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Chapter 461: Entering the Poison Dragon Valley

He exited the Xumi Temple after fully refining the primordial divine white dragon, consolidating his new breakthrough powers and reaching the peak of early-Seventh Order Saint realm.

Before this, though Huang Xiaolong was a peak late-Sixth Order Saint realm expert, the thin line between a Sixth Order and a Seventh Order Saint realm in fact represented a monumental gap of strength.

Advancing into the Seventh Order Saint realm meant that one was a high-level Saint realm expert.

The difference in his strength, compared to before, was like the distance between heaven and earth.

It could be said that if Huang Xiaolong were to battle the Cosmos God Cult Young Lord Xie Hui at this point, he could easily roll Xie Hui between his thumb and forefinger like a mudball.

Huang Xiaolong’s dantian seemed to have transformed too; the many thunderballs hovering in the upper part of his dantian dissolved and merged with the others, leaving just ten of them now.

The true essence energy contained inside each of these thunderballs was a terrifying hundred times stronger.

In the midst of all these good news, the Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck sought Huang Xiaolong the moment he exited, reporting, “Liege Lord Beast God, in another month, our beastmen tribes’ congregation will take place.

This little one received information that in this time’s tribes congregation, the Lion Tribe’s Andrew has rallied support from the Wolf Tribe, Snake Tribe, and Fox Tribe with the aim of electing a new Beast God during the tribes’ congregation!”

“Oh…” A light flitted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, this was a little unexpected.

“Furthermore, the message also said that Andrew managed to contact the Deities Templar and received their aid, that means that in the coming tribes’ congregation, there would a lot of Deities Templar experts present to support Andrew on that day!” Patriarch Chuck added.

Deities Templar! The look in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes sharpened at the mentioned of Deities Templar, “Is that so”

This Deities Templar truly resembled a stubborn lingering spirit that refused to move on, regardless of where he went, he would run into them!

“Will Deities Templar’s Li Molin and Liu Yang be there” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Noticing the sudden change of atmosphere around Huang Xiaolong, Chuck felt strange, but he didn’t forget his place, replying respectfully he said, “That is so, Liege Lord Beast God, it was said that this time, the Deities Templar’s Li Molin, Liu Yang, and some others will come, but how many experts they will send in total, this little one doesn’t know for now.”

Li Molin! A cold sneer raised at the corner of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth.

That wretched woman was lucky enough to escape the last few times, this time, he would make sure she wouldn’t be able to return!

Then, Huang Xiaolong asked Chuck more questions related to the beast tribes congregation.

The annual beast tribes congregation was held at the square in front of the Beast God Shrine.

During the congregation, there would be a sparring competition between the disciples of each tribe.

For a long time, the number one place had always been taken by disciples from the Lion Tribe, with the Tiger Tribe taking second place after the Lion Tribe, Wolf Tribe third, the Snake Tribe at fourth place, and at the fifth place the Fox Tribe.

After hearing Chuck’s report, Huang Xiaolong excused him.

There was still one month’s time until the beastmen tribes congregation, and traveling from the Sacred Tiger City to the Beast God Shrine would take ten days.

There were twenty days till them, therefore Huang Xiaolong decided to first make the trip to Poison Dragon Valley.

Since even the Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts said that there was Dragon God Grass within the Poison Dragon Valley, then he shouldn’t return empty-handed.

However, he decided to proceed alone instead of bringing Chuck or the others.

The next morning, Huang Xiaolong left the Sacred Tiger City, flying at breakneck speed in the Poison Dragon Valley’s direction.

The Poison Dragon Valley was relatively close to the Sacred Tiger City, so after one day of travel, Huang Xiaolong reached his destination.

Like the Demonic Beasts Forest on the Snow Wind Continent, the Poison Dragon Valley was a land that had existed since long ago, a perilous land to the beastmen, yet also a eutopia of poison.

Here, one could find almost all of Martial Spirit World’s most toxic beings.

Standing in front of the path leading into the valley, he could see intertwining green mists flowing out.

Taking a deep breath, Huang Xiaolong’s figure blurred in a flicker, entering the Poison Dragon Valley.

The moment Huang Xiaolong flew inside, his body was shrouded by poisonous green mist, but even though that faint green mist was highly toxic, it bore no danger to Saint realm experts.

He didn’t even bother to erect a battle qi barrier to protect himself, flying deeper into the valley at increased speed.

The Poison Dragon Valley was relatively smaller in comparison to the Demonic Beast Forest at half its size, and yet it was bigger than any empire’s territory on Snow Wind Continent.

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong stopped at a forest area in the Poison Dragon Valley.

The poisonous mist in this area was colored red, purple, golden, black, a combination of several colors akin to a gorgeous rainbow instead of the common green mist he came across before.

Huang Xiaolong knew that the more vivid and colorful the poisonous mist was, the higher its lethality.

Observing the sea of colorful poisonous mist in front of him, he actually felt a trace of danger.

This pool of poison mist could affect even Saint realm experts!

Although he had refined four primordial divine dragons and his True Dragon Physique reached the limit of being perverse, he still took precaution by swallowing a Jasper Lotus and ran his Asura qi to create a vigor barrier of Asura qi before flying into the forest area.

The instant he entered the colorful sea of poison mist, he felt its horrifying corrosive power as the mist tangled around him.

It actually corroded the surface of his Asura qi vigor barrier.

As the Asura qi vigor barrier continued to thin, he had no other choice but to run his Asura qi to maintain the protective barrier.

However, one hour later, Huang Xiaolong noticed that his battle qi was being depleted at a rapid speed, taking more than what he needed to battle an Eighth Order Saint realm expert.

Two hours later, Huang Xiaolong needed to use his martial spirit’s Instant Recovery to replenish his exhausted battle qi.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to come out from the colorful sea of poison mist, something with strong malicious intent attacked him out of nowhere.

Huang Xiaolong’s palm struck out in defense.

Borrowing the collision force, he leaped far away to the side.

The enormous creature was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong’s palm, knocking off rows of trees and bushes as it crashed heavily to the ground.

Checking out his attacker, it turned out to be a colorful striped giant python.

This giant python was over twenty zhang in length, thick as a water barrel with a blood crown protruding in its forehead.

“Bloodcrown Poison Python!” With a glance, Huang Xiaolong recognized what beast it was.

Among pythons, only a rare few were poisonous, but the Bloodcrown Poison Python below him was highly toxic.

There were rumors that a Saint realm expert bitten by Bloodcrown Poison Python had his entire arm corroded in the blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolong flew down and walked toward the Bloodcrown Poison Python, his counter-attack just now actually killed it.

The Bloodcrown Poison Python in front of him had reached Saint realm, and although it was only First Order Saint realm, the beast core inside its body was good stuff.

Carrying the beast core on him would repel many of the surrounding poisons.

He easily slit the python’s head, removed the beast core and swiftly left the spot.

As expected, Huang Xiaolong noticed that after carrying the Bloodcrown Poison Python’s beast core, the poisonous mist around avoided him, forming a clear ten-meter radius around his body.

Moments later, he was out from the forest area, arriving before an undulating mountainous region.

These mountains before him were colored in shades of dark purple, an indication of the toxicity level that caused even the soil to change color.

Huang Xiaolong flew forward with caution.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped on a small hilltop detecting a familiar scent somewhere ahead.

‘This is… a dragon’s smell!’

After refining four primordial divine dragons, he was extremely sensitive toward the smell that was even mildly related to dragons.

Could it be the Dragon God Grass! Huang Xiaolong was delighted at the thought.


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