippled.

If this was any other normal day, you’d be dead!” That guard sneered, then in an abrupt action, he attacked, striking his palm at Huang Xiaohai.

This guard was an early Houtian Ninth Order, his palm moved at breaking wind, emitting a wave of heat.

The other customers on the first floor swiftly backed away to avoid being pulled in as collateral damage.

Catching on the guard’s intention, Huang Xiaohai harrumphed, jumped to his feet, and punched his fist out-Heart Burrowing Fist! A fist imprint whistled across the air, rotating like a step drill, boring through the guard’s heat wave to reach right in front of him.

The guard’s face was ashen, but it was too late for him to dodge or retreat, Huang Xiaohai’s punch hit his chest.

A muffled grunt escaped the guard, his body flew back, crashing into the many tables and chairs around.

Plates and dishes flipped over, wine jugs and cups crashed on the floor, an eaten piece of beef bone accurately fell into the guard’s opened mouth.

The people watching were genuinely shocked, none of them thought that Huang Xiaohai had this much strength.

Including Huo Ping.

But then again, it was merely unexpected for him.

In a mocking sneer, he said, “Mid-Ninth Order So there’s some skill.” Huo Ping’s eyes signaled two early Tenth Orders amongst his guards, indicating them to attack with a gesture.

Both early Houtian Tenth Order guards nodded.

In a quick flicker and without a single word, both launched their attacks on Huang Xiaohai.

These years, Huang Xiaohai had consumed many rare treasures and spirit pellets, coupled with his hard work, he managed to reach mid-Ninth Order, possessing attack and defense stronger than same level warriors, even able to defeat peak late-Houtian Ninth Order.

Still, he could barely fend off one Tenth Order, not to mention two of them together.

Thus, under the joint attack of the two guards, Huang Xiaohai was forced to retreat again and again, mostly dodging, unable to attack.

Seeing this result, Huo Ping spoke, “Break their dog legs, waste their Qi Sea for me as well!” Initially, he planned to settle the matter just by breaking these two people’s legs, but now, his anger would only be pacified by destroying their Qi Seas.

Acknowledging their Young Lord’s order, one of the guards aimed at Huang Xiaohai’s chest with a fatal palm, however, when his attack was about to land, a whelming force bounced them off.

The Tenth Order guard’s eyes widened in surprise.

Before he could register what happened, he felt as if a heavy mountain slammed into his body, knocking him off from the first floor.

The guard shuttled through the broken window, crashing into another restaurant on the other side of the street.

The same fate befell the other early Houtian Tenth Order guard.

Everyone was stunned agape watching the two guards  ‘jumping off’ the building inexplicably.

 No one knew, what happened

It was evident that Huang Xiaohai was not in a situation to attack at that time.

Huo Ping to was secretly taken aback, unable to put his finger in it.

He turned to scan the surroundings, it seems he thought it was some expert hiding amongst the customers who secretly lent a hand to Huang Xiaohai.

Despite that, he found nothing.

“So you have some expert protecting you two in the dark, no wonder you’re so arrogant here.” A moment later, Huo Ping retrieved his gaze and turned to Huang Xiaohai, malicious light and hatred shone in the depth of Huo Ping’s pupils, “Very well, I will temporarily let you off this time.” Then he waved his hand, ordering the guards behind him, “Let’s go!” He had decided to make his move in the future after finding out these two men’s background.

Seeing Huo Ping prepared to leave, the restaurant owner was inwardly relieved.

If both parties continued to fight, his little restaurant couldn’t withstand that level of tossing.

The patrons that were waiting to watch a good show were disappointed with the way things ended.

Just when everyone present thought the matter was done for the day, Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded, “Go Who allowed you to go Did I say you can leave”

Everyone’s action lagged on the spot.

Huo Ping, who decided to swallow today’s anger temporarily until he investigated Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai’s background before exerting his revenge, halted his steps and turned around.

Huo Ping fixed a deadly glare on Huang Xiaolong, his voice frigid, “What did you just said”

Everyone who was about to leave had their attention fully on Huang Xiaolong, including the restaurant owner.

Huang Xiaolong raised the wine bowl in his hand, taking a leisured sip, filling his mouth with fragrant wine, “Break your own legs, then roll down from the first floor.” Huang Xiaolong continued calmly as if he was talking about today’s weather.

All eyes widened akin to seeing ghosts.

That person told Huo Ping to break his own two legs and then roll down from the first floor! Had this black-haired young man gone insane! Nearly all the people on the first floor had the same thought flashing through their minds.

But the individual himself, Huo Ping, laughed out loud instead, murderous aura tipping over in his eyes: “Punk, are you sure”

Huang Xiaolong remained impassive, “Break your own legs before I change my mind, if I were to change my mind, forcing me to act, then you wouldn’t merely end up with broken legs.”

The arrogant sentence drew weird faces from the people around.

“Not merely just broken legs” Huo Ping broke out in a hearty laughter, “So what, you want to break my Qi Sea too” Before, he had ordered his guards to break Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaohai’s legs and destroy their Qi Seas too.

Throwing down his jeering question, Huo Ping’s atmosphere rose, an enormous white bear materialized above his head.

Unprecedented anger, rage, and wrath that he had never experienced in his entire life erupted violently in Huo Ping’s heart.

Shock and envious gazes were cast toward the white bear hovering above Huo Ping’s head.

There was also awe and worship, after all, that was a top grade thirteen martial spirit, ah!

Huo Ping immediately soul transformed after summoning his martial spirit.

His physical body expanded twice his original size, his arms and fingers grew thick, sharp claws, akin to a giant bear’s paw.

“I really want to see how you’re going to cripple both my legs and my Qi Sea!” Viciousness filled Huo Ping’s eyes.

He roared, and before one could blink, Huo Ping was already in front of Huang Xiaolong, both palms swinging ferociously at him.

Die! This was the only thought that existed inside Huo Ping’s mind.

Shred this bastard to pieces!

Everyone saw both of Huo Ping’s palms solidly strike Huang Xiaolong’s torso.

“This kid still dared to say that he would break Young Noble Huo Ping’s legs and break his Qi Sea, truly overestimating himself!” The shaggy beard man mocked.


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