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Chapter 379: Looks Impressive But Has No Substance…

Hearing the ruckus outside, Wang Dong couldn’t help being affected by the excitement, his neck was craned long as a giraffe trying to see the situation outside.

Seeing his reaction, Huang Xiaolong was speechless at his side.

“She’s here, she’s here!” Suddenly, Wang Dong’s sprightly voice sounded.

Huang Xiaolong looked over, in direction locked on by the sea of energetic men, a young woman in white was walking over.

Her eyes resembled clear sparkling water, milky white skin, hair twisted into a simple knot that was secured with a simple jasper hairpin of dragon and phoenix, the white dress narrowed at the waist, showing off her slim figure.

A beauty untouched by the mundane world, akin to a celestial maiden that came out of a painting.

This was Shi Xiaofei!

Blessed Buddha Empire’s number one beauty, also Wind Snow Continent’s greatest beauty!

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied for a moment, for Shi Xiaofei’s features bore some resemblance to Li Lu.

Shi Xiaofei walked across the square towards the Blessed Buddha Hall with six demure maids behind her.

The noisy, frenzied Blessed Buddha Hall square quieted down abruptly.

From afar, Shi Xiaofei was a flawless beauty, like a goddess in a painting, upon closer observation, her beauty was even more breathtaking, enough to steal one’s soul, and feel ashamed of their own imperfection.

All blooming flowers lost their brilliance before her.

Everyone was so quiet that Huang Xiaolong had the illusion of hearing the hearts of families’ disciples racing badump badump loudly, even Huang Xiaolong did not imagine that a woman could be this beautiful.

Although Li Lu was pretty, she still lost half a point to this Shi Xiaofei.

Perhaps due to Huang Xiaolong’s giant puppets towering over others, much taller than anyone present and extremely eye-catching amongst the sea of people, they inevitably drew Shi Xiaofei’s eyes.

A faint light rippled in her clear eyes at what she saw.

It was as if Wang Dong was struck by lightning, eyes sluggish and out of focus, muttering to himself, “Stunning, too beautiful!” He was actually drooling.

Due to the quiet surroundings, Wang Dong’s voice sounded unexpectedly loud, instantly drawing everyone’s attention to him.

Huang Xiaolong smiled a bitter, helpless smile.

Although he had experienced many things, and wasn’t someone with thin-skin, at this moment, however, he dearly wished for a hole to open under him so he could drill inside.

Watching the saliva drooling out of Wang Dong’s mouth and the undisguised perverted look, a hint of disgust flickered in Shi Xiaofei’s eyes.

She had seen too many of those kinds of family disciples, and it was also the kind that she loathed the most, her dislike also included Huang Xiaolong who was standing beside Wang Dong.

Although the giant puppet guards behind Huang Xiaolong were very eye-catching, cool, mighty, and Huang Xiaolong himself was a handsome young man, unfortunately, they only looked impressive but lacked substance.

They were questionable characters of average skills at most, those kind of disciples that stirred trouble everywhere were the kind that Shi Xiaofei looked down on the most.

In that split second, Shi Xiaofei formed her impression of Wang Dong and Huang Xiaolong.

The flash of disgust in Shi Xiaofei’s eyes disappeared quickly but Huang Xiaolong still caught it, he shook his head inwardly, it seems this time he was grouped together with Wang Dong, losing marks in Shi Xiaofei’s book.

However, it didn’t matter to Huang Xiaolong whether he left a good impression on Shi Xiaofei, he didn’t plan to have any connection with her from the beginning.

Just when Shi Xiaofei was about to open the Blessed Buddha Hall door to begin the prayers, a loud commotion sounded from outside.

Voices clamoring, screams and cries, all reverberated at once.

“What is happening” Shi Xiaofei turned around, a tiny frown formed on her delicate brows, someone dared to cause trouble here in the Blessed Buddha Temple The families disciples’ throats itched at Shi Xiaofei’s expression.

Even a small frown was mesmerizing enough to move people’s hearts.

“Let’s go out and see what’s happening.” Shi Xiaofei said to her maids, stepping away from the Blessed Buddha Hall square.

Seeing this, all the families disciples quickly followed suit.

Huang Xiaolong saw that Wang Dong’s gaze was fixed on Shi Xiaofei’s back figure, the target seemed to be Shi Xiaofei’s butt He couldn’t decide whether he should be angry or laugh at Wang Dong.

Dropping a knock on Wang Dong’s head, he said, “Still looking Come on, let’s go.”

Only then did Wang Dong wake up from his bloop.

At this time, at the front main entrance of the Blessed Buddha Temple, Prince Tai Gan waved his hand at the prince palace guards he brought over, “Seal every entrance and exit of the temple.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

The prince palace guards separated, each moving to block all exits.

Chen Chen stared at the Blessed Buddha Temple’s entrance, then turned to the Chen Family Elder, “Are you sure, that they are inside this Blessed Buddha Temple right now”

The Blessed Buddha Temple was built to worship the Blessed Buddha Emperor, without confirming that those people were inside, there would be repercussions if he rushed in recklessly searching and attacking.

That Chen Family Elder nodded, “Replying to Patriarch, the other side is inside the Blessed Buddha Hall!”

At this time, Shi Xiaofei appeared at the entrance leading to the Blessed Buddha Hall, with a large group of families’ disciple trailing behind her.

Spotting Shi Xiaofei, Prince Tai Gan went forward in greeting: “Princess.”

Chen Chen followed right after Prince Tai Gan, greeting Princess in a respectful manner.

Chen Chen was a Saint realm expert and also Chen Family’s Patriarch at the same time, which exempted him from having to kneel in salute.

“Royal Uncle, what happened” Seeing the temple surrounded by the prince palace guards, Shi Xiaofei couldn’t help asking.

Shi Tai Gan explained, “It’s like this, earlier, Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master was murdered in the Buddhist House restaurant, we found out that the killer is here in the Blessed Buddha Temple now.”

“Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master was murdered!” Shi Xiaofei’s eyes widened in shock.

The families’ disciples were aghast hearing the news.

Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master was murdered! This definitely was news that would cause a huge wave in the Blessed Buddha Empire!

Exactly at this point, Wang Dong and Huang Xiaolong passed through the Blessed Buddha Hall’s doorway.

All of a sudden, someone shouted, “That’s him, he’s the one who killed Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master Chen Luoguang!” That person pointed his finger.

Shi Xiaofei and everyone’s gazes followed the direction of the finger.

When Shi Xiaofei saw Huang Xiaolong, surprise flashed in her eyes, “Him!” Then she shook her head secretly, sure enough, looks impressive but has no substance, questionable character of average skill.

A person that didn’t realize the severity of killing Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master, didn’t he know that it would bring disastrous consequences to his family Which family did this guy come from…

A combination of thoughts sped past Shi Xiaofei’s mind in an instant.

A sharp gleam burst in Chen Chen’s eyes, asking the person who spoke earlier, “It’s that punk” The killing intent in his heart erupted.

This person was none other than the Buddhist House restaurant waiter, brought over by Chen Chen.

The Buddhist House restaurant waiter nodded assuredly, “No mistake, that’s him and his two guards, it cannot be wrong!” It was too easy to recognize the two giant guards behind Huang Xiaolong, which was why the waiter was able to point Huang Xiaolong out immediately, extremely confident.

Wang Dong was served a severe jolt from the remnants of his daze, staring at Huang Xiaolong, his tongue twisted into a knot, “Br—bro, you, you killed Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “What do you think”

Wang Dong’s legs went weak, nearly fainting on the spot hearing Huang Xiaolong’s retort.

At the same time, all the families’ disciples in close proximity moved away hastily in fear of being convicted by association.

While everyone was running away from Huang Xiaolong, Chen Chen bellowed, his palms striking out at Huang Xiaolong: “Die! Infinite Sea Palm!” Boundless palm power shattered space, raising an insurmountable great wave, crashing down on Huang Xiaolong.

Wang Dong was right beside Huang Xiaolong, right in the sphere of attack.

When Wang Dong saw the tidal wave overcasting the sky, his face paled, legs shaking uncontrollably.

Chen Family’s Patriarch, Chen Chen’s Infinite Sea Palm was a high-grade Heaven rank battle skill, it contained enough power to shatter a mountain.

This was common knowledge for the subjects of Blessed Buddha Empire.

And Patriarch Chen Chen broke through the Saint realm more than a hundred years ago, he was a Fourth Order Saint realm expert.


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