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Chapter 396: Big Event

Iron-Skinned Dog and the guards witnessed their Supervisor Lin’s concave, distorted chest, all they could feel was frigid air filling their lungs.

Lil’ Tian’s voice sounded at this moment.

When Iron-Skinned Dog looked over and saw a little finger pointed straight at him, he almost pissed himself from fright.

Their Supervisor Lin was a late-Xiantian Eighth Order expert, even their Supervisor Lin that weighed two hundred catties couldn’t withstand a punch from the little kid, he, a measly Xiantian Second Order, a thin stature of skin and bones, could probably not take even half the damage from that small fist.

His face whitened visibly, staggering backward as he waved both hands: “No, no, not me!” Despite that, from the first sound he uttered, Lil’ Tian had swung his small fist out, attacking without mercy.

A miserable shrill scream came from Iron-Skinned Dog mouth as Lil’ Tian’s small fist punched into his chest.

Iron-Skinned Dog was sent crashing toward the doorway, rolling out to the opposite side of the street.

Out on the street, a curious crowd has started to gather.

The commotion made by Lil’ Tian punching Supervisor Lin had attracted some people in the surrounding shops.

Some of these curious passersby were just about to move closer to the Aowu Shop’s entrance to check out what was going on inside when Iron-Skinned Dog volleyed through the doors, scaring the pedestrians.

Iron-Skinned Dog’s appearance sent a cold shiver down their spines.

There was barely anything left of Iron-Skinned Dog’s torso, except for flesh, bones, and internal organs blasted to bloody pieces, with blood flowing from his orifices.

A grotesque way to die.

“This is Aowu Shop’s Iron-Skinned Dog! Someone actually killed him!”

“Who was it, so reckless as to kill someone from the Aowu Shop!”

Although everyone in the crowd exclaimed in shock and apprehension, inside, each was waving their fists in the air, shouting ‘great’.

All these years, relying on their backing inside the Castellan Manor, people from the Aowu Shop had acted tyrannical and forceful, snatching customers from other shops nearby, but scrupulous of the Castellan Manor’s power, they endured everything in silence.

Now, there was someone that dared to make trouble in the Aowu Shop, killing these bastards, of course they would be rejoicing in secret.

While the crowd was still talking about Iron-Skinned Dog, another loud scream rang out from inside the Aowu Shop hall as another human silhouette shot out.

The crowd quickly jumped away in alarm.

This time, the human projectile that flew out was a stalwart middle-aged man.

His condition was the same as Iron-Skinned Dog’s, his torso was blasted to pieces by someone’s attack.

“It’s Aowu Shop’s Captain Guard, Liu Wei!”

“But Liu Wei’s a Xiantian Ninth Order expert!”

The crowd was stirred up.

At this time, another person was sent flying out from the Aowu Shop.

In the Aowu Shop’s hall, Lil’ Tian’s small fist swung tirelessly, merely using one punch to deal with each person.

Without exception, all the guards encircling the Aowu Shop were sent flying.

Some guards’ bodies were flipped upward, human-shaped holes appeared on the Aowu Shop’s hall roof one after another.

Soon, the hall originally surrounded by Aowu Shop guards from all directions dwindled down to less than half, the remaining twenty over people were finally jarred awake.

Staring at Lil’ Tian’s bare little feet and that pair of cute, innocent eyes, in the guards’ eyes it was no different than a devil from hell.

None of the guards could remember who was the first one to scream aloud, to run.

In the blink of an eye, the remaining guards rushed to be the first one out from the shop, through the front entrance and back door.

However, just as these guards tried to run for it, giant silhouettes blocked their path.

The two giant silhouettes were none other than the giant puppets.

Two giant puppets divided the path, one blocked the front entrance while the other blocked the back hall door.

“Scram!” One of the fleeing guards saw a giant ‘man’ blocking his escape route and became anxious, angered, panicked, and flustered all in one, the guard raised his palm and attacked the giant puppet all of a sudden.

However, the giant puppet struck its palm out at the same time, slapping the left side of the guard’s face.

A scream ensued as the man was sent flying back to the hall, crashing to the floor.

The guard’s left face squished to the right side, head twisted back with the front facing the same direction as his arse.

In fact, when the giant puppet appeared and blocked the escape route, just like the first guard, there were many who wanted to eliminate the hindrance with a punch, but now they were so scared that their legs weakened.

Looking at the giant silhouette, extreme fear showed in their eyes.

They finally realized that this four-meter giant man was more lethal that little kid.

“Didn’t you guys want to fight Why are you running away” When the fleeing guards were forced back to the hall, Lil’ Tian’s tender voice questioned.

Instead, Lil’ Tian’s innocent and tender voice caused the guards’ trembling to worsen.

That voice was akin to a siren’s song that came from the abyss of hell.

Turning around, the guards saw the small body approaching.

Seeing those people looking at him, Lil’ Tian waved his small fist without another word.

Moments later, the screamings inside the Aowu Shop resumed.

But the undulated screams ended quickly this time, leaving an apprehensive silence in the air.

Huang Xiaolong looked inside and outside the hall at the bodies lying around in charming disorder in different postures, then he shook his head.

Today, he considered himself learned, that guy Lil’ Tian was more brutal than him.

At this time, Lil’ Tian was clapping his small hands happily, that expression was exactly like a complacent child that had just won a big fight.

“Big brother, these people are too weak, it’s no fun at all.” Lil’ Tian came beside Huang Xiaolong, dissatisfaction in his voice.

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless, “There will be more fights later, with opponents stronger than these people.” So many Aowu Shop’s guards killed and taking away pill refinement ingredients worth millions of gold coins, that Castellan Manor Chief Steward, Luo-whatever-Yun definitely wouldn't be able to swallow this loss.

Hence, a fight would definitely come later.

“Really” Lil’ Tian’s eyes lit up.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, laughing, “But now, we’re going to drink wine and eat meat .

Eat some good things, we can fight after our bellies are full.”

“Good, good, ah!” Hearing there will be wine, meat, and good food, Lil’ Tian clapped enthusiastically.

Frankly speaking, after fighting, he indeed felt a little hungry.

“Let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong said to Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Both complied with respect.

With that, Huang Xiaolong’s group walked out from the Aowu Shop through the front entrance.

The people around were considering moving closer, to peek inside and see what was happening due to the sudden quietness, but they all ran away in panic after seeing Huang Xiaolong and several others coming out.

Ignoring the crowd’s fearful inquisitive gazes, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and others strode away from the Aowu Shop.

It didn’t take them long to reach the main trading market entrance.

At the trading market’s main entrance, the short young man, Tu Xiong, who Huang Xiaolong tipped a spatial ring before, was still there.

When Tu Xiong spotted Huang Xiaolong, he quickly ran up to Huang Xiaolong, courteously saluting before saying, “Young Noble, that spatial ring is too valuable.” His hand moved, taking out the spatial ring he planned to return to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand, stopping Tu Xiong, “I have never taken back the things I gave out.” The tone of his voice leaves no room for refusal.

Tu Xiong was stunned.

In the end, he kept the spatial ring away.

“Young Noble, did you manage to buy any pill refinement materials in the Aowu Shop” Tu Xiong inquired cautiously.

Huang Xiaolong nodded with a smile, “Yes, I got some.”

Ti Xiong hesitated for a second before saying, “Young Noble, the pill refinement ingredients that the Aowu Shop sells have issues with the verified ages, moreover, the price they offer is much higher than normal market prices.”

Base on the young man’s kind intentions, Huang Xiaolong laughed, “I know.”Leaving that answer, he left the pill refinement trading market with Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Lil’ Tian, and the two giant puppets.

Tu Xiong stood in the same place, watching Huang Xiaolong’s group until they disappeared from view.

At this time, someone ran out from the inner part of the trading market, looking flustered and out of breath, crying to Tu Xiong and the other young men, “Big event, big event! Just now, Iron-Skinned Dog and all of Aowu Shop’s guards were all killed! Including Aowu Shop’s Supervisor Lin!”


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