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Chapter 382: Junior Brother!

“Our Great Emperor is here! The Chen Family is part of our Blessed Buddha Empire, every generation has always been loyal to our Blessed Buddha Empire, the Emperor is definitely here to help the Chen Family!”

“There’s a good show to see now! Unless Young Noble Divine Dragon brings out his Poison Corpse Scarabs, he definitely isn’t our Great Emperor’s opponent!”

The families’ disciples discussed loudly as if they found their support.

Chen Chen and the two Chen Family Grand Elders brightened watching Shi Fantian and the Saint realm guardians of the Blessed Buddha Empire arrive at the scene.

A blinding light flashed, when it disappeared, Shi Fantian and Blessed Buddha Empire’s six top expert guardians were standing in the square.

“Greetings, Great Emperor!” Prince Tai Gan, the prince palace guards, and the many families’ disciples around the square all knelt down in salute.

“All rise.” Shi Fantian spoke.

With Shi Fantian’s permission, everyone rose to a stand.

“Royal Father.” Shi Xiaofei approached, curtseying in salute.

Shi Fantian nodded at his daughter while smiling faintly before stepping toward Huang Xiaolong.

The four corners of the square became deadly quiet, watching Shi Fantian walking toward Huang Xiaolong, one step after another.

Shi Xiaofei became nervous seeing this, not knowing why, she was worried for Huang Xiaolong.

However, Chen Chen and both Grand Elders climbed up awkwardly from the ground, staggering until they arrived in front of Shi Fantian.

“Emperor, you must seek justice for us.” Chen Chen pleaded without losing decorum.

Shi Fantian nodded on the surface, whereas a bitter smile emerged inside.

Before the watchful eyes of the crowd, Shi Fantian stopped three meters from Huang Xiaolong.

Standing still, Shi Fantian and Huang Xiaolong faced each other in silence.

While everyone watching grew more nervous by the minute, thinking that a battle was about to break out between Shi Fantian and Huang Xiaolong, suddenly they heard Shi Fantian’s low laughter, “Junior Brother, it’s only been a few years since we’ve last seen each other, I didn’t imagine, ah, that your current strength has almost caught up to me.”

When Huang Xiaolong was in the Blessed Buddha Empire that year, when he was chosen by the Blessed Buddha Altar to receive the Buddhism energy baptism and given one chance to meet with Shi Fantian, he was merely a Xiantian Third Order.

But now, not even a decade later, the three Chen Family’s Saint realm warriors join efforts still failed to defeat Huang Xiaolong!

Shi Fantian lamented in his heart.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Shi Fantian, a smile also bloomed on his face, “Senior Brother, it’s been several years since we’ve met, I hope you’ve been well.”

Both grinned widely at each other just like reunited long lost friends.

Junior Brother Senior Brother The people around anticipating a battle to break out stood woodenly, stupefied.

Including Shi Xiaofei, she was looking dazed and confused.

Although she was Shi Fantian’s daughter, she didn’t know that her father had met Huang Xiaolong years ago and that Huang Xiaolong was actually Shi Fantian’s Junior Brother.

Shi Fantian glanced at Chen Chen’s group of three, saying to Huang Xiaolong, “Junior Brother, give me face, let the matter end here, how about it” On the way here, he was informed of the conflict between Huang Xiaolong and the Chen Family.

Huang Xiaolong glanced in Chen Chen’s direction, that simple action made Chen Chen and both Grand Elders hearts tighten with unease.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Since it was Shi Fantian who spoke on their behalf, it wouldn’t be good if he did things too forcefully.

After all, it wasn’t as if he and the Chen Family had an immortal blood feud.

His little conflict with the Chen Family was trivial compared to the one with Deities Templar.

Seeing this, all three Chen Family’s men secretly breathed in relief.

“Patriarch Chen, shall we let the matter rest here” Shi Fantian’s heart relaxed slightly seeing Huang Xiaolong nodding in agreement, and he looked over at Chen Chen.

“We will obey Your Majesty’s command.” Chen Chen answered respectfully.

From the moment he found out the other side was Huang Xiaolong, regret set in.

However, Huang Xiaolong already attacked at that time.

Forced at the edge of the blade, they couldn’t do anything but battle.

Now, with Shi Fantian mediating for them, this was the best outcome Chen Chen could hope for.

Shi Fantian nodded, satisfied with Chen Chen’s answer.

He turned back to Huang Xiaolong, a smile on his face, “Junior Brother, this time, no matter what, you must stay a few days here so I can perform my duty as a host.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “I’m curious if the wine at your Blessed Buddha Palace tastes good.”

Shi Fantian was stumped for a brief second and then broke into a jovial laughter, “I can guarantee that it will taste better than the wine at the Buddhist House!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Since you said so, I will stay for a few days.”

Both men laughed.

There was mirth in Shi Xiaofei’s eyes observing Huang Xiaolong talking amiably with her father.

At this time, noises of saliva being swallowed came from all around.

Curious, Huang Xiaolong looked around the crowd and saw all the young men were staring dazedly at Shi Xiaofei’s slightly smiling face.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Shi Xiaofei, her smile was indeed a poetry, mirthful eyes that resembled the luminous moon, able to mesmerize all living beings.

Shi Fantian was still smiling, making a gesture of introduction to Huang Xiaolong, “Junior Brother, come, let me introduce you, this is my daughter, Xiaofei.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded at Shi Xiaofei, saying, “I know.”

Shi Xiaofei approached Huang Xiaolong and Shi Fantian with her head lowered, greeting: “Young Noble Huang.” A voice like an oriole song, clear and moving, as if something was tickling coquettishly at the hearts of people who heard it.

Logically, as Shi Fantian’s Junior Brother, Shi Xiaofei should refer Huang Xiaolong as Martial Uncle, yet she did not.

Instead, she chose to call him Young Noble Huang.

Others might not have noticed this little difference, but Shi Fantian did.

Shi Fantian shot a meaningful glance at his daughter.

He only had one daughter, and this daughter of this had very high standards.

Over many years, she had only ignored those so-called talented geniuses of big families.

Finally, someone she seemed to ‘acknowledge’ had appeared.

But, this was ideal in Shi Fantian’s view, only a  monstrous genius like Huang Xiaolong was worthy of his daughter.

Although he had heard rumors linking Huang Xiaolong to Deities Templar’s Holy Maiden, it was common in Martial Spirit World for men to have three wives and four concubines 1, especially a man of Huang Xiaolong’s caliber.

Huang Xiaolong introduced Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu to Shi Fantian in return.

Shi Fantian cupped his hands in greeting, “I didn’t know it was Senior Zhao Shu and Senior Zhang Fu, I have long heard both Seniors’ names.” In the recent period, as Huang Xiaolong being the rightful successor to Asura’s Gate spread throughout Wind Snow Continent, the Left and Right Custodians’ names, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, were noted by many forces on the continent.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu both returned the greeting, neither of them were pretentious characters.

Subsequently, Shi Fantian invited Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu to the Blessed Buddha Palace.

Huang Xiaolong went inside the Blessed Buddha Temple to worship the Blessed Buddha statue before they depart to the palace.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong, Shi Fantian, and the others disappeared from the crowd’s view.

Around the square, the families’ disciples woke up from their shock a long time after Huang Xiaolong, Shi Fantian, Shi Xiaofei, and others left the square.

“Young Noble Divine Dragon is actually our Great Emperor’s Junior Brother! What is this!”

“Right, does anyone remember that time when the Blessed Buddha Altar chose someone”

“You’re saying that the person the Blessed Buddha Altar chose last time was Young Noble Divine Dragon”

The crowd broke out in an uproar.

Like a hurricane, the news about Young Noble Divine Dragon being in the Blessed Buddha Empire spread, and the whole city boiled up.

In Martial Spirit World, the strong was respected, a powerful talented genius such as Huang Xiaolong was an existence idolized by countless families’ disciple.

Shi Fantian led Huang Xiaolong’s group to the Blessed Buddha Palace.

Just as they arrived at the entrance, an alluring woman clad in phoenix robes, with her hair decorated with the phoenix headcrown, was seen waiting with anticipation.

Behind her was a group of consorts, palace maids, and guards.

No doubt, this alluring woman was Shi Xiaofei’s mother, the Empress of the Blessed Buddha Empire, Lin Mengle.

Seeing her, a smile formed on Shi Fantian’s face as he said to Huang Xiaolong, “It seems you’re more popular than me, when I return from hunting trips, I don’t have so many people waiting to welcome me.”

It was clear that, while Shi Fantian and Huang Xiaolong were on their way to the palace, Blessed Buddha Empire’s Empress received news of his visit, thus gathered the consorts, maids, and guards here early on to wait for them.

Of course, the person everyone was anticipating was Huang Xiaolong, the legendary genius of Martial Spirit World.


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