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Chapter 487: Seeing the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey Again

Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey!

A minuscule quiver ran through Huang Xiaolong’s body.

In between heaven and earth, the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkeys were extremely scarce in number.

Few could be found throughout the ages, but now, one actually appeared on the Mystic Elephant Peak! Therefore, this Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey was definitely the one that was separated from Huang Xiaolong so many years ago!

Hearing this information, Huang Xiaolong became anxious.

He lifted the Ape Deity Temple Deputy and questioned him thoroughly, then ordered Ao Kun and Lei Ge to handle the remaining matters before he dashed out of the Ape Deity Temple at breakneck speed in the direction of the Mystic Elephant Peak.

The demonic beast clans considered the Mystic Elephant Peak as their sacred land.

According to an old legend, it was where the ancient Beast Emperor cultivated, a beast Emperor that reigned over all demonic beast clans.

In later years, the Beast Emperor was subjugated by the Beast God, becoming the strongest general under the Beast God.

Worried about the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey’s safety, Huang Xiaolong took out the Great Dragon Saber, channeling true essence energy into the saber, accelerating forward on the saber.

The Great Dragon Saber shuttled past the clouds at rapid speed, sceneries and cities became blurred lines behind Huang Xiaolong, disappearing behind him.

Some keen Saint realm experts felt the terrifying power from afar flying above them a second later.

Looking up to the sky in trepidation, they only caught the tail end of a red streak of light.

It was so fast that it was gone before they could even react.

Leaving behind a trail of agape, flabbergasted experts!

Huang Xiaolong eventually narrowed the distance to the Mystic Elephant Peak.

The truth is, even for a peak late-Tenth Order like Ao Kun flying at full speed, he would still need at least three days to reach the Mystic Elephant Peak.

However, flying on the Great Dragon Saber with true essence as energy source, Huang Xiaolong merely used one day’s time to reach the Mystic Elephant Peak.

From the distance, Huang Xiaolong looked at the tall mountain that resembled a giant elephant and knew at a glance that this was the Mystic Elephant Peak.

Then, he took out the treasure map he had been keeping for years.

When he was younger, before he broke through the Xiantian realm, on the journey to the Luo Tong Royal City, he and Fei Hou picked up a treasure map by chance.

The place drawn on this map was the very same Mystic Elephant Peak in front of Huang Xiaolong!

Contemplating for a moment, Huang Xiaolong headed toward the Windless Tunnel indicated on the map.

It wasn’t by coincidence that the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey appeared in this area.

When Huang Xiaolong got his hands on the map and researched it, the little violet monkey knew about it.

Very likely, the little guy had come for a little treasure hunt.

‘I wonder how the little guy is doing...’ He thought to himself.

Doing a quick calculation, he and the little monkey had been separated for twenty years!

Back when they separated, Huang Xiaolong had just broken through to Xiantian realm, and now he was close to late-Ninth Order Saint realm.

‘That little guy should also have advanced into Saint realm!’ Thoughts kept running through his mind.

The Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey had the ancient spirit Devourer bloodline, it was capable of Devourer all beings and refine all things.

Its cultivation talent could be considered heaven-defying, it wasn't anything strange for it to have broken through to the Saint realm.

However, as heaven-defying as the little guy’s cultivation speed might be, it wouldn’t be the current Ape Deity Temple Master’s opponent at this stage.

If it was really found by the Ape Deity Temple Master, Zhou Yunpeng, it would be dead for sure!

The more Huang Xiaolong thought about this possibility, the more agitated he became.

The true essence energy surged frenzily from his dantian, propelling the Great Dragon Saber under his feet a second faster.

He had to find the little guy before Zhou Yunpeng!

Speeding even further, the Great Dragon Saber left a long streak of blood-red glow in the air.

On the northernmost part of the Mystic Elephant Peak, there was an obscure cave named Windless Tunnel.

Currently, inside the Windless Tunnel, powerful quakes repeatedly shook the walls as destructive energies fluctuated from within.

“Hahaha, what an unexpected windfall, not only did I manage to capture the rare ancient species Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey, there’s also Senior Ape Deity Emperor’s cultivation cave! Even the Heavens are helping me!” The Ape Deity Temple Master Zhou Yunpeng laughed wantonly.

The origin of that Beast Emperor in the ancient times was a Copper Arm Ape Deity, also the Ape Deity Temple’s first Temple Master.

It was later referred to as the Ape Deity Emperor.

This Windless Tunnel was the place that the Ape Deity Emperor used when he cultivated.

Zhou Yunpeng was battling a sixteen, seventeen-year-old looking young man, with distinctive good looks and overwhelming demonic qi surging from his body.

Zhou Yunpeng repelled the young man with a palm attack, and his laughter sounded again, “Little punk, even if you’re a rare Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey, your strength is still a little too weak.

In short, you’re not my opponent, if I wanted to kill you it’s would be as easy as snapping my fingers.

If you willingly submit to me, becoming my pet mount, I can spare your life after refining the spirit Devourer bloodline in your body!”

“You want me to submit to you You think you’re qualified” The young man sneered, “If I die, my Big brother will avenge me!”

“Big brother” Zhou Yunpeng continued laughing, “Since it’s like that, I’ll kill you and refine your spirit Devourer bloodline, let’s see then what your dog-fart Big brother can do to me!”

With a quiver, the young man transformed into a giant monkey covered in lustrous purple hair and the bluest pupils.

Both arms swung out to attack Zhou Yunpeng.

“Reckless idiot!” Zhou Yunpeng countered with a similar attack, resulting in a booming collision.

The transformed giant monkey was thrown far back, slamming against the tunnel wall, reverting to its human form.

Zhou Yunpeng sneered, approaching the young man with a slow gait, “After I refine your spirit Devourer bloodline and get Ape Deity Emperor’s cultivation technique and divine pellets, within a hundred year’s time I can definitely breakthrough to the God Realm, conquering the Ten Directions Continent and becoming the hegemon of one direction.

At that time, whoever is unwilling will die, whoever dares not to submit, annihilate!

Another burst of mad laughter rang in the tunnel.

Zhou Yunpeng stopped within inches of that young man, raising his right palm, striking down on the young man’s skull without mercy: “Die—!”

At this critical moment, a shower of saber energy pierced through space, flying toward Zhou Yunpeng.

There was also a great blood dragon ready to tear Zhou Yunpeng apart.

Zhou Yunpeng was greatly startled, swiftly leaping back while his palm changed the direction of attack with a wrist turn, slapping onto the blood dragon.

Another great quake ran through the tunnel.

Looking over at the source of ambush, a black-haired young human came into Zhou Yunpeng’s field of view.

Huang Xiaolong’s attention, on the other hand, was focused on the young man looking about fifteen to sixteen years old.

Although he had never seen the little violet monkey’s human form, he could tell that it was him with a single glance.

That aura, those eyes, everything was so familiar.

The younger man slowly got up from the ground, his eyes were also fixed on Huang Xiaolong with an indescribable excitement on his face.

He stammered a little due to excitement, “Bi-Big brother!” His eyes immediately turned red-rimmed.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned at first hearing what the young man called him, then his face bloomed into a smile, “Little guy, twenty years of separation, you’ve grown so big now!” By now, Huang Xiaolong no longer had any doubt that it was the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey that he knew.

Huang Xiaolong’s smile widened, it was a happy smile that came from his heart.

Reborn in this Martial Spirit World, if it weren’t for the little violet monkey, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t have gotten the Asura Tactics and Asura Ring, and would definitely not have the achievements he had today.

Seeing the little violet monkey again, Huang Xiaolong felt like a reunion with a long lost loved one.

It was that kind of joy, that kind of happiness.

“Big brother, careful!” Suddenly, the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey cried out.

A violent force struck Huang Xiaolong from the back, and it was too late for him to dodge.

Zhou Yunpeng’s palm struck Huang Xiaolong’s back accurately.

“Haha, little brat, this is your so-called brother I’ll kill him first, then refine your spirit Devourer bloodline!” Watching his palm strike Huang Xiaolong as planned, Zhou Yunpeng became complacent once more, laughing with abandon.

Even Ao Kun would suffer grave injuries if he was hit with this palm unprepared.

But in the next second, Zhou Yunpeng’s laughter abruptly halted.


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