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Chapter 429: Frontal Assault

The night passed without incident.

Early next day, radiant sunlight blessed a lively Cosmos God City, for today was Cosmos God Cult’s Young Lord’s big wedding day.

This was sensational news for the entire Starcloud Continent, even the whole Martial Spirit World.

Colorful lanterns lined the streets of Cosmos God City, the air buoyant with a contagious festive atmosphere.

People from all big and small sects, renowned families, and forces came to send their well wishes.

Cosmos God City’s south entrance was more than a dozen zhang wide, yet today it felt crowded.

The area around the Cosmos God City’s Castellan Manor was even more packed, various shapes of luxurious carriages and imposing looking mounts were moving in and out, bedazzling the eyes.

“Mid-divine grade spirit pellets, ten pellets~!”

“Twelve hundred years old Evergreen Jade Heart Grass, three stalks~!”

“Sky Dragon Crystal, two pieces~!”

Cosmos God Cult Elder Lin Xiao was reading out the congratulatory gifts sent by guests that came for the wedding banquet.

Any one of these gifts was enough to cause a sensation by themselves.

This lowest grade of spirit pellets that the guests brought was low-divine grade.

In this grand reception, one would be too embarrassed to take out a holy grade spirit pellet, whereas elixirs were only those above one thousand years old, while crystals and ores consisted of the rarest kinds.

Once these gifts were opened and listed down by the Cosmos God Cult, the gifts were casually thrown into the yard allocated for safekeeping.

Those spirit pellets, rare elixirs, and crystal ores may be treasures in others’ eyes, but for the Cosmos God Cult’s Young Lord Xie Hui, they were only common goods.

Only items on par with high-grade divine spirit pellets were qualified to enter Cosmos God Cult’s treasure chamber.

Right at this moment, Elder Lin Xiao suddenly announced in a high-pitched voice, “The Distinct Void Door, high-grade divine spirit pellet, Dragon Tiger Great Rejuvenating Pellet, one piece~~!”

This stirred the crowd’s excitement, people craned their necks trying to get a looks at a high-grade divine spirit pellet.

That was a high-grade divine spirit pellet!

No wonder the Distinct Void Door was one of the twelve super forces, just a congratulatory gift they gave out was a high-grade divine spirit pellet!

Time flows fast, soon it was close to high noon.

All the experts from other sects and big families trickled in, filling the many banquet seats arranged in the inner and outer hall.

The inner hall was limited to Saint realm experts, hardly any Tenth Order Xiantian realm warriors could be seen in this hall.

As for those Seventh and Eighth Order Xiantian disciples of big families who weren’t qualified to pass through the Cosmos God City Castellan Manor’s doors, they could only ‘join’ the banquet from restaurants across the street, stretching their necks for a glimpse into the Castellan Manor, at the important guests entering the manor premise.

“I heard the Cosmos God Cult Leader has broken through to God Realm! I wonder if that is true!”

“I’m guessing it’s true, this comes from Xie Hui’s lips, he wouldn’t dare to use this matter as a joke!”

Inside the inner hall, Saint realm experts from different forces whispered cautiously amongst themselves, each bore a different expression.

Just last night, Xie Hui mentioned that his father had advanced into the God Realm, and today, the news had reached the ears of these big families and forces.

The impact of this news far surpassed Xie Hu’s wedding day.

The strength of a single God Realm master was enough to break the current power balance on Starcloud Continent.

Each big forces and families showed varied reactions hearing the news.

Certain big families decided to seize the opportunity before the end of Xie Hui’s wedding to announce their submission to the Cosmos God Cult.

The way these families see it, since the Cosmos God Cult’s Leader had broken through to God Realm, conquering the Starcloud Continent was inevitable sooner or later, only a matter of time.

Getting onboard early beats latecomers.

“In Enigma City, close to ten thousand Cosmos God Cult disciples died after Huang Xiaolong gave the kill order, did you hear about this”

“Yes, we’ve heard about it.

Cosmos God Cult Enforcement Elder Hu Chen’s only son, Hu Guang also died in Enigma City, I also heard that Hu Guang died miserably.”

“There’s a good show waiting for us.

That Huang Xiaolong has been acting too arrogant, does he really think he’s invincible To actually give the order to slaughter ten thousand Cosmos God Cult disciples.

Mark my words, Huang Xiaolong and Asura’s Gate’s days are numbered!”’

Almost all the experts present were talking about the recent incident in Enigma City.

“For Shi Xiaofei to be able to marry Cosmos God Cult’s Young Lord, Shi Fantian must be beaming from ear to ear since the Blessed Buddha Empire on Snow Wind Continent is able to climb up this tall branch!”

“Still, you can’t deny the fact that Shi Xiaofei is indeed a beauty, it would be good fortune if I can have a daughter like her.”

The topics around the banquet shifted quick as the wind, changing to Shi Xiaofei and the Blessed Buddha Empire.

While this was happening, on the main street leading out of the city, at the southern city gates, space rippled gently and Huang Xiaolong’s figure appeared from the void.

He was delayed for a few hours due to a sudden enlightenment last night while pondering the Thirteen Forms of the Dragon God.

Huang Xiaolong tilted his head slightly, looking at the sky.

It was nearly noon, with sunlight pouring strongly down the city.

By the time he reached the Cosmos God City’s Castellan Manor, watching the endless parade of experts from various families and sect, doubt surfaced in his mind.

He finally realized that it was Cosmos God Cult’s Young Lord Xie Hui’s big wedding day today by picking up the bits of conversation from the people around.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes sharpened dangerously in an instant.

He didn’t expect to arrive right on Xie Hui’s wedding day!

The killing intent from Huang Xiaolong’s body swept out like a thousand zhang giant blizzard, the experts passing close to him were alarmed, retreating as if their lives were in danger.

The strong killing intent from Huang Xiaolong attracted the attention of Cosmos God Cult disciples guarding the southern city gates.

“Which sect or family are you from Do you have an invitation on you” Several Cosmos God Cult disciples approached, questioning Huang Xiaolong.

Xie Hui suddenly issued an order late last night, only those who had an invitation on them could enter the city, therefore, today, any experts that wished to enter the Cosmos God City must first show the invitation.

However, it was as if Huang Xiaolong did not hear those disciples, walking straight toward the southern city gates.

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s actions, the several Cosmos God Cult disciples faces turned grim.

“Stop right there!” One of the disciples reached out to stop Huang Xiaolong, shouting, “Kiddo, if you refuse to take out your invitation, don’t blame me…!”

That disciple’s sentence was cut off here as a surge of powerful energy rushed toward him.

Before he could react, he was swept under the overwhelming energy and was blown several meters out, crashing into the Cosmos God City’s hard walls.

Everyone on the crowded passage was stunned.

The experts that came to congratulate were looking at Huang Xiaolong with astonished expressions, were they mistaken There was actually someone who dared to stir trouble in Cosmos God City on the Young Lord’s wedding day

The surrounding Cosmos God Cult disciples snapped to their senses a second later, all shouting furiously at Huang Xiaolong as they spread out to encircle him.

Huang Xiaolong continued walking into the city as if he did not see these people.

The Cosmos God Cult disciples launched a flurry of attacks, however, whether it was their attacks or themselves, anything that got within ten zhang radius of Huang Xiaolong was all repelled without exception.

By the time Huang Xiaolong passed through the south side city gates, the three to four hundred Cosmos God Cult disciples stationed there were lying in puddles of blood.

The experts that were planning to enter the city were scared off, hiding far away for safety while watching Huang Xiaolong’s back in horror.

Huang Xiaolong entered the city, ignoring the terrified looks cast on him and headed straight to the Cosmos God Cult’s Castellan Manor.

Huang Xiaolong’s initial plan was to sneak into the Cosmos God City and rescue Shi Xiaofei on the low, but he didn’t expect the wedding day would be held today.

Moreover, it was already noon, he was running out of time.

Thus Huang Xiaolong decided to act outrageously this once—frontal assault!


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