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Chapter 460: Beastmen Tribes Congregation

All the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts that supported Leiber earlier turned paler by the second, large beads of sweat flowed down their foreheads, especially the two who listened to Leibert’s instruction to capture Huang Xiaolong, Parson, and Dunham.

Irreversible regret hit them too late as they recalled the words Chuck said to Leibert just moments ago: You will regret this!

Huang Xiaolong continued to channel battle qi into the Beast God Scepter, pushing the power of the scepter to the fullest.

The coercive pressure felt by the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts increased greatly, as if an insurmountable mountain crushed on their bodies.

The pressure continued, and right when it felt like they couldn’t bear even a second more, Huang Xiaolong finally stopped infusing the Beast God Scepter with his battle qi.

The immense pressure exuded by the scepter instantly vanished from the front hall.

All the Saint realm experts heaved and panted breathlessly, an inch from collapsing.

Huang Xiaolong slowly approached Leibert.

Leibert’s face was pale green, drained of blood.

There was only unspeakable fear imprisoning his body.

Huang Xiaolong raised the Beast God Scepter and stabbed the other end into Leibert’s chest, exactly as Ellington’s experience three days prior.

Leibert flew out without any resistance after he was struck on the chest by the scepter.

Witnessing this scene, the others shivered from the core.

“Beast, Liege Lord Beast God, have mercy!” Leibert pleaded many times over.

Huang Xiaolong approached him again and Leibert was struck again with the scepter on the chest.

A loud blast resounded and hearts clenched with apprehension while Leibert’s body was sent flying again.

Huang Xiaolong approached, meting another strike.

This time, Leibert couldn’t get up anymore.

The Beast God Scepter held a portion of the previous Beast God’s power, a light stroke on a beastman’s body was enough to inflict a grave injury on them, not to mention those three strikes from Huang Xiaolong were doled out with a heavy hand.

As the Tiger Tribe’s High Priest, his strength rivaled Chuck as the second strongest person within the ranks of Tiger Tribe, but despite that, before Huang Xiaolong, he failed to muster even a shred of resistance.

It short, to Huang Xiaolong, Leibert was no different than a weak Xiantian realm warrior.

The gazes directed at Huang Xiaolong from around the hall were anything but simple fear.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression didn’t change much, “Leibert’s High Priest position will be removed, then he shall be imprisoned in the Poison Dungeon for three years! After three years, further decisions will be made if he repents!”

Hearing his life being decided, Leibert struggled to get to his feet, bowing respectfully to Huang Xiaolong, “This one thank the Liege Lord Beast God for sparing this one’s life!” To Leibert, Huang Xiaolong’s willingness to spare his life was the biggest exoneration.

He dared not bear any complaints in his heart.

“I do not wish a word of what happened today to get out!” Huang Xiaolong scanned the group of Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts, whoever dared to leak a word out, the result would be death by the Beast God Scepter! Murderous intent surged in the air.

Chuck and the others quickly complied feeling the whelming murderous aura coming from Huang Xiaolong.

It was clear to everyone that Huang Xiaolong did not wish for his Beast God identity to be exposed at this time.

Ordering the guards to bring Leibert away, Huang Xiaolong once again sat on the throne seat in the hall while the Tiger Tribe experts were still on their knees.

“Stand up.” The permission finally came.

Feeling like their lives were pardoned, the experts stood up respectfully after giving their thanks.

“Sit.” Huang Xiaolong commanded.

At Huang Xiaolong’s command, everyone took a seat.

Organizing his thoughts, Huang Xiaolong said, “I need Dragon God Grass, who among you has Dragon God Grass or know of its whereabouts”

With these Saint realms experts under his command, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t in a hurry to control the whole Tiger Tribe.

For him, the most crucial was still to enhance his own strength.

“Liege Lord needs Dragon God Grass” Chuck stood up hearing that, venturing with caution, “This little one has three stalks of Dragon God Grass.” With that said, Chuck took out all three Dragon God Grass from his spatial ring, offering them up with both hands to Huang Xiaolong.

From the other Saint realm experts, another three people stood up, respectfully offering up the Dragon God Grass in their possession.

In total, Huang Xiaolong collected ten stalks.

Ten stalks, this would allow Huang Xiaolong to refine another primordial divine dragon!

Huang Xiaolong was happy, he didn’t expect that a casual question without harboring much hope would really result in people with Dragon God Grass appearing!

“Wonderful, wonderful!” Putting away the ten stalks Dragon God Grass, Huang Xiaolong was in a generous mood, “I’m a person that’s fair in punishment and reward, Chuck, these three Dragon Blood Crystals are yours!” Huang Xiaolong said as he took out three pieces of Dragon Blood Crystals.

Everyone was flabbergasted looking at the three pieces of lustrous ruby red crystal falling into Chuck’s hands.

Dragon Blood Crystal! Heated gazes filled the hall.

Dragon Blood Crystals contained the Dragon Clan’s blood essence and true dragon essence, one could imagine the benefits for beastmen in their cultivation!

“No no no, Liege Lord, how could I receive your Dragon Blood Crystals!” Chuck shook his head and waved his hand to decline after regaining his senses.

“Keep it!” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand with irrefutable authority.

Seeing this, Chuck no longer refuse.

Giving his thanks to Huang Xiaolong, Chuck put away the three pieces of Dragon Blood Crystals.

Huang Xiaolong also rewarded the other three people according to the number of Dragon God Grass given.

All three were delighted, giving their thanks profusely.

“Liege Lord Beast God, this subordinate knows a place that has Dragon God Grass.” Ellington stood up to report.

“Are you referring to Poison Dragon Valley” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Ellington answered with respect, “Yes, Liege Lord Beast God.” Then Ellington continued to describe the situation inside the Poison Dragon Valley.

Similar to Shi Fantian’s description, he mainly emphasized the various and many poisonous insects and creatures, thus its danger.

Other Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts that had knowledge of the Poison Dragon Valley also shared their experiences with Huang Xiaolong.

From them, Huang Xiaolong also understood the Tiger Tribe’s position amongst other beastmen tribes.

It was half a day later when Huang Xiaolong excused everyone from the front hall, leaving only Chuck, setting him to some tasks.

In the end, he informed Chuck that he would enter closed-door practice for some time, and without his expressed permission, no one was allowed to disturb him.

Chuck heeded each of Huang Xiaolong’s orders to the letter.

With things settled, Huang Xiaolong began his closed-door practiced in a secluded courtyard on the manor grounds.

Sitting cross-legged in the center of the Ten Buddha Formation in the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong swallowed eight stalks of Dragon God Grass in one go.

This time, Huang Xiaolong planned to refine the white dragon.

Like the black dragon, the white dragon’s strength ranked in the middle amongst the thirteen primordial divine dragon corpses that Huang Xiaolong had.

The black dragon controlled the power of darkness while the white dragon ruled the element of light.

When darkness and light blend with each other, like fire and water, it would bring unimaginable benefits to Huang Xiaolong’s enlightenment in cultivation.

Half a year passed by.

Compared to the Tiger Tribe’s usual demeanor, this half a year, their behavior seemed reined in, even with other tribes’ provocations, the Tiger Tribe took a step back instead.

This made the other tribes feel that something was strange.

In the Lion Tribe’s headquarters in Alpha Lion City’s Castellan Manor, the Lion Tribe’s reigning Patriarch, Andrew, was pacing back and forth with a stern, contemplative expression on his face.

His actions halted all of a sudden, speaking to his steward, Andy, “Andy, how do you see the Tiger Tribe’s behavior for the last six months”

“This subordinate is also very much baffled.

However, this subordinate thinks that this matter is very likely related to the assembly of all Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts that Chuck summoned half a year ago.” Andy continued in a solemn voice, “This subordinate also found out that Chuck sentenced Leibert to three years of imprisonment inside the Poison Dungeon!”

Andrew sneered, “Regardless of what Chuck and the Tiger Tribe are plotting, our plans remain unchanged, the Beastmen Tribes Congregation shall take place in two months’ time.”

Andy reported, “The Wolf Tribe, Snake Tribe, and the Fox Tribe have agreed to ally with us, this time in the Beastmen Tribes Congregation, Patriarch will definitely be elected as the new Beast God, uniting all the beastmen, with glorious deeds that will be passed on for generations!”

Andrew showed a satisfied smile and nodded.

At this time, inside the Xumi Temple, the white dragon’s essence rushed into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

He finally broke through to Seventh Order Saint realm.

Another month passed.

Huang Xiaolong had fully refined and absorbed the blood and true dragon essence of the white dragon.



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