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Chapter 453: Beast God Sacrificial Rite

Huang Xiaolong and the beastmen had traveled for half an hour into the unearthly atmosphere of the grove.

As they reached deeper into the forest grove, the air grew increasingly colder, with faint echoes of undulating shrill cries of unknown creatures playing with their hearing.

Although Amier and the large group of beastmen kept close to Huang Xiaolong, those eerie cries brought goosebumps to the burly beastmen.

“Malignant spirits!”

“Those are malignant spirits!”

Suddenly, one of the beastmen screamed in fear.

Everyone quickly looked around and saw several strange creatures that were part transparent part opaque shaped like human soul and glowing green eyes pounced on their group with bared fangs.

Just when Amier and the beastmen were about to attack in panic, Huang Xiaolong was a step ahead of them; with a simple wave of his wrist, bright flames flickered past, and in an instant, those ghastly spirits were incinerated into plumes of mist,

The beastmen were dumbstruck watching this scene.

Those wandering spirits were hard to kill, having no real body made of flesh and blood, the spirits weren’t afraid of any swords or knives.

The Patriarch of their tribe was once besieged by two wandering spirits and a few hours of back-breaking battle ensued before their Patriarch was able to kill those wandering spirits and leave the grove, whereas this young human expert merely struck out a light palm and several wandering spirits were vanquished!

“Let’s move on.” Huang Xiaolong said and continued moving.

Amier and the rest hurried after Huang Xiaolong.

A short while later, they ran into another group of wandering spirits, and this time Huang Xiaolong’s action was even more exaggerated, or lack of action.

He didn’t even raise his hand, merely with a single glance, those lunging wandering spirits burned in midair, leaving a small cluster of mist.

Half a day later, when they made it out of the Roaming Souls Grove, the way Amier and the rest of the beastmen looked at Huang Xiaolong changed in an earth-shattering manner.

If it was awe before, now it was feverish reverence, showing utmost respect toward Huang Xiaolong.

One hour later, the group reached Hundred Tiger City.

At first glance, the Hundred Tiger City could be described with one word, huge, even rivaling some of Snow Wind Continent’s imperial cities.

People, or beastmen to be exact, were seen coming and going in every direction, a sign of the city’s prosperity.

But Huang Xiaolong’s large group drew odd stares from all around, it wasn’t every day that the beastmen saw a puny human walking in front of a group of several hundred beastmen that were showing deference.

The surrounding beastmen were unable to shift their gaze away from this strange scene.

“Hehe, isn’t this Amier” At this time, a team of a dozen beastmen walked up to Amier’s group from the front.

The one who spoke was a young cat-like beastmen reaching two and a half meters tall.

“Amier, I see your life has really gone to the dogs!” The young beastman snickered, “As a powerful beastmen, how can you follow behind a puny human, not to mention that loathful fawning expression on your face, worse than the worst dog slave!”

The several beastmen behind the young beastman laughed brashly.

“Insolent!” Amier strode out in anger, and struck a punch at the young beastman: “Collins, how dare you disrespect the Lord!”

Collins didn’t expect that Amier would attack him all of a sudden.

Though startled, he still managed to raise an arm up in defense, but he failed to muster enough strength to block the attack.

Staggering back, Collins felt a throbbing pain in his arm.

“How dare you!” Collins yelled, “Amier, have you gone nuts!”

Both Collins and Amier had exchanged tit-for-tat many times in the past, but Amier had never been brave enough to get physical with him, after all, his big brother was the tribe’s chief captain.

Today, for an insignificant human, Amier actually attacked him!

Amier glared coldly at him, “Collins, get on your knees now and beg the Lord for forgiveness!”

Collins was dumbfounded as he stared at Amier in disbelief.

Amier wanted him to kneel down and beg for forgiveness… from a human!

“You’re crazy, you’ve gone f*cking nuts!” Collins yelled at the top of his lungs.

He waved his arm at the beastmen that came with him: “We’re leaving!” Amier’s crazed look frightened Collins, and he didn’t want to stay there any longer.

Seeing that Collins wanted to leave as if nothing happened, Amier moved forward, wanting to block Collins’ path but Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded in his ears.

“Forget it.”

Only then did Amier relented, bowing respectfully to Huang Xiaolong: “Yes, Lord!”

Just as things seemed to calm down, a beastman ran through the crowd straight at Amier, “Brother Amier, it’s not good, Sis Rihanna was taken away by people from the Tiger Tribe!”

“Taken away by the Tiger Tribe!” Amier’s face became ashen.

Rihanna was his fiancee, both her and Amier were childhood sweethearts.

Losing their families at an early age, Amier and Rihanna relied on each other.

Even Anton and the rest paled slightly.

“Kerner, this, explain what exactly happened!” Amier urged with a hint of desperation in his voice.

Beastman Kerner was piqued, “Just now, the Tiger Tribe’s Julio came over claiming that Sis Rihanna was chosen for this year’s Beast God Sacrificial Rite, that’s why he brought a group of people over and took Sis Rihanna away!”

“Beast God Sacrificial Rite!” Amier was enraged: “Fu** his mother’s fart! It isn’t our Hundred Tiger City’s turn to offer a sacrifice this year for the Beast God rite.

This Julio is snatching powerless woman off the streets in broad daylight.”

Beast God Sacrificial Rite Huang Xiaolong’s interest was stoked and asked out, “Explain to me, what is going on”

At Huang Xiaolong’s question, Amier briefly explained the situation to Huang Xiaolong with respect despite the anxiety in his heart.

From thousands of years ago, the Beast God’s tribes would perform a Beast God Sacrificial Rite every year, and the sacrifice would be a young virgin from those tribes.

The Lion Tribe, Tiger Tribe, Wolf Tribe, and the remaining top ten tribes would pick a young virgin from the cities under their governance.

Those young virgins were sent to the Beast God Shrine to be offered as a sacrifice during the rite.

And the young virgin sacrifice for this year had been decided half a month ago, Rihanna’s name wasn’t on the list.

Moreover, it wasn’t Hundred Tiger City’s turn this year to offer the sacrifice.

Now, this Tiger Tribe’s Julio taking Rihanna was clearly because he coveted Rihanna for her beauty, the matter of being a sacrifice was nothing but an excuse.

Julio was no stranger to this kind of despicable acts, countless good young women were sullied in Julio’s hands every year.

The problem was, this Julio was a pure-blood descendant of the Tiger Tribe, his father was Hundred Tiger City Guard’s chief captain.

Powerless commoners like them could only endure.

“Lord, please save Rihanna!” All of a sudden, Amier turned to Huang Xiaolong, falling on his knees begging, “As long as Lord can save Rihanna, Amier is willing to do anything the Lord orders! Lord, please, please save Rihanna!”

Amier had no other way and placed his hopes on Huang Xiaolong.

He realized all too well, relying on his own power, he had no chance in hell to rescue his fiancee.

Watching Amier, Anton and the beastmen from the same team all got down on their knees, their plead was evident even though no words were spoken.

“All of you get up and talk.” Huang Xiaolong already decided in his heart.

“Lead the way.” Of course, Amier wasn’t the main reason he decided to interfere in this matter.

Obtaining Huang Xiaolong’s promise to help, Amier kowtowed many times in gratitude before jumping to his feet and leading Huang Xiaolong to Julio’s residence.

In a large residence compound on the north side of Hundred Tiger City, clad in a cotton jacket, a virile Julio was staring at the tied-up Rihanna with undisguised lust.

The tight coarse rope that bound Rihanna also accentuated her curves, the proud peaks on her chest looked as if they were about to burst out from the seams, inciting a reaction from Julio’s manhood.

Julio slowly approached Rihanna until he was mere inches from her face.

His hand reached up, pinching her face in place as an evil smile crept up his face, “Your face is not bad.” Taking a sniff of her scent, “Ahh, the scent of a virgin is really fascinating!”

Rihanna’s delicate face flushed with anger, “Julio, how dare you take advantage of the Beast God Sacrificial Rite to snatch women off the streets! There’ll be a day the Great Lord Beast God will punish you!”

Julio laughed at Rihanna’s words, “In this Hundred Tiger City, I, Julio, am Lord Beast God! Since you like punishments so much, then I shall take care punishing you on the bed right now!” With that, he carried Rihanna and headed to the big bed inside the inner chamber.


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