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Chapter 420: What Are You Considered As

Make Wang Dingzhi surrender the killer

That Qi Family Elder was stunned for a moment before vowing solemnly, “Patriarch, rest assured, Wang Dingzhi might be bold, but not enough to cover for the criminal that harmed Young Noble Hu Guang! I’ll head to the Castellan Manor immediately and will surely drag that murderer back!” The Elder executed a brisk salute toward Qi Lei before turning around to leave the hall, bringing with him a group of Qi Family guards, and headed toward the Castellan Manor.

Inside the Enigma City Castellan Manor’s main hall, Wang Dingzhi was still on his knees.

Huang Xiaolong watched the kneeling Wang Dingzhi quietly,  a small part of Huang Xiaolong understood that the whole matter couldn’t be blamed on Wang Dingzhi alone.

Since his Master, Ren Wokuang, disappeared several decades ago, most of Asura’s gate matters were handled by Chen Tianqi.

Chen Tianqi endured and gave way because he did not want an open confrontation with the Cosmos God Cult.

Due to that, the territory under the Asura’s Gate’s governance was swallowed by the Cosmos God Cult through the years  From the original fifty-two oblasts from its heyday, it was reduced to only thirty-six oblasts.

For this reason, the Cosmos God Cult disciples dared behaved in such brazen manner in territories under the Asura’s Gate’s governance!

And for this reason, the Asura’s Gate disciples showed fearful looks when facing Cosmos God Cult disciples.

In that short span of time, the manor guards sent flying by Wang Dingzhi earlier quickly knelt down in salute.

Like Wang Dingzhi, all of them held their breaths as fear filled their hearts—fear toward Huang Xiaolong.

Their Asura’s Gate’s new Sovereign, Huang Xiaolong!

Young Noble Divine Dragon!

Young Noble Divine Dragon’s glorious deeds and fierce reputation had spread throughout Starcloud Continent.

There were also those Poison Corpse Scarabs that had become a nightmare in many experts’ hearts.

Just moments ago, they actually had the guts to attack their Asura’s Gate Sovereign Finally, they understood the bitter reality.

The Castellan striking them was in fact for their own good.

Otherwise, if their mighty Sovereign released those Poison Corpse Scarabs… Remembering the details of how people died under the Poison Corpse Scarabs in the rumors, those guards shivered by reflex.

A manor guard suddenly ran into the hall and saluted Huang Xiaolong on his knees, reporting, “Reporting to Sovereign, the Qi Family’s Elder Qi Tian led many Qi Family experts over.

They’re waiting outside, requesting to see the Castellan.”

“Qi Family’s Elder…” Huang Xiaolong turned to Wang Dingzhi, “Was that Enforcement Squad Leader Qi Wu a disciple of the Qi Family” That Qi Wu carried the surname Qi, the connection was easy to make.

“That is so, Sovereign.

That Qi Wu is indeed a Qi Family’s disciple, he’s the current Qi Family Patriarch Qi Lei’s nephew.” Wang Dingzhi honestly revealed everything.

Of course, this whole time, the sweat running down his face had yet to stop.

“Qi Family Patriarch, Qi Lei’s nephew” Huang Xiaolong snorted, “Other than Qi Wu, how many more Qi Family’s disciples are inside Asura’s Gate”

Wang Dingzhi answered: “About ten or so.

These Qi Family disciples were arranged into the sect through Qi Lei’s connections.

This subordinate failed terribly in governing the Enigma City and is willing to accept any punishment Sovereign will mete out!” Wang Dingzhi knocked his head against the hard floor with a loud boom, not daring to lift his head to face Huang Xiaolong.

Wang Dingzhi was aware that Qi Lei used his connections to arrange some Qi Family disciples into Asura’s Gate, just that the Qi Family had a strong influence inside Enigma City.

As long as Qi Lei did not act too unscrupulously, crossing the line, Wang Dingzhi would close one eye to his dark deeds.

Huang Xiaolong’s voice was cold as ever, “Your crime will be judged after this!” Then he turned to the manor guard that came in to report, “Lead that Qi Tian and the group of Qi Family’s people in here.”

“Yes, Sovereign.” The manor guard acknowledged respectfully, saluted to Huang Xiaolong and exited the hall.

When that manor guard left, Huang Xiaolong finally allowed Wang Dingzhi and the other manor guards to rise to their feet.

He ordered the manor guards to retreat, leaving only Wang Dingzhi with him in the main hall.

“You, sit.” Huang Xiaolong pointed at one of the seats further down to Wang Dingzhi.

Truth be told, in Huang Xiaolong’s presence, Wang Dingzhi as a Domain Leader was not qualified to sit, but he dared not disobey Huang Xiaolong’s order.

Therefore, after saying his thanks, Wang Dingzhi sat down gingerly on the chair Huang Xiaolong pointed at.

Even so, only half of Wang Dingzhi’s butt actually rested on the seat.

Barely a few seconds after Wang Dingzhi sat down, Qi Family’s Elder, Qi Tian, swaggered into the hall with a group of Qi Family’s experts in tow.

However, these people were a little surprised seeing the pieces of broken doors lying around, as if a fight took place here moments before they arrived.

Along with his surprise, Qi Tian strode into the hall with his eyes scanning the surroundings.

He immediately noticed the young man sitting at the center of the hall and Wang Dingzhi.

Qi Tian narrowed his eyes at the scene.

According to the description given by the Qi Family disciples, that black-haired young man sitting in the center of the hall was most likely the sinner who destroyed the Cosmos God Cult disciple, Young Noble Hu Guang’s Qi Sea and cut off his arms.

But what was this young man’s identity that gave him the qualification to sit equally with Castellan Wang Dingzhi On top of that, Wang Dingzhi actually sat in the lower position chair.

Qi Tian’s eyes flickered as these thoughts sped through his mind, whereas on the surface, he stopped in front of Wang Dingzhi and cupped his hands in greeting, “Castellan Wang.” Despite Qi Family’s strong influence, Wang Dingzhi was still the official Castellan of the Enigma City.

In front of Wang Dingzhi, he dared not act discourteously.

Wang Dingzhi put on an indifferent face, nodding slightly, “What matters do you have”

Hearing Wang Dingzhi speak in a straightforward manner, Qi Tian also did not beat around the bush.

He pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “Castellan Wang, this person injured Cosmos God Cult disciple Hu Guang earlier today at the Auspicious Scepter Restaurant.

Not only has he destroyed Young Noble Hu Guang’s Qi Sea, he also cut off both of Young Noble Hu Guang’s arms.

I implore Castellan Wang to hand over this person to me, so I can bring him back to the Qi Mansion.”

Wang Dingzhi glanced sideways at Huang Xiaolong, yet he couldn’t read anything from Huang Xiaolong’s stoic face.

Wang Dingzhi looked coldly at Qi Tian, “What if I refuse”

Qi Tian’s face sank, and no longer bothered to put up any pretense of courtesy.

A mocking scoff sounded as his tone was laced with a mildly veiled threat, “Castellan Wang, have you thought of the consequences I’m not afraid to tell you frankly, that Young Noble Hu he injured is none other than Treasure City Castellan’s disciple and also Cosmos God Cult Elder Hu’s only son! Later, when Treasure City’s Castellan and Elder Hu come seeking an account and find out that you actually protected the criminal, hehe…!”

At the end, Qi Tian placed his threat on the table.

Wang Dingzhi fumed with fury inside his heart, this Qi Tian was just an average Qi Family Elder, but now, this person was taking a dump right on his head; coming to show his ‘prowess’ in the Castellan Manor, his territory All these years of adhering to Chen Tianqi’s orders, he had been enduring, which indirectly allowed Qi Family’s arrogance to fester to this degree!

Wang Dingzhi suddenly struck his palm out.

Although Qi Tian held the status of an Elder in the Qi Family, he was only a peak half-Saint, how could he withstand a palm from Wang Dingzhi In a split second, his body flew back from the force, making an arch in the air across the hall.

“Elder Qi Tian!” The experts that came with Qi Tian cried out in shock, rushing hastily to his side.

Qi Tian wobbled unsteadily trying to stand up, staring fixedly at Wang Dingzhi.

A rapid vicious glint flickered past his pupils; Wang Dingzhi actually attacked and injured him!

Despite the unwillingness and anger in his heart, Qi Tian knew he wasn’t Wang Dingzhi’s opponent, therefore, he endured!

Qi Tian glared at Wang Dingzhi, his cold voice sounded, “Wang Dingzhi, I hope you won’t regret this!” He signaled the experts around him, preparing to leave.

“Who said you can leave” When Qi Tian and the Qi Family experts turned to leave, Huang Xiaolong, who had been sitting quietly watching the entire time, finally spoke.

Qi Tian’s foot paused halfway and turned back around, glowering at Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, what did you say This father can come and leave whenever he wants to, do I need your permission What thing are you to control me!”

His heart was still boiling with anger taking that attack from Wang Dingzhi.

What thing are you Hearing Qi Tian insult their Sovereign as  ‘what thing’, Wang Dingzhi’s temper flared up.

He stood up, but when he was about to act, he saw countless demonic claws shredding the space, slashing at Qi Tian and the experts with him.


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