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Chapter 482: Second Hall Master’s Deific Prowess

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong laughed while shaking his head, “I have a different suggestion.”

“Suggestion” Ao Kun was lost for a second.

Curious, he permitted, “Speak.”

“Let’s do it like this, all nine of you attack together, if you can defeat me, I’ll walk the entire way from the Nine Dragons City gates to the Nine Dragons Temple, one kowtow every three steps.

However, if all nine of you attack together but are defeated by me instead, then all nine of you shall do the same walk, one kowtow every three steps from the city gates to this Nine Dragons Temple, and submit to me.” Huang Xiaolong continued in an aloof manner, “Don’t worry, after you submit to me, I can guide your practice, even bestow you with elixirs!”


“This kid actually wants all nine hall masters to attack together!”

“What arrogance! He’s insane!”

The instant Huang Xiaolong finished talking, the crowd broke out in an indignant uproar at the human’s arrogance.

Even Ao Kun, who hadn’t felt anger for the last five hundred years, couldn’t help feeling anger at this moment.

A juggernaut of demonic qi flooded out from Ao Kun, akin to awakened ten thousand years old magma, erupting to the sky.

Demonic qi pooled high above the Nine Dragons Temple, gathering into a sea of purple clouds, rumbling, rolling.

The wind howled, as if the prestige of a great ancient demon emperor was provoked.

Wrath ensued!

Ao Sen and the rest were also angered to their limit.

“Big brother, against this little punk, it’s not necessary to do it yourself.” Second brother Ao Sen leaped out, yelling in fury, “I alone am enough to defeat this brat easily!”

“Damn brat, go die, eat one punch from me!”

“Tyrannical Heaven’s Vast Sea of Dire Land Fist [1]!”

Ao Sen punched out at Huang Xiaolong, using a killing move with the first attack.

The demonic qi from his body surged out like tidal waves.

With the air of dominance, fist shadows layered on top of each other like endless waves rushing forward, ever-changing.

The scene in everyone’s eyes changed, like an eternity passing without leaving any traces.

Sharp killing intent shone in Ao Sen’s eyes, he had never been this furious in his entire life.

A human told him and his brothers to attack at together He refused to believe that the other side was that powerful.

He felt like Ao Shen had been exaggerating this punk’s strength too much.

One of the things Ao Shen mentioned since he returned from the Elf Forest was this human’s strong physique, no weaker compared to theirs.

Of course he didn’t believe that.

How could a human’s flesh and bones compare to their bodies They were sea dragons! The bloodline of ancient Dragon Clan was running through their veins!

“Die, die, die!!”

Ao Sen’s fist force reached Huang Xiaolong almost instantly.

Although Ao Sen’s strength couldn’t compare to Ao Kun, he was still a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert.

In the whole demonic beast clans, his strength ranked in the top five.

In his anger, he didn’t hold back at all in this attack.

The entire square’s space was locked by the power of Ao Sen’s fist as it punched a hole in space.

The Nine Dragons Temple guards began to cheer enthusiastically witnessing their Second Hall Master’s god-like prowess.

“Second Hall Master’s deific might, kill this little bastard!”

“Kill the punk!”

Under the exuberant cheers around him, Ao Sen’s fist hit Huang Xiaolong squarely on the chest.

A resounding blast shook the square.

Watching this, all the demonic beast experts shook their heads in mocking snickers.

Just moments ago, this punk was urging all nine hall masters to attack together, but now, merely the Second Hall Master easily dealt with him.

Ao Kun watched everything quietly.

Although he felt something strange when Ao Sen’s fist struck Huang Xiaolong, he secretly breathed out in relief.

Among the many present, only Ao Shen wasn’t so optimistic about Ao Sen’s attack.

Instead, his expression was graver than before.

“Perhaps Ao Shen did not inform you when he returned that his full force punch felt like scratching an itch for me” Huang Xiaolong’s voice cut through the echoes of mocking sneers.

In a split second, all sounds of laughter ceased.

Eyes widened to the size of a fist in shock and disbelief watching the scene in front of them.

Scratching an itch Ao Sen looked at his right fist, the ugly expression on his face was similar to Ao Shen’s a month ago.

Huang Xiaolong raised his arm.

Not using any battle skills, he threw just a simple and crude punch straight at Ao Sen’s chest in return.

The speed was too quick for Ao Sen to react.

Ao Sen’s ending was also the same as Ao Shen’s.

A blood-curdling scream rang out as his body flew back from the force, knocking into the arch of Nine Dragons Temple’s doorway.

The door exploded, while Ao Sen’s body rolled on the floor, finally stopping at a corner.

“I forgot to tell you, truth is, I only used one move to defeat your sixth brother.” Huang Xiaolong stated coldly.

Dead silence!

It was like the world ended! A gust of wind blew, carrying sand from the ground.

Everyone stared at the Ao Sen’s body in a corner of the Nine Dragons Temple—his throat was spasming and legs were twitching so much that even his lower part seemed to be twitching too.

One move!

The crowd felt as if their hearts stopped beating.

Ao Sen, their Nine Dragons Temple’s Second Master, a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert was defeated in one move!

Ao Bi, Ao Kuang, and the others turned several shades paler from fright.

Even Ao Shen, who was aware of Huang Xiaolong’s power felt his knees buckle.

Not even Ao Kun was able to conceal the shock in his heart.

In all honesty to himself, he admitted that he couldn’t defeat the second ranked Ao Sen with one move.

He looked over at sixth brother Ao Shen, a burning fury in his heart.

This damn sixth brother actually claimed that the other party defeated him with ten moves!

Ao Shen looked away guiltily, afraid to confront Ao Kun’s eyes.

Ao Kun took a deep breath and faced Huang Xiaolong once again, speaking slowly, “I admit that I have underestimated you earlier, you are indeed very strong.

Fine! Today, us nine brothers will come together; if you’re defeated by us nine brothers, you will submit to our Nine Dragons Temple, I would give you the rank of Second Hall Master.” This young human might be strong, but with all nine brothers cooperating, Ao Kun was still confident that they had a high chance of defeating Huang Xiaolong.

Second Hall Master! Second only under him.

But no one raised a word of objection.

Ao Sen managed to climb out from a pile of stone rubble.

Ao Kun waved his hand and a pellet flew out toward Ao Sen.

“Swallow it.”

Ao Sen did not hesitate after hearing Ao Kun’s command.

He opened his mouth and threw the pellet in.

The injuries on his body healed with a speed visible to the naked eye, strong demonic qi started fluctuating strongly around him again.

“Beast form!” Ao Kun bellowed, fully releasing his demonic qi, the ancient sea dragon bloodline in him came alive.

Initially in human form, Ao Kun’s physical appearance began to change rapidly, from human appearance to a giant green sea dragon.

All eight of them followed, from Ao Sen, Ao Bi, Ao Shen, to Ao Kuang, all connected to the ancient sea dragon within them, transforming into sea dragons.

Nine sea dragons, fusing from the neck down to the tails, forming a large sea dragon array.

Overwhelming demonic qi shot toward the sky, covering the entire square, forcing all spectating demonic beast experts to retreat far back.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the nine sea dragons in their true forms, unperturbed and aloof, “If the nine of you jointly attack, what happens when you lose to me”

“If the nine of us still lose, then we will recognize you as our Master.” The green sea dragon transformed from Ao Kun opened its mouth and spoke in the human language.

“Good!” Huang Xiaolong’s figure shot up in a blur.

At the same time, the black and blue twin dragons materialized, shaking the heavens with their roars.

A vast might originating from the ancient Dragon Clan spread far and wide, enveloping the experts below, causing them to have difficulties breathing.

“Twin dragons martial spirits!”

“He, could he be Huang Xiaolong! Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong!”

“Right, that must be him! He’s Young Noble Divine Dragon, Huang Xiaolong, the beastmen tribes’ Beast God!!”

The crowd was genuinely shocked watching Huang Xiaolong summon the black and blue twin dragons. 

Ao Kun and his eight brothers were equally stunned, this person was actually the beastmen tribes’ new Beast God, Young Noble Divine Dragon Huang Xiaolong!

But… didn’t the rumors say that Huang Xiaolong was only a Seventh Order Saint realm How did his strength become so horrible! Ao Kun struggled to deny this.

It was because of the rumors claiming that the beastmen tribes’ new Beast God was a Seventh Order Saint realm expert that he did not link these two together.


[1] Tyrannical Heaven’s Vast Sea of Dire Land Fist-Imagine a giant fist imprint with the wrath of heaven striking down, leaving a barren dead land the size of a vast sea…


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