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Chapter 380: I Know Who He Is!

Shi Xiaofei was astonished that Chen Chen would attack himself, moreover, using the high-grade Heaven rank battle skill that made him famous in the first attack.

Not even she could take the attack head-on with her current strength.

She shook her head in secret watching Huang Xiaolong, this handsome looking young man, almost perfect judging by appearance was bound to die regardless.

However, these kinds of family disciples ended up the same way sooner or later for provoking people that they couldn’t afford to provoke.

Similar thoughts were running through the minds of the surrounding crowd, everyone was absolutely sure in their hearts that this black-haired young man would die!

Schadenfreude light shone from those disciples’ eyes.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu looked at the overpowering wave about to submerge them and were about to act, planning to kill Chen Chen with a single strike when Huang Xiaolong’s impassive voice sounded: “Both of you don’t need to attack!”

No need to attack! Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s order, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu halted their action.

Chen Chen’s Infinite Sea Palm was getting closer and closer to Huang Xiaolong.

In between, Huang Xiaolong raised his head, looking at Chen Chen, at that moment, Chen Chen and Huang Xiaolong’s eyes met.

What surprised Chen Chen was that from Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, what he saw was not fear, desperation, or panic, but indifferent calmness!

Yes, indifferent calmness! Laced deep within the calmness was a hint of disdain.

Disdain, it was as if those eyes were saying that Chen Chen overestimated himself!

After a brief second of surprise, the anger in Chen Chen burned ever more furiously, pushing his Saint power to the limit.

His Infinite Sea Palm finally landed on Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

When the palm landed, in the sky above the Blessed Buddha Temple square, the blast of countless waves crashing against the bed of rocks echoed for a long time.

Watching this, the families’ disciples around shook their heads while the corners of their mouths curved up in a faint smile.

“When I saw that kid being so calm, I thought he must be an expert, a tiger pretending to be a pig, it seems I was cheated, it was nothing more than a polished appearance!”

“What do they call this This is called pretentious prick, didn’t you see that Princess Shi Xiaofei is also here Perhaps someone wants to attract the beauty’s eye, purposely putting on an act!”

“But this price is too high for a second of showing off.

Patriarch Chen’s Infinite Sea Palm, other than our Emperor, the number of people who can take a hit from it doesn’t exceed three!”

Contempt and ridicule rained down on Huang Xiaolong.

Shi Xiaofei shook her head.

In the beginning, she had thought this black-haired young man would be able to at least react, try blocking by raising his arm or something.

But now, being struck by Chen Chen’s Infinite Sea Palm, it was too late for any reaction.

Then, shocked exclamations undulated in the square.

Baffled, Shi Xiaofei raised her head and her eyes grew wider and wider every second as she stood there, dumbfounded.

The fear-stricken Wang Dong stared stupefied at Huang Xiaolong’s back, mumbling to himself: “He, he took it!”

Ignoring the crowd, Huang Xiaolong looked coldly at Chen Chen, then at the palm print Chen Chen made on his chest, speaking with a voice that was just as cold as his eyes, “Infinite Sea Palm High-grade Heaven rank battle skill Patriarch Chen, your Infinite Sea Palm is only this much” He stood there, like an everlasting mountain.

Huang Xiaolong’s physique toughness was enhanced to a scary level when he advanced to Saint realm, and later, when he refined the Dragon Pearl, his body was rebuilt by the Dragon Pearl and true dragon essence, making it even more terrifying.

It could be said without any exaggeration that Huang Xiaolong’s physique would shock even the ancient Dragon Emperor.

Chen Chen stared at Huang Xiaolong with disbelief, looking at his own palm, “No, impossible.

How can this be!”

He was a late-Fourth Order Saint realm! Even a Fifth Order Saint realm expert would be gravely injured being struck by his Infinite Sea Palm! But this black-haired young man, how could it be…!

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “In this world, there is nothing that is impossible!” The tiny symbol at the center of Huang Xiaolong’s brows from the Dragon Pearl glimmered, Chen Chen immediately felt as if he was drowning an overwhelming dragon might that originated from the primordial era.

“How about you also take a hit from me!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice cut through the Chen Chen’s mind, a fist punched out.

A glaring golden light burst out from Huang Xiaolong’s fist, so bright that the crowd could barely see that an enormous golden dragon flew out accompanying Huang Xiaolong’s punch.

Terrified, Chen Chen punched out to block Huang Xiaolong’s attack.

Their fists collided in a split second.


The crowd heard a clear sound of bones breaking, then they saw Chen Chen’s right arm that he used to block Huang Xiaolong’s punch actually twisted to the back! The entire arm bones pierced out of Chen Chen’s back.

An excruciating howl escaped Chen Chen’s throat, being pushed back forcefully, more than a dozen zhang.

“Patriarch!” The two Chen Family Grand Elder were astounded, waking up from their inaction, both rushed to Chen Chen’s side.

The problem was, the appalling sight of Chen Chen’s arm made them draw a sharp intake of breath.

Chen Chen was a late-Fourth Order Saint realm expert, the tough physique of a Saint realm expert was undeniable, their bones were comparable to ten thousand years old hard iron, yet it was shattered with one punch! The entire arm was crippled!

Could a human possess such terrible force!

Chen Chen steadied himself, there was fear in his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong at this moment.

Others might not have understood, but he felt it deep in his soul the real extent of Huang Xiaolong’s strength.

Just now, Huang Xiaolong did not use any battle qi, all of it was solely the power of his physique! However, even an ancient mythical beast couldn’t have that kind of raw, brute force!

“Who are you! You’re not someone from the Blessed Buddha Empire!” Chen Chen couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming, his voice awkward as if he had just sung a thousand songs.

If there was such an expert in the Blessed Buddha Empire, it was impossible that he didn’t know about it.

Huang Xiaolong’s face remained indifferent, “I’ve never said that I am from the Blessed Buddha Empire.” Huang Xiaolong slowly approached Chen Chen as he speak, “That’s right, I killed your son.

Also, your other son, Cheng Dingyuan was also killed by me.”

Chen Chen staggered listening to Huang Xiaolong’s confession, his second son was assassinated a few years ago, all this time he had been trying to find the killer, but he never would have thought that it would be this black-haired young man!

Because the Buddhist House waiter did not mention this matter to Chen Chen, he was left in the dark about his second son also being killed by Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong continued to narrow the distance between them, while Chen Chen and the two Grand Elders actually retreated subconsciously.

The families’ disciples that ridiculed Huang Xiaolong with courage earlier retreat far back with apprehension.

Shi Xiaofei’s attention was stuck on Huang Xiaolong, great waves hit her heart; who was this young man Who was this young man

By this point, Prince Tai Gan, who came with Chen Chen and the two elders, also retreated to one side, trying not to stand out and draw Huang Xiaolong’s attention.

Although he wasn’t weak, he was a lot worse compared to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen continued to step back, but the eyes of the families’ disciples and prince palace guards were like tens of thousands of silver needles stabbing into his body.

Never in his entire life had he endured such humiliation!

Anger accumulated in Chen Chen’s heart with every step back that he took, being pushed past the breaking point, the exasperated Chen Chen roared with fury: “I’m going to kill you!” Battle qi broke out from Chen Chen’s body at full force, and a great Peng Bird materialized above him, soul transforming without wasting any time.

Seeing this, both Chen Family Grand Elders also summoned their martial spirit and soul transformed.

Both Chen Family Grand Elders were also Fourth Order Saint realm, one was peak late-Fourth Order Saint realm, and the other was mid-Fourth Order Saint realm.

Huang Xiaolong sneered watching them, he turned to Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu: “No need to interfere.”

His words left the crowd dumbstruck.

Was this black-haired young man planning to fight one against three! He might be powerful, but could he fight against three at the same time

Before the crowd’s shocked eyes, Asura qi surged from Huang Xiaolong’s body, piercing the sky, both black and blue dragons flew out from his body, overwhelming the four directions of the Blessed Buddha City with overpowering dragon might.

“I know who he is, he is Young Noble Divine Dragon!!” A family’s disciple shrieked at the top of his lungs, fearing that no one would hear him.



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