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Chapter 424: Qin Family

Peng Zhuang too thought that Huang Xiaolong would not act recklessly in Treasure City, but still, for caution’s sake, he took out the transmission jade slip and reported the matter to Cosmos God Cult headquarters, requesting for expert reinforcements together with the message.

However, he was cursed with a splitting headache remembering Hu Guang’s father, Hu Chen.

Until now, Hu Chen had yet to know about Hu Guang’s death.

Hu Guang was his only son, he was spoiled and pampered to the heavens, one could only imagine the severe consequences of Hu Chen’s wrath after finding out about his son’s tragic death in Enigma City.

Peng Zhuang sighed heavily in his heart.

After all, Hu Guang was also his most cherished disciple, he was talented and had a good chance of advancing to Saint realm.

He placed great hopes on this disciple, but he didn’t expect Hu Guang to die in Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

Huang Xiaolong! The more Peng Zhuang thought about it, the hotter his anger burned.

Huang Xiaolong was well aware that Hu Guang was his disciple and Hu Chen’s son, yet he still killed Hu Guang! It was evident that Huang Xiaolong did not put the Cosmos God Cult in his eyes!

Steward Tan An’s voice once again broke Peng Zhuang’s thoughts, “Castellan, this Huang Xiaolong is too audacious, how dare he kill Young Noble Hu Guang! He is challenging Cosmos God Cult’s prestige!”

“Exactly, we cannot allow Huang Xiaolong and Asura’s Gate to grow too bold, that’s too risky for our Cosmos God Cult!” Li Feng chimed in.

Peng Zhuang shook his head, “I understand the logic of your words, it’s just that Leader is absent at the moment.”

“Leader is absent!” Tan An and the manor experts present were stunned.

Peng Zhuang nodded, “Leader has some very important matters and went to Peace Emperor World a few days ago.

Otherwise, do you think Huang Xiaolong could take over the Asura’s Gate so easily However, Leader was informed about Huang Xiaolong, Leader would definitely make it back in time before the Grand Martial Exchange.”

Tan An, Li Feng, and the present experts exchanged a silent look among themselves.

While Peng Zhuang was wrecking his head on how to break the news of Hu Guang’s death to Hu Chen, Huang Xiaolong was strolling the streets of Treasure City without aim, blending into the hive of activity around him.

Night gradually took over the sky.

The flurry of activity in Treasure City continued into the night, bright lanterns lit up shop fronts, small stalls, and entire streets.

Huang Xiaolong inquired around for the Qin Family’s residence and headed to his destination without dallying further.

The Qin Family could be considered as one of the more renowned families inside Treasure City, hence it was easy to inquire the location of their residence.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of the Qin Family’s doors and informed the disciples on guard duty at the entrance the purpose of his visit.

“You’re looking for our Patriarch” The Qin Family disciple scrutinized Huang Xiaolong up and down doubtfully before saying, “This warrior, please wait a moment, I will report inside.” The guard turned around and ran inside.

In fact, with Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he could walk into the Qin Family’s residence without alerting anyone, but Huang Xiaolong’s purpose was to buy the eight stalks Dragon God Grass from the Qin Family Patriarch, a request to the other side.

Qin Residence’s main hall.

Qin Guoan and Qin Family Elders were gathered in the main hall in solemn ambiance, each person was solemn, with eyebrows furrowed at varying degrees.

Clearly, the Qin Family was facing some troublesome matters at the moment.

From outside, a Qin Family disciple entered the hall, reporting, “Reporting to Patriarch, there’s a black-haired young man outside requests to meet with Patriarch.”

“A black-haired young man” It was out of the blue for Qin Guoan, he asked the disciple, “Is he a disciple from families inside the city”

That Qin Family disciple shook his head, “Not someone from the city, and his attire was very common.”

“I won’t see him, tell him to leave!” Qin Guoan ordered with annoyance climbing up his face, Qin Family’s matters weighed heavily on his mind at the moment.

“Yes, Patriarch.” The disciple complied respectfully and quickly left the main hall.

A Qin Family Elder muttered, “What do these commoners take our Qin Family for They think they can see our Patriarch whenever they want!”

Qin Guoan sighed dully, “Ancestor’s injuries can only be healed using the legendary Nine Leaves Purple Grass, but a rare herb like the Nine Leaves Purple Grass is one in a million, where are we supposed to go look for it”

The present Qin Family Elders fell into silence.

In the meanwhile, the disciple was at the doors, informing Huang Xiaolong, “Our Patriarch declined to see you, just leave.”

Huang Xiaolong remained calm hearing these words.

At his current strength, within the radius of ten li, no movements could escape his spiritual sense, therefore Huang Xiaolong knew what took place at the residence main hall as if he was there.

“Make another trip, tell your family Patriarch that the Nine Leaves Purple Grass that he wants, I have it.” Huang Xiaolong said to the Qin Family disciple.

“Nine Leaves Purple Grass” The Qin Family disciple had never heard of Nine Leaves Purple Grass.

He shook his head, refusing Huang Xiaolong’s request, “Go, I’ve already said that our Patriarch won’t see you.” Since the Patriarch already stated he won’t see him, if he ran in again, he’d be scolded for sure.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t upset by the Qin Family disciple, understanding his difficulty.

Thinking slightly, he took out two spirit pellets, the refreshing fragrance of medicinal herbs instantly spread in the air, “If you’re willing to go in and report once more, these two grade ten spirit pellets are yours.”

The sudden fragrance immediately attracted the attention of other Qin Family disciples, their eyes shone with feverish desire.

“Ten, grade ten spirit pellets!” That Qin Family disciple’s tongue was in knots.

Grade ten spirit pellets, ah! The legendary grade ten spirit pellets!

Inside the  Qin Family, only Elders could enjoy this quality of spirit pellets!

The disciple’s swallowed visibly, looking at Huang Xiaolong with doubt and suspicion, “These two grade ten spirit pellets, really, will you really give them to me!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Of course.” Huang Xiaolong’s finger gently flicked the two spirit pellets, sending them over to the Qin Family disciple.

Inside his Asura Ring, grade ten spirit pellets were the lowest grade.

Grasping the two grade ten spirit pellets in his hands, the disciple felt like he was dreaming, and he stood there in a daze for a long time.

When he finally came to his senses, Huang Xiaolong’s stature looked bigger in their eyes.

“This Lord, please wait here for a moment while I go in to inform the Patriarch.” The disciple’s demeanor turned extremely respectful.

To him, someone who could casually take out two grade ten spirit pellets to reward others for some miscellaneous task was no simple person.

Even a fool could figure this out.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong nod, the disciple turned around and ran into the residence again.

Inside the Qin Residence main hall, Qin Guoan was still racking his brain, thinking about the Nine Leaves Purple Grass, when he saw the same disciple enter the main hall again, he snapped angrily: “Who told you to come in!”

Although that disciple was a main branch descendant, the Patriarch unlading such a big temper on him still terrified him nonetheless.

However, for the sake of two grade ten spirit pellets, he braved the storm, “Reporting to Patriarch, the Lord just now said that he has the Nine Leaves Purple Grass that Patriarch wants.” The disciple could hear his heartbeat pounding in his ears waiting for a reply.

“Nine Leaves Purple Grass!” This was out of Qin Guoan and the Elders’ expectation.

“How did that person know we need Nine Leaves Purple Grass!” An Elder exclaimed in doubt.

“Could it be someone from the Jiang Family Deliberately sending someone over to make fun of us!” Another Qin Family Elder voiced his thoughts, it was none other than the Jiang Family Ancestor that injured their Ancestor.

A decisive light flickered in Qin Guoan’s eyes as he ordered: “Go, bring him in!” If that person was really sent over by the Jiang Family to make fun of them, he would not show mercy!

Moments later, that disciple returned to lead Huang Xiaolong into the residence, straight to the Qin Residence main hall.


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