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Chapter 389: Cosmos God Cult

The child cheered happily, jumping up when Huang Xiaolong agreed.

Huang Xiaolong laughed watching his reaction.

“Let’s leave this place.” Huang Xiaolong said to Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Both complied respectfully.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu left the place, bringing the child with them.

Flying for more than two hours, they chose to stop at a quiet glen.

Entering the narrow path, it actually led to a scenic spot.

Huang Xiaolong liked it and deciding to rest there until dawn before picking up their journey again.

They built a bonfire for the second time that night, and Huang Xiaolong instructed the two giant puppets to hunt a few Tyrant Boars.

The small group of four sat around the bonfire.

Huang Xiaolong asked the child for his name, and the child said that he was called Lil’ Tian.

That was what his father and mother called him.

“Lil’ Tian, what is your original form” Huang Xiaolong decided to ask the question after thinking for a while.

He was wondering what Lil’ Tian’s true from was, that could cause the White Phoenix House and Distinct Void Door to send five Saint realm experts to capture him.

It was obvious that Lil’ Tian was not a common demonic beast.

Both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu also turned to Lil’ Tian.

Lil’ Tian shook his head, “I don’t know myself.”

“Don’t know” All three people felt stunned.

“That right, ah, Big brother.

My father and mother have never told me, and they alway said to never ever easily revert to my true form in front of others.”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless, but he said, “That’s the reason why you did not revert to your true form when you fought with the White Phoenix House expert earlier”

Saint realm level demonic beasts could transform into human shape, however, when fighting enemies, reverting back to their true form greatly enhanced their battle strength and advantage.

Furthermore, demonic beasts’ innate abilities could only be used in their true forms.

Lil’ Tian nodded his little head with a serious expression, “Yes, my father and mother said that I cannot easily show my true form to others, that’s why I can’t revert so easily.”

Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu exchanged a look, and smiled in bitter silence.

“Then, can you change into your true form and let me see” Huang Xiaolong asked with just as serious an expression.

Lil’ Tian tilted his head to one side, thinking, “Big brother is a good person, although father and mother said not to show others my true form in front of other people, I can let Big brother see.” Finished saying that, Lil’ Tian stood up and flew up.

A powerful demonic aura surged out from his little body and a blinding light flashed for a quick instant.

Before the dumbfounded expressions on Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Huang Xiaolong’s faces, an enormous demonic beast close to a hundred zhang in length materialized in front of them.

This enormous demonic beast’s head looked like a marten, but its tail resembled a dragon’s tail.

It had no feet, but it had a huge pair of fiery red wings, a great contrast to the striking yellow portion on its body.

On its stomach, one could see black horizontal stripes.

“This is, Heaven Devouring Beast!”

“He’s actually a Heaven Devouring Beast!”

Both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were dumbfounded.

Huang Xiaolong was no exception.

Lil’ Tian’s true form was actually one of ancient ferocious beasts, the Heaven Devouring Beast!

In the ancient era, there existed some ferocious beasts that had powerful bloodlines comparable to the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, such as this Heaven Devouring Beast!

One should not forget that this Heaven Devouring Beast ranked quite high amongst other ferocious beasts of ancient times.

The Heaven Devouring Beast was the Dragon Clan’s sworn enemy, it was recorded in ancient manuscripts that the Heaven Devouring Beasts hunted dragons as food, many dragon were swallowed alive by the Heaven Devouring Beasts.

The Heaven Devouring Beast had one heaven-defying innate ability—Devour! An ability that could devour and refine even dragons, one could imagine the terrifying extent of this ability.

A short while later, Lil’ Tian changed back into human form, back to the same  small child.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the cute and innocent face of a child, if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, who would believe that this small child in front of him, barely ten years old, was the descendant of a famous fierce beast of ancient times, the Heaven Devouring Beast!

“Big brother, you’re saying that my true form is a Heaven Devouring Beast” Lil’ Tian asked.

He heard it loud and clear when Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu blurted out in shock.

Huang Xiaolong recovered from his surprised, nodding his head, “Yes.”

“Are Heaven Devouring Beast powerful” Lil’ Tian looked at Huang Xiaolong full of anticipation.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Very powerful.”

Lil’ Tian was still in the early stages of growth.

When he became an adult, awakening his bloodline and receiving his bloodline heritage, at that time, he would be very powerful.

Displaying his devour ability at that time, hardly anyone could escape.

It could be seen from the speed of dragons in the ancient time, but didn’t some of them end up being food for the Heaven Devouring Beast

“Really” Li’ Tian beamed hearing Huang Xiaolong say he would be very powerful.

Two little fists clenched tightly, “I want to be powerful like Big brother, and kill all of them!” Lil’ Tian’s eyes exposed deep hatred.

The ‘they’ he referred to was, of course, the Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House.

The few of them returned to sit around  the bonfire, with Huang Xiaolong inquiring about the Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House from Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Although he guessed that both of them were part of the bigger forces on Starcloud Continent, he knew next to nothing about them.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s enquiry, both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu honestly explained to Huang Xiaolong what they knew about the Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House.

From what Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu said, the Starcloud Continent was much larger than Wind Snow Continent.

On the Wind Snow Continent, there were seventeen empires and the territories were divided by the strength of the empires.

Starcloud Continent differed, it was divided by oblast instead.

Starcloud Continent possessed a vast large area, divided by over one thousand one hundred oblasts.

A ninth of these oblasts were governed by twelve super forces of Starcloud Continent.

The White Phoenix House and Distinct Void Door were both amongst the twelve super forces.

Within the twelve super forces on Starcloud Continent, Asura’s Gate ranked third, the Distinct Void Door was fourth, whereas the White Phoenix House was fifth.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised hearing that Distinct Void Door was ranked fourth, right after the Asura’s Gate, for he didn’t expect the Distinct Void Door forces to be so strong.

With Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House allying against the Asura’s Gate, Huang Xiaolong could foresee some trouble on the horizon.

Still, if they did not come and provoke Huang Xiaolong in the future, he could naturally coexist with them in peace.

However, if they took the same stance as Deities Templar, Huang Xiaolong would completely erase them from the Starcloud Continent.

A dangerous glint flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

“What is the strongest force on Starcloud Continent” Huang Xiaolong asked in a somber tone.

“It’s Cosmos God Cult.” Zhao Shu answered.

Cosmos God Cult, the chief of the twelve super forces on Starcloud Continent! Arrogant enough to use the word ‘God’ in their name!

Subsequently, Zhang Fu added, “The Cosmos God Cult Leader is Starcloud Continent’s number one expert.

This is something acknowledged by everyone in general.

Although the Old Sovereign was indeed very powerful, he was still ranked second on the Starcloud Continent, and Old Sovereign had exchanged moves with the Cosmos God Cult Leader.”

“What happened later” Huang Xiaolong already half-guessed the result, but despite that, he couldn’t resist asking the question.

“The Old Sovereign lost.” Zhang Fu replied.

“However, Sovereign said that it was because his Asura Tactics only reached the ninth stage at that time, if he advanced to the tenth stage, he was certain that he could defeat Cosmos God Cult Leader.”


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