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Chapter 421: Still Considered Tactful

Countless demonic claws carrying incredible destructive power submerged Qi Tian and the group of Qi Family experts.

Their faces became ashen facing that sudden attack that appeared out of nowhere.

Qi Tian wanted to dodge, but to his horror, he found that even with his peak half-Saint strength, he was powerless to move an inch.

Howls from thousands of demons pierced their eardrums as if they fell into the deepest Asura hell.

In a sudden boom, numerous shrieks of agony seemed to sound in unison as all Qi Family’s experts were flung to the air.

Blood splattered to every corner of the big hall.

The cries and screams died down, followed by an eerie silence.

A while later, Qi Tian struggled to get off the floor.

Looking around him, he saw that all the experts that followed him from the Qi Mansion were dead.

These people that accompanied him were all core members and high-level experts of the Qi Family, all possessing the strength of high-level Xiantian realm.

In short, these people were the core strength of the Qi Family, but now, they were all dead.

Over a hundred Qi Family core members and high-level guards were all dead! Thinking of the huge loss, Qi Tian wanted to cry, but no tears would come.

His heart was filled with rage, grief, and unprecedented fear.


All dead!

However, he knew that the reason he was still breathing was because the other side deliberately let him live, otherwise the would never have the chance to get up at this moment.

Qi Tian’s stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong with hate-filled eyes, screaming, “Who-are-you! No matter who you are, you murdered so many of my Qi Family disciples and guards, you can only die! Our Qi Family will definitely destroy you, destroy your nine generations!” At the end of it, Qi Tian was roaring the words out at the top of his lungs.

His voice sounded scratchy and hoarse, his face distorted with rage.

“Kill my nine generations” Huang Xiaolong repeated the words devoid of any emotions.

He had heard Deities Templar utter this line many times over.

Wang Dingzhi turned toward Huang Xiaolong, respectfully saying, “Sovereign, this subordinate has more than a hundred ways to torture this Qi Tian until he begs for death!”

Sovereign Catching the term that Wang Dingzhi used to refer to Huang Xiaolong was like being struck by tribulation lightning directly on the head, Qi Tian blanked fully for a second, and then his eyes widened in shock.


“Asura-Asura’s Gate Sov-Sovereign!”

Qi Tian stammered, his vigor and momentum earlier, his killing intent toward Huang Xiaoling, his fury, all disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only terror.

Huang Xiaolong looked impassively at Qi Tian, “A hundred ways No need to trouble ourselves, it has been some days since my Poison Corpse Scarabs ate.”

“Poison Corpse Scarabs!” Hearing this name, Qi Tian’s knees went weak, the whites of his eyes rolled back and fainted.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hands, releasing a large swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs.

All fell above the bodies of these Qi Family disciples and guards.

Before Wang Dingzhi’s non-stop twitching eyelids, a short while later, The Poison Corpse Scarabs had gnawed clean the corpses on the floor.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Poison Corpse Scarabs, stating coldly, “Since Qi Lei wants to capture me so badly, I should go meet him.”

Wang Dingzhi’s throat felt dry, detecting the unmistakable killing intent in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

He could already imagine the news he would be receiving a few hours later—the Qi Family is forever erased from the Martial Spirit World!

Less than five minutes later, Wang Dingzhi led Huang Xiaolong to the Qi Mansion.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not request for a lot of people.

Other than himself and Wang Dingzhi, there were no more than a dozen Asura’s Gate disciples with them.

Although Huang Xiaolong did not bring many Asura’s Gate disciples on this trip, there was Wang Dingzhi.

With the City Castellan’s face amongst the group, it was enough to shock the experts loitering around Enigma City.

“Isn’t that Castellan Wang!”

“Who is that black-haired young man beside him!”

“Seems like Castellan Wang is heading to the Qi Family’s mansion”

Passersby on the streets whispered amongst themselves, others scurried far away, giving a wide berth to Wang Dingzhi’s group.

Within the Qi Mansion’s main hall, Qi Lei and the present Qi Family Elders were waiting for news from Qi Tian.

“Why isn’t Elder Qi Tian back yet after so long” One of the Qi Family Elder couldn’t resist saying out loud, “Could something have happened”

Another Elder balked, “What can happen, give that Wang Dingzhi leopard guts and he still wouldn’t dare not surrender the criminal to us.

If he has tact, he would hand over that criminal to Elder Qi Tian obediently, then this matter will be resolved, otherwise, hehe…”

“If that Wang Dingzhi dared to shelter the criminal, I say, our Qi Family can launch an attack and seize the Enigma City’s Castellan Manor in one fell swoop, conquering the Enigma Oblast.

The Enigma Oblast and Treasure Oblast are adjacent lands, with the Cosmos God Cult as our backing, the people in the Asura’s Gate headquarters wouldn’t dare do anything to us.” A Qi Family Elder put forth his thoughts.

Just as his words ended, one of the Qi Family’s stewards entered the hall in hasty steps, reporting to Qi Lei, “Reporting to Patriarch, Wang Dingzhi is on the way to our Qi Mansion right at this moment.”

This message came too suddenly for everyone in the main hall.

Qi Lei was slightly stunned, “Wang Dingzhi is heading to our Qi Mansion” Weighing the matter in his head, he asked, “Just Wang Dingzhi alone”

The Qi Family steward promptly answered, “No, apart from Wang Dingzhi, there are about ten Asura’s Gate disciples.

Right, there’s also a black-haired young man with them.

It seems that young man is the one that injured Young Noble Hu Guang.”

Qi Lei blanked for a moment, then his face bloomed into a wide smile facing the Qi Family Elders, “It seems this Wang Dingzhi still has some tact, personally bringing that criminal over to our Qi Family.”

In Qi Lei’s opinion, Wang Dingzhi was ‘presenting’ the criminal right up to their doorstep.

The Qi Family Elders’ echoed in the main hall.

“Young Noble Hu Guang is Treasure City Castellan’s most cherished disciple, also the only son of Cosmos God Cult’s Elder Hu.

Intrepid as Wang Dingzhi may be, he wouldn’t dare to protect that criminal.” One of the Elder laughed aloud.

Qi Lei stood up with a wide smile hanging on his face, “Since Wang Dingzhi is smart enough to send the criminal over personally, we shouldn’t be a rude host.

Come, let us go welcome this Wang Dingzhi.”

Hearing Qi Lei’s words, the Qi Family Elders stood up from their seats, following behind Qi Lei as he exited the hall.

The moment Qi Lei stepped out of the hall, he spotted Wang Dingzhi with a dozen Asura’s Gate disciples walking into the compound, and beside Wang Dingzhi was a black-haired young man.

Qi Lei was well aware, this black-haired young man was that criminal.

Qi Lei greeted Wang Dingzhi with an affable laugh, “Castellan Wang, you have troubled yourself, bringing the criminal to us personally.”

Wang Dingzhi blanked momentarily at Qi Lei’s words; bringing the criminal over A bout of speechlessness washed over him, he immediately understood that this Qi Lei assumed that the reason he came over was to hand over the criminal to the Qi Family.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly at Qi Lei’s assumption.

Receiving no response from Wang Dingzhi, Qi Lei excused him, assuming that Wang Dingzhi felt it was beneath his status being made to send the criminal over himself, thus he was too embarrassed to return his greeting.

“What about our Elder Qi Tian, where is he” Qi Lei’s eyes casually scanned over the group and did not see Qi Tian’s shadow.

“Qi Tian” A chilling smile tugged at the corners of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth, “He won’t appear ever again.”

Won’t appear ever again Qi Lei and the Qi Family Elders zoomed onto Huang Xiaolong in less than a second.

“Kid, what did you say What do you mean!” Qi Lei’s expression darkened.

Huang Xiaolong glanced indifferently at Qi Lei, “When the lot of you arrive in hell, you can ask Qi Tian yourselves.”

Qi Lei’s eyes narrowed menacingly as he turned back to Wang Dingzhi, “Wang Dingzhi, did you kill Qi Tian and those with him!” In Qi Lei’s eye, only Wang Dingzhi had the strength to kill Qi Tian and Qi Family’s experts.

Wang Dingzhi sneered in reply.

How could Qi Lei not understand watching Wang Dingzhi’s response, his expression turned cold in an instant, “Wang Dingzhi, I initially planned to let you live a few more comfortable years, at least until the Cosmos God Cult Leader kills Huang Xiaolong at the Grand Martial Exchange, but since you’re looking for an early death, I shall fulfill your wish!”


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