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Chapter 390: Asura Sword Skill, the Eighth Move

‘The tenth stage of the Asura Tactics.’ Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself after hearing Zhang Fu’s explanation.

‘If Master claimed he could’ve defeated the Cosmos God Cult Leader if he had practiced to the tenth stage of the Asura Tactics, it seems a vast difference exists between the ninth stage and the tenth stage.’

Huang Xiaolong further inquired about the other twelve super forces and the delicate balance on Starcloud Continent from Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

For example, the current Asura’s Gate had more than forty Domain Leaders! And Elders numbered over thirty!

Both Domain Leaders and Elders held the same status in Asura’s Gate, the only difference was their area of authority, the Elders monitored the internal situation, while Domain Leaders governed external issues.

The night passed in peace.

Gradually, the sky grew brighter with the sun peeking on the horizon.

Huang Xiaolong, who was sitting in a meditative position, opened his eyes.

Scanning around, he saw that Lil’ Tian was sleeping soundly leaning against a tree trunk, he could hear the little guy sleep talking, “Delicious, delicious!”

It seems that even in his dreams the little guy could see Huang Xiaolong roasting Tyrant Boar meat for him.

Saliva flowed from the corner of his mouth, wetting a small patch on his chest.

Huang Xiaolong smiled watching him, this little guy was really adorable.

But Huang Xiaolong did not wake  Lil’ Tian up, letting him rest more.

Instead, he took out the Asura Sword Skill’s diagram from the Asura Ring.

He hadn’t practiced any subsequent moves of the Asura Sword Skill since he advanced to the Saint realm.

He should pick it back up now.

Huang Xiaolong studied the diagram depicting the Asura Sword Skill’s Eighth Move: Mountain of Knives, Sea of Fire!

Huang Xiaolong studied the diagram in detail and there was a line of words below the eighth diagram, a warning that one had to break through to the Saint realm, comprehending the space law before they could practice this eighth move.

This caution was irrelevant to Huang Xiaolong, since he was already a Saint realm expert.

Closing his eyes, Huang Xiaolong simulated the movements of the eighth move in his mind.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong leaped into the air, exiting the glen.

The Blades of Asura were already in his hands, swinging out.

Multiple frigid blade lights shot out, rotating at high speed while assembling in the shape of a mountain.

At the same time, in the middle of this blade mountain, blade lights continued to spin, spitting Asura fire in the air.

These Asura flames landed at the edge of the blade mountain, forming a sea of fire.

This was the Asura Sword Skill’s Eighth Move: Mountain of Knives, Sea of Fire!

But this was Huang Xiaolong first attempt, and he had yet to comprehend the essence of the move, therefore, he was unable to display the true momentum of Mountain of Knives, Sea of Fire.

Once one grasped the true intent of this move and reached major completion, with a wave of the blades, through space manipulation, one could form a Mountain of Knives and Sea of Fire that encompassed ten thousand miles, according to their will!

it was an unpredictable attack that made it hard for the enemies to defend or counter against.

After the first attempt, Huang Xiaolong closed his eyes, recalling and reflecting before making the next attempt.

Again and again, steadily, that blade mountain grew taller, while the sea of fire expanded farther out.

At will, it could appear anywhere within several miles radius from Huang Xiaolong, anytime.

Huang Xiaolong practiced for more than two hours before stopping.

Almost immediately, a voice sounded.

“Big brother, what sword skill is that, it’s so beautiful.”

Huang Xiaolong looked over, Lil’ Tian was awake, squatting close at the glen entrance and watching him practice.

Huang Xiaolong laughed with a slight bitterness: beautiful This was his first time hearing someone praise his Asura Sword Skill as beautiful.

“This is the Asura Sword Skill.” Huang Xiaolong said with a smile.

“That move Sovereign practiced just now should be the eighth move, Mountain of Knives, Sea of Fire, right” Zhang Fu asked.

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Yes.” As the Left and Right Custodians of Asura’s Gate, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t surprised that Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu had knowledge about the Asura Sword Skill.

He wasn’t worried about others watching him practice either, the prerequisite requirement for practicing the Asura Sword Skill was the Asura Tactics.

Even if someone tried to emulate the moves, it would only look similar, but would be unable to display the real power of these moves.

Huang Xiaolong returned to the ground as the Blades of Asura returned to the sides of his arms.

Laughing at Lil’ Tian he said, “Little guy, did you dream of roast Tyrant Boar last night”

Lil’ Tian scratched his head, his tender face showed shyness.

Huang Xiaolong teased, “Should we continue having roast meat tonight”

Lil’ Tian cheered hearing that, “Great, great, Big brother, you’re so nice!”

His response brought a laugh from the other three people.

A while later, the four of them departed from the glen, going on their way.

The sun shone brightly, mottled sunlight decorated the forest ground through the foliage gaps.

Very quickly, three days passed.

In these three days, Huang Xiaolong’s group traveled during the day and rested at night, drinking wine and feasting on roast meat.

After a good meal, Huang Xiaolong entered the Xumi Temple to observe the twelve primordial divine dragon statues to practice the Twelve Forms of the Dragon God.

Huang Xiaolong’s comprehension of the Twelve Forms of the Dragon God increased significantly in the last three days.

Now, in every attack, Huang Xiaolong’s dragon qi was able to form four divine dragons.

Ice, fire, azure, and the white dragon!

When Huang Xiaolong could form twelve divine dragons in each attack, this Twelve Forms of the Dragon God would be considered to have achieved major completion.

It was a mystery whether it was due to the Dragon Pearl integrated into Huang Xiaolong’s body or because of his new body was rebuilt by the Dragon Pearl and true dragon essence, but Huang Xiaolong noticed that everything went smoothly while practicing the Twelve Forms of the Dragon God, giving him the illusion that this Twelve Forms of the Dragon God was specially tailored for him.

In general, the Dragon Clan’s cultivation techniques and skills could only be practiced by the dragon race, but it was different for Huang Xiaolong.

In fact, when practicing, he felt as if he was the reincarnation of the Ancient Dragon God.

Both of his hands moved around, and four divine dragons formed from dragon qi—ice, fire, azure, and the white dragon swam around the Xumi Temple, roaring and attacking.

The spacious temple hall was submerged in a powerful dragon might.

Only two hours later did Huang Xiaolong finally stop.

When he did, he swallowed a Dragon Buddha Pill and sat down to meditate while refining the pellet.

Practicing in the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong also noticed that taking the Dragon Buddha Pill inside the Ten Buddha Formation was more effective than taking other pellets, like the Sky Dragon Pill or Golden Jadesea Dragon Pill.

Very soon, one hour passed.

Huang Xiaolong was done refining the medicinal properties of the Dragon Buddha Pill.

‘At this speed, after one more month or so, I can break through to Fourth Order Saint realm.’ Huang Xiaolong estimated.

His cultivation was already at the farthest point of peak late-Third Order Saint realm.

Huang Xiaolong stood up, taking out that Golden Dragon Pill Refinement Tactic.

Ever since he got the tactic from the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins, he didn’t look at it even once.

These days of traveling, Huang Xiaolong understood from Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu that pill refinement was a crucial ability for a Saint realm expert, the reason being that after reaching the Saint realm, it was much more difficult to enhance one’s strength.

One of the shortest and easiest methods was pill refinement.

Divine grade spirit pellets played a huge role in a Saint realm expert’s cultivation.

However, no one would place divine grade spirit pellets at auction houses, that was why Saint realm experts were forced to refine it themselves.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t know what this Gold Dragon Pill Refinement Tactic manual  was made of, but it remained sturdy through millenniums, showing no signs of damage, yellowing, or erosion by the passage of time.

Huang Xiaolong went through the first to the last pages in a few quick glances, but there were only a dozen pages.

It didn’t take long for Huang Xiaolong to finish reading it.

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded when he finished.


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