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Chapter 454: Lowly Human

“Release me! Let go of me!” Rihanna fought like an angry wildcat, struggling to break free with all her might.

Rihanna’s fierce attacks stirred the aggressiveness hidden deep within Julio’s bloodline, his wanton laughter rang even louder as he hit Rihanna’s perky butt, “Not bad, really pert and firm, I like it! Worry not, in a little while I’ll make you feel as if you’ve gone to heaven.

At that time, you’ll be begging me to punish you more!” Lascivious laughter rang again in the air.

Stepping into the inner chamber, Julio threw Rihanna onto the big bed, but he just took off his pants when loud ruckus came from outside, followed by a chain of blood-curdling screams.

Julio’s actions froze; ‘What is happening Is there actually someone that dares to make a ruckus in my residence!’

A fire burned in Julio’s heart for having his good time interrupted.

Pulling his pants up again, he stormed out of the room to see what was going on outside.

Another abrupt wail sounded and a black silhouette flew at him.

Alarmed at the ambush, Julio’s arms struck the person, sending him flying in another direction.

When the black silhouette crashed on the floor, Julio noticed that it was actually his inner chamber’s personal guard.

Seconds later, two people walked in from outside.

This shocked Julio, for one of them was a black-haired young human with a beastman following respectfully behind.

Julio vaguely remembers this beastman, a minuscule tribe’s small-time captain, as for his name, Julio couldn’t recall that much.

But he knew that this beastman was Rihanna’s fiance.

Amier followed Huang Xiaolong, breaking through Julio’s residence all the way into the inner chamber.

Spotting the bounded Rihanna on the large bed, he was angry, shocked, and happy at the same time.

“Rihanna, are you alright!” He reached Rihanna’s side in a few quick steps, his hands were already ripping the ropes off her.

Watching Amier breaking into his residence, his inner chamber at that, and ignoring his presence the whole time, ire shot up to his head.

His right fist shot out, aiming to blast Amier’s head.

“Get the f*ck away, bastard!” Julio bellowed.

Hearing the sound of piercing air, Amier turned around in alarm, but it was already too late to dodge, he was rooted to the spot watching Julio’s tyrannical fist enlarge in his pupils.

Then, Julio’s fist stopped half an inch away from Amier’s skull.

All the noise in the surroundings died abruptly, one by one, people’s gazes traveled up two slender fingers that held Julio’s fist in place.

Julio was stunned, but he was even madder, the one who stopped his fist was that black-haired young man.

“You lowly human! Do you know who I am Do you dare offend me, Julio! Offend me and not even your Thunder Human King or Ice Human King can save your dog life!” Julio glared furiously at Huang Xiaolong, jabbing a finger to his face, “Get on your knees now, after three kowtows and nine worships, leave one of your arms, I can consider sparing your dog life!”

On the Ten Directions Continent, humans were weak and lowly, beastmen had always looked down on humans.

Belonging to one of the top ten beastmen tribes, and a main descendant of the Tiger Tribe, Julio was beyond angry after being blocked by a puny human.

This was akin to country bumpkin offending an empire’s imperial descendant.

“Three kowtows and nine worships” Huang Xiaolong’s expression was extremely cold, his two fingers exerted a little more pressure, instantly shattering every bone in Julio’s fist.

Sounds of breaking bones resounded in the yard, accompanied by horrible screams from Julio.

“Detestable human! I will pin your body to the ground and let ten thousand Giant Beast Horses ram you!” Julio roared, red blood vessels erupted in his eyes as he glowered at Huang Xiaolong as if he so wished to tear Huang Xiaolong apart right then and there.

A human dared crush his bones!

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong added more pressure in his two fingers.

Julio’s arm was twisted at a ninety-degree angle and a series of breaking sounds filled the air, making the hair on Amier and Rihanna stand on ends.

Julio was about to faint from the excruciating pain running through his every nerve.

Outer appearance wise, one couldn’t see anything wrong with his arm, however, all the bones in his arm were crushed, shattered into pieces.

“You, I’m going to kill you, you lowly piece of **!” Julio lifted his left hand in a sudden move, striking at Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

But his left hand barely moved an inch when two fingers on Huang Xiaolong’s left hand pinned it in place.

Just like what happened to his right hand, the melodious rhyme of bones breaking sounded once more.

After crushing both of Julio’s arms, Huang Xiaolong’s arms flicked, throwing Julio out rolling off to a corner.

“Who is so daring, trespassing into my, Bobby’s, residence!” At this time, a dignified roar reverberated in the air, thunderous footsteps stormed into the yard, sending tremors through the ground.

This was the sound of a large army surrounding the perimeter.

Amier and Rihanna’s faces lost all color: Bobby!

Hundred Tiger City’s city guards chief captain!

Even the Patriarch of Amier’s tribe needed to salute Bobby when he saw him, showing a demeanor lower than slaves, whereas in Amier’s world, Bobby was an existence far out of his reach.

Numerous Tiger Tribe city guards stormed into the yard, a middle-aged man in large sleeveless leather vest strode in.

He had big eyes, coarse thick eyebrows, and was almost two point seven meters in height.

From head to toe, the middle-aged man exuded a fierce aura, especially his eyes.

“Father save me!” Seeing the burly Tiger Tribe middle-aged man, Julio struggled up from the floor and ran to the man’s side.

His eyes glowed with a vicious light as he pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “This damn vermin, he shattered the bones in my arms just now! Father, you must not let this vermin escape!”

However, Julio’s words barely left his mouth when his father’s palm struck across his face.

The force made him twirl a few rounds on the spot.

Julio was stupefied.

“Trash!” Bobby cursed through gritted teeth.

Frightened by his father’s anger, Julio lowered his head and shrunk to the back, where one of the Tiger Tribe guards took care of his injuries.

Bobby’s sharp eyes swept over Amier and Rihanna for a brief moment and both of them immediately felt as if they had lost all strength, their legs softened, nearly kneeling down.

“Young man, do you know the consequences of your actions” Bobby’s eyes finally stopped on Huang Xiaolong, his voice extremely cold, “This is a first time that a human dared to swagger into my residence and act so brazen!”

“Consequences I really don’t know.” Huang Xiaolong looked aloof as if he doesn’t care, “Even if I knew, so what”

Bobby grinned without mirth, “Able to stay so calm even after seeing me, I have to say, you’re quite brave.

Still, what a pity, you won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sunrise.”

Human race’s Saint realm experts could be counted on one hand, and he has seen them all.

Bobby didn’t believe that this black-haired young man was more powerful than him!

At the drop of his voice, Bobby’s figure blurred as he dashed up, his fist roaring toward Huang Xiaolong.

The surreal image of a tiger head emerged, shrouding Bobby’s fist.

“Tiger Fist!”

“Sky Soaring Tiger Glory!”

The power of a peak half-Saint was released without holding back.

Under Bobby’s fist, airflow and space seemed distorted.

Watching as Bobby’s fist was about to strike Huang Xiaolong, Amier’s face was ash-gray.

He couldn’t bear to watch the scene of Huang Xiaolong being shattered into meat paste and closed his eyes.

It was common knowledge to everyone living in Hundred Tiger City that Bobby, the Hundred Tiger City’s city guards chief captain was a peak half-Saint.

As strong as Huang Xiaolong may be, in Amier’s eyes, it still couldn’t rival a peak half-Saint like Bobby.

Bloodlust and excitement glowed in Julio’s red eyes seeing his father attacking, there was just a tiny shred of regret that he couldn’t end that human with his own hands.

When everyone was expectantly waiting for Huang Xiaolong to die under Bobby’s fist, Huang Xiaolong lifted his palm.

With just gentle finger flick, the tiger shadow on Bobby’s fist crumbled and disappeared in a blink.

The distorted space revert to normal.

Most shocking of all was the fact that Bobby’s fist was pinned in midair by Huang Xiaolong’s two fingers, just like what happened to Julio earlier.

It felt like a deja-vu.


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