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Chapter 418: Breaching Entry Into the Castellan Manor

The Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader Qi Wu bent his waist at an even lower angle, cowardly and panic-stricken instead of raging with anger after suffering a slap from Hu Guang in public, “Young Noble Hu’s teachings are right! This small one deserve to die!”

Huang Xiaolong watched everything with cold eyes.

An Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader actually referred to himself as ‘small one’ before a Cosmos God Cult disciple! He not only wasn’t angry being slapped in front of a crowd, he was still trying to curry favor while looking scared!

As the Asura’s Gate Sovereign, watching this happening right in front of him, flames of wrath burned stronger in Huang Xiaolong’s heart with each passing second.

At this point in time, Hu Guang pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong while yelling at that Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader Qi Wu, “Capture that little imp, keep his life!” Huang Xiaolong destroyed his Qi Sea, he absolutely would not let Huang Xiaolong die so easily!

Qi Wu accepted Hu Guang’s command in a servile manner before turning to look at Huang Xiaolong coldly, “Little punk, how dare you act so boldly as to harm people in this Enigma City, disregarding the Enigma City’s regulations.

All Asura’s Gate disciples listen up, capture this punk and throw him into the dungeon!”

The surrounding hundred over Asura’s Gate disciples acknowledged loudly, but just when they were about to move, a loud voice sounded.

“Wait!” Asura’s Gate disciple Deng Cong clamored furiously, “Qi Wu, as an Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader, how dare you conspire with a Cosmos God Cult disciple! Cosmos God Cult disciples come looking for trouble in Enigma City, hurting innocent people, but you closed your eyes, pretending not to see.

Now, as Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader, you’re actually listening to orders from a Cosmos God Cult disciple Qi Wu, do you know your crime!”

Qi Wu’s derided gaze fell upon Deng Cong, “So it’s you, Deng Cong! Hmph, Cosmos God Cult disciples causing troubles in Enigma City I see no such thing!”

Deng Cong could only fume in silent anger at Qi Wu’s answer.

Qi Wu added, “From what I see, you’re in cahoots with this punk.

As an Asura’s Gate disciple, you knowingly break the law, you deserve a heavier punishment! People, arrest him as well, throw them into the dungeon together!”

Deng Cong was beside himself with anger: “Qi Wu! You’re trying to frame me!” There seemed to be a private grudge between Deng Cong and Qi Wu.

Qi Wu merely sneered.

Without another word, he waved his hand and the large group of Asura’s Gate disciples responded by tightening their encirclement around Huang Xiaolong and Deng Cong.

Huang Xiaolong scanned his surroundings. He, the Sovereign of Asura’s Gate, was about to be captured by his own Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad for ‘interrogation’!

An abrupt laughter sprung from Huang Xiaolong.

A laughter derived from an indescribable anger!

Before anyone could react, Huang Xiaolong’s palms struck out.

A brilliant light soared to the sky as numerous palm imprints appeared in the air, each palm imprint striking an Asura’s Gate enforcement disciple, sending them flying several meters away.

Eyes widened with shock watching dozens of Asura’s Gate enforcement disciples’ flying out; to become an Asura’s Gate enforcement disciple, it was prerequisite to have at least Xiantian realm strength.

More than a hundred Xiantian realm disciples were sent flying in just one move! The strength Huang Xiaolong exposed made the crowd’s hearts palpitate.

Neglecting the shocked expressions around him, Huang Xiaolong didn’t spare a second look at those Asura’s Gate enforcement disciples, fixing his attention on one person—the Law Enforcement Squad Leader, Qi Wu.

Qi Wu retrieved his bewildered eyes from the rest of the enforcement disciples.

A foreboding unease snaked through his heart as he felt Huang Xiaolong’ gaze fix on his person, for he caught the flicker of killing intent in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

“I’m an Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader!” Qi Wu wobbled back even as he yelled out his identity, “This is Enigma City, you dare attack and injure Asura’s Gate disciples!”

Huang Xiaolong’s hand reached out and made a grasping gesture in the empty air, Qi Wu immediately felt the space around him squeeze and contract, and in the next second, his entire person flew toward Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s right hand was choking Qi Wu’s throat as he looked at him with frigid eyes, “You’re aware that this is Enigma City You realize that you’re an Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader!”

Qi Wu’s face turned beet-red, his mouth opened and closed, yet was unable to utter a single sound.

Dread filled his eyes as he begged for mercy through them.

“As an Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader, not only did you not aid your sect brothers, you also listened to commands from a Cosmos God Cult disciple Damn you lot!” Huang Xiaolong’s icy voice stabbed into Qi Wu’s soul.

Huang Xiaolong exerted slight pressure in his fingers, directly crushing Qi Wu’s throat to his death.

Releasing his hold, Qi Wu’s lifeless body fell limply to the floor.

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong with disbelief.

This young man killed the Asura’s Gate Law Enforcement Squad Leader like it was nothing!

Deng Cong looked no better staring at Huang Xiaolong, hesitation and puzzlement flickered across his face.

Then, Huang Xiaolong looked at Hu Guang.

All of Hu Guang’s previous arrogance vanished into thin air, extreme terror penetrated every cell in his body as the pressure of impending death suffocated him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll temporarily let you live.” Noticing the horror reflected in the other side’s pupils, Huang Xiaolong snorted.

Hu Guang stiffened.

Huang Xiaolong straightened his palm like a sword.

With a wave, a screeching scream came from Hu Guang, both of his hands were hacked off by Huang Xiaolong and he passed out from the severe pain.

The crowd was deathly quiet as Hu Guang’s scream still echoed in their ears.

“You’re called Deng Cong” Huang Xiaolong’s voice broke the heavy silence.

Deng Cong snapped back to his senses, quickly answering: “Yes.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I’ve remembered it.” Leaving a baffled and confused Deng Cong, he left the restaurant, walking in the direction of Enigma City’s Castellan Manor.

Some time after Huang Xiaolong disappeared from view, an uproar erupted at the restaurant.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong appeared in Enigma City Castellan Manor’s main hall, an unfathomable cold smile tilted up the corners of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth looking at the two imposing stone lion statues at the Castellan Manor entrance.

“What are you here for Don’t you know that this is the Castellan’s manor” Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to step into the manor grounds, two Asura’s Gate disciples that were standing guard at the entrance blocked his path, barking fiercely.

“I know.” Huang Xiaolong’s patience was fraying.

Before more disciples could approach, an overwhelming power threw them off balance.

Silhouettes tumbled in the air.

Huang Xiaolong walked into the Enigma City Castellan’s residence manor.

“Insolent! Who are you Breaching entry into the Castellan’s Manor!” More guards noticed Huang Xiaolong’s presence; there was actually someone who dared to trespass into the Castellan Manor! The guards leaped up, each aiming an attack at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and pointed at the void.

Almost instantly, all these manor guards were sent reeling away without any shred of resistance.

While this was taking place outside, the Enigma City’s Castellan, Wang Dingzhi, who was also an Asura’s Gate Domain Leader, was sitting in the main hall, contemplating his cultivation progress.

His cultivation had been stuck without any progress in recent years, causing him to become irritated and anxious.

“Castellan, it’s bad!” Suddenly, the manor’s steward ran in looking flustered and terrified.

“Look at you, losing your calm, what is it!” This steward running in screaming while he was troubled by the lack of progress in his cultivation upset Wang Dingzhi.

The steward was startled by Wang Dingzhi’s outburst, but he still soldiered on, reporting, “Castellan, a young man breached into the manor, and he has already injured more than a hundred manor guards!”

Wang Dingzhi’s temper flared sky high hearing this, “Truly seeking death! So brazen to run rampant in my manor!” Wang Dingzhi jumped to his feet, but when he was about to take the first step out to see who was the audacious person that dared to breach his Castellan Manor, his foot paused midair while his sight could barely shift away from the main hall entrance.

A stalwart figure stood at the door.

The steward looked over and blurted, “Castellan, it’s this little imp trespassing into the manor, injuring over a hundred guards!” The steward’s finger pointed confidently to the figure standing at the door.

When the steward just finished his ‘report’, Wang Dingzhi’s legs gave out.

His quickly knelt on both knees in salute, “Asura’s Gate disciple Wang Dingzhi greets the Sovereign!” Wang Dingzhi couldn’t help the tremor in his voice.

Sovereign! The word sounded like a thunderclap in the steward’s brain, for an instant, he couldn’t even tell where north or south was.

The ‘trespasser’ was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

He entered the main hall looking at Wang Dingzhi, the temperature in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes dropped a few degrees.


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