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Chapter 443: Back to Blessed Buddha Empire

One month after the group departed from the Asura’s Gate headquarters, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei’s group of four finally reached the outer edge of the Demonic Beasts Forest.

Cutting across the Demonic Beasts Forest would save them a lot of traveling time back to the Blessed Buddha Empire.

However, while making their way across the Demonic Beasts Forest, the group encountered some small problems.

The demonic beasts residing in the forest seemed more irritated and violent than before, on top of that, those demonic beasts were actively roaming around instead of staying in their own territories.

Huang Xiaolong’s group had made every effort to pass those demonic beasts in a roundabout way, doing their best not to alert them.

Despite that, they still ran into quite a few herds of demonic beasts.

Fortunately, those demonic beast herds were the more common demonic beasts, and most of them only had Xiantian level strength, very few consisted of Saint realm level.

Though their numbers were high, it didn’t pose any big problems for Huang Xiaolong’s party.

It’s just that those small skirmishes delayed their progress.

To cross the Demonic Beasts Forest, the four actually spent more than a month’s time, whereas the last time Huang Xiaolong was with Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, it merely took them twenty days or so.

When the group left the Demonic Beast Forest behind, maid Xiaorou patted her chest as she breathed in relief, “Those demonic beasts, why did they suddenly go crazy I wonder what the reason is.”

Maid Xiaoyue agreed: “Luckily, Young Noble Huang is with us this time, otherwise we wouldn’t have made it through the forest.”

On the way, they actually ran into Saint realm level demonic beasts thrice, moreover, the strongest was equivalent to a Third Order Saint realm expert.

Shi Xiaofei imagined their inhumane, brutal ending if they were captured by those demonic beasts if it weren’t for Huang Xiaolong, fear clenched her heart.

In the past, Shi Xiaofei had never ventured out of the Blessed Buddha Empire.

Feeling prideful of her strength, she had believed that her strength was considered top tier even among the world’s genius experts.

However, recent experiences proved how narrow-minded she had been, akin to a frog viewing the vast sky from the bottom of a well.

Traversing across the Demonic Beasts Forest this time around cemented her resolve to enhance her strength, putting more effort into her cultivation.

Three days later, the four people finally arrived at the Blessed Buddha Empire’s imperial city.

Entering the Blessed Buddha Imperial City, looking at the familiar surroundings around her, Shi Xiaofei’s exquisite face smiled widely, sending all the passersby into a daze.

Shi Xiaofei rarely stepped out of the palace on normal days, and although she would make a trip to the Blessed Buddha Temple annually, not many people knew what the empire’s princess looked like.

Shi Xiaofei’s beauty naturally triggered the lustful hearts of the many big families’ disciples in the crowd.

“Miss, this one is called Zhu Wuneng1 2.

A member of Zhu Family’s main descendant disciple.” A young man with passable good looks approached Shi Xiaofei with two guards following behind him.

Closing the jade fan in his hand with a dramatic snap, he introduced himself in a flamboyant manner to Shi Xiaofei.

“Zhu Wuneng” Shi Xiaofei instantly broke into a giggle, clear crisp peals of laughter akin to pearls falling into a jade bowl, it was music to the ears.

Zhu Wuneng Huang Xiaolong shook his head inwardly, this name… truly made people think the wrong way, a man could say anything except the fact that he’s ‘incapable’.

The young man’s name reminded Huang Xiaolong of the Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce’s President, Zhu Wuji.

There was only a single character difference between these two people’s name.

Zhu Wuneng and the nearby disciples looked like they lost their souls watching Shi Xiaofei laugh.

“So, it’s Young Noble Zhu, may I know what matter Young Noble Zhu has” Shi Xiaofei stopped laughing and asked.

She had heard of the Zhu Family, they could be considered as one of the more established families in the Blessed Buddha imperial city.

Hearing Shi Xiaofei’s voice, Zhu Wuneng came back to his senses, putting on an amiable smiling face, he inquired, “May I ask where Miss is headed to Have you perhaps eaten This one knows a good place called First Dream Restaurant, their wine and dishes are pretty excellent and would like to invite three Misses to partake a meal.”

Three Misses.

Directly sidelining Huang Xiaolong as non-existent.

Zhu Wuneng’s meaning and intention were clear as day, he was only inviting the three young ladies.

But Shi Xiaofei’s lips curved into a smile, a slender finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “Young Noble Zhu, it’s truly unfortunate.

This Young Noble Huang has extended his invitation to us prior, we’re going to the Buddhist House.”

Only then did Zhu Wuneng spare a glance at Huang Xiaolong.

He had always been confident in his looks, but when he looked at Huang Xiaolong, he couldn’t help comparing himself to him.

Worse was, he actually found himself looking like a pig head next to Huang Xiaolong.

“This brother.” Zhu Wuneng took an intimidating step toward Huang Xiaolong, but just as he was about to say more, Huang Xiaolong raised a finger and pointed toward a stone statue not far away on the street.

Instantly, that stone statue was blasted to dust, scattering on the street.

That huge stone statue was as tall as two adult men, made of an extremely durable granite stone.

Zhu Wuneng stared dumbly at the curtain of dust floating down to the ground, the only remains from that huge stone statue, his face paled, then became ashen.

The statue made out of granite stone, even if the Zhu Family’s Grand Elder exerted full force in a palm strike, he still wouldn’t be able to shatter it into dust powder!

Not to mention, the young man merely used one finger!

The disciples gathered round almost peed in their pants.

“Let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong said to the three young women.

To save himself from these troublesome family disciples, Huang Xiaolong decided to show a little bit of his strength as deterrence.

Long after the four had left, Zhu Wuneng was still rooted in the same spot.

“Young Noble.” One of the guards with him approached closer, calling out to him.

Zhu Wuneng came back to his senses, and immediately felt the sticky dampness on is back.

Two hours later.

Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, Xiaorou, and Xiaoyue arrived at the Blessed Buddha Palace.

Huang Xiaolong’s arrival caused the palace atmosphere to boil up.

It hadn’t been long since the last time Huang Xiaolong was passing through the Blessed Buddha Empire, however, Huang Xiaolong’s reputation and prestige nowadays superseded that time by far.

Repelling Li Molin and a group of Deities Templar Elders in the Asura Square battle, succeeding the Asura’s Gate Sovereign position, on top of everything was the Cosmos God City battle where Huang Xiaolong single-handedly broke into the city and fought one against many Cosmos God Cult’s experts, the news had even spread to Snow Wind Continent’s seventeen empires.

Due to this, Huang Xiaolong became the ideal husband candidate for all the young girls on Snow Wind Continent, just like how Shi Xiaofei was countless young geniuses’ subject of desire.

Toward the arrival of this Junior Brother, Shi Fantian was truly elated.

The moment he spotted Huang Xiaolong, Shi Fantian walked up and heavily patted Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder, “Kiddo, you did good!”

In the entire Martial Spirit World, being able to receive such high praise from the Blessed Buddha Empire’s Emperor, perhaps Huang Xiaolong was the only one!

“This baby daughter of mine has truly troubled you in recent days!” Shi Fantian stated.

“Father!” Hearing her father’s words, Shi Xiaofei immediately pouted her lips and sulked.

Shi Fantian broke out in laughter at her reaction, “Look at you, look at you, I haven’t said anything yet, but you’re already sulking.

It seems I should leave you to Junior Brother Huang.”

Shi Fantian’s words were laced with double innuendos, Shi Xiaofei’s face turned apple red as she snuck a furtive glance over at Huang Xiaolong.

Shi Fantian ordered for a banquet to be prepared, inviting Huang Xiaolong.

During the banquet, the disciple brothers talked and laughed in merriment.

After three rounds of wine, Huang Xiaolong put his cup down, saying, “Senior Brother, this time, other than sending Xiaofei back to the Blessed Buddha Empire, I have a request, hope I can get something from Senior Brother.”

Shi Fantian also put his wine cup down, smiling, “Why are you acting like a stranger, what do you need, just tell me.”

“I heard from Xiaofei that you have some Dragon God Grass inside the Blessed Buddha treasure chamber.” Huang Xiaolong said in a straightforward manner.

“You want Dragon God Grass” Shi Fantian was surprised.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart dropped noticing Shi Fantian’s expression, he hoped that something like what happened with the Qin Family, that someone bought it or it was given away to others didn’t happen.

Shi Fantian went on, “I didn’t know Junior Brother needs Dragon God Grass, indeed there is some inside my Blessed Buddha treasure chamber, but not much is left, only seventeen stalks remained.

These years, I have used some to refine some medicinal pellets.

If I knew earlier, I would have saved them up.” He already indicated people to go to the treasure chamber to fetch all seventeen stalks of Dragon God Grass for Huang Xiaolong as he was saying these.

Seventeen stalks! Huang Xiaolong’s heart nearly jumped out with joy, repeatedly saying his thanks to Shi Fantian.

Shi Fantian beamed, “Didn’t I say, you and I need not be so courteous.” In a playful tone, he added, “If you really want to thank me, gifting me a few more Divine Dragon Pills would be wonderful.”


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