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Chapter 493: The Tribes and Clans Join Hands

Huang Xiaolong stood tall at the front of the Nine Dragons Square, his sharp eyes scanning the various patriarchs and experts waiting in the square.

Those patriarchs and experts felt like Huang Xiaolong’s gaze contained insurmountable coercive pressure, causing them to lack the courage to meet his direct gaze. 

“I am the beastmen tribes’ Beast God, Huang Xiaolong.

Today, we come together here to witness the grand merging ceremony between the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans.

I shall take this opportunity to thank everyone who came from afar.” Huang Xiaolong spoke.

Although his voice was not loud, each person present at the square heard him loud and clear.

After clarifying his identity with a simple sentence, Huang Xiaolong turned to Ao Kun: “Place the offering altar to worship High Lord Beast God and High Lord Ape Deity Emperor!”

“Yes, Liege Lord Beast God!” Ao Kun respectfully answered.

He immediately ordered a group of Nine Dragons Temple Elders to bring out the prepared worship altar and offerings.

Placed above the worship altar were two statues created in the image of the beastmen tribes’ ancient Beast God and the demonic beast clans’ Ape Deity Emperor.

When everything was arranged, Huang Xiaolong lit some joss sticks and personally stepped up to place them into the prepared urn on the worship altar.

Next was Nine Dragons Temple’s Ao Kun reciting the mighty and glorious deeds of Lord Beast God and Ape Deity Emperor during the ancient times.

When Ao Kun was done, the Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck highlighted some important aspects after the integration between the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans.

In the integration between the two, the beastmen would rake the upper order of precedence, whereby the demonic beast clans were given a secondary role.

In the future, the demonic beast clans would be a side branch a the beastmen tribes, named Beast Temple, with Ao Kun, Lei Ge, and the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey as its Three Grand Temple Masters of equal authority.

The Beast Temple would consist of three main halls, namely, the Nine Dragons Hall, Violent Lion Hall, and Ape Deity Hall.

The original sub-branches would be governed by appointed Elders.

When the sea tribe, human race, and the Green Devil Tribe’s Patriarchs head that the demonic beast clans were reduced to being subservient to the beastmen, none of them had a good expression on their faces. 

Although Huang Xiaolong did not say things bluntly, from these arrangements, his meaning was clear as day for everyone to see.

The demonic beast clans would merely be a side branch to the beastmen.

Later, the sea tribes, the human race, Green Devil Tribe, and others, once they submitted and swore allegiance, they too would end up as one the beastmen’s side branches.

Furthermore, they had to obey the new Beast God, Huang Xiaolong’s orders and wishes.

As expected, after Chuck finished reading his part, Ao Kun spoke, “In ancient times, the magnanimous Liege Lord Beast God united our Ten Directions Continent, bringing an era of prosperity.

All tribes and clans lived in harmony with each other, without any conflict, war, nor killing amongst our own brethren, without slavery between tribes and clans.

However, ever since our first Lord Beast God disappeared, we crumbled from the inside and went our separate ways, fighting amongst ourselves, raising havoc on the Ten Directions Continent.

In order to reduce these meaningless infightings, to stop them altogether, our new Liege Lord Beast God invited everyone here today not only to witness this historic moment of merging ceremony but also to come to an agreement with all the patriarchs here in regards to unity.”

The instant Ao Kun stopped, the square went into an uproar.

Despite most people present already have expected this outcome, hearing it with their own ears still triggered a big reaction.

Even though everyone showed unease, with low biting discussions all around, no one stepped forward with outright objections nor did any party declare their allegiance to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong stood where he was, looking at the crowd unperturbed and unhurried. 

“Huang Xiaolong, wanting us to submit to you is not impossible…” Suddenly, a crisp voice rang clear in the square.

Everyone turned to look, it was the sea tribes’ Emperor Vander.

The Sea Emperor’s status in the sea tribes was tantamount to the Beast God in the beastmen tribes.

Hearing the sea tribe’s imperial clan daring to utter Huang Xiaolong’s name directly stunned the experts around, whereas the beastmen and demonic beast experts were enraged at that person’s audacity.

 Huang Xiaolong raised an arm to stop the beastmen and demonic beast experts from making a move.

“Continue.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the Sea Emperor Vander with a stoic expression.

“In the ancient era, the Beast God’s strength deterred all directions, his might was recognized as the number one on the Ten Directions Continent.

He once fought and defeated all the patriarchs in a siege, finally conquering them, which led him to conquer the Ten Directions Continent.” The sea tribe’s Emperor Vander fixed his gaze on Huang Xiaolong, “Every patriarch present here will besiege you, if you can defeat us relying on your own strength, without using the Poison Corpse Scarabs or other external factors, then my sea tribe shall be the first to submit to you!”

Once the Sea Emperor finished speaking, the square erupted with surprised gasps from every corner of the square.

Sea Emperor Vander was inciting all the patriarchs to attack Huang Xiaolong together!

The majority of the patriarchs present were Saint realm experts, moreover, most of them were Tenth Order Saint realm!

Even if the currently acknowledged number one expert on the Ten Directions Continent, Ao Kun, was besieged by these patriarchs, there would only be one ending—death!

Unless Huang Xiaolong broke through to God Realm!

Only a God Realm master was capable of defeating so many Saint realm patriarchs in a besiegement.

“Vander, you’re being presumptuous!” Aoi Kun, Lei Ge, Chuck, and the rest felt provoked, shouting angrily at Vander.

Although Ao Kun and the rest knew of Huang Xiaolong’s strength, at the same time they felt that it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to defeat so many Patriarchs ganging to attack him.

However, Huang Xiaolong lifted a hand to stop Ao Kun and the others, signaling them to retreat.

Sea Emperor Vander ignored Ao Kun, Lei Ge, and the others’ killing intent directed at him as he calmly faced Huang Xiaolong, “How about it Huang Xiaolong, are you afraid If you think that you don’t have this strength, then tell everyone here that you lack the strength, say it loudly! Say it clearly! Also, you must swear that you will never invade each of our tribes!”


The murderous aura rippling from Ao Kun, Lei Ge, Chuck, and the others intensified after seeing Vander dare to force Huang Xiaolong to make an oath in public.

Monstrous demonic qi pierced the sky, the suffocating momentum birthed fear in the hearts of present experts.

“That’s right! Huang Xiaolong, if you don’t have this much capability, then scram for this father! Your mother, what do you think you are Acting like you’re the ancient Beast God, wanting to unify the Ten Directions Continent, you think you’re qualified to be compared to the ancient Beast God You’re not qualified!” A grating voice interjected, shaking everyone’s eardrums.

Searching for the owner of the voice, it led the present experts to the Green Devil Tribe’s Patriarch, Mai Xiu.

At this point, the beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans no longer bothered to hide their killing intent.

If it weren’t for Huang Xiaolong not giving the order, they would have dashed up and tore both Vander and Mai Xiu into a million pieces.

Huang Xiaolong was still as calm as ever watching these two people, the sea Emperor Vnder and Green Devil Tribe’s Mai Xiu.

These two people dared to act so blatantly, there had to be someone who gave them courage.

Without a doubt, Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City were behind them!

After Mai Xiu, another patriarch jumped out, scolding and yelling.

It was the Skeleton Tribe’s Patriarch.

Subsequently, one after another, six more patriarchs sang the same tune as Vander and Mai Xiu.

In the end, there were nineteen people.

“Good.” Huang Xiaolong spoke calmly, “I accept your challenge.

Is there any other patriarch that wants to come out”

In fact, he could have commanded the beastmen and demonic beast experts to deal with these people, subduing them by force, and kill those who refused to submit.

There was no need to accept this so-called challenge.

But Huang Xiaolong had something else planned.

He wanted to use this chance to show his real strength.

‘This Sea Emperor and those in cahoots with him probably think I'm merely a Seventh Order Saint realm.’ Huang Xiaolong smirked.

Huang Xiaolong’s agreement to accept their challenge stumped Sea Emperor Vander and the eighteen other patriarchs.

This wasn't part of their plan.

There were several patriarchs who remained silent, watching and waiting to see how things progressed, but when they heard Huang Xiaolong accepting the challenge, they were tempted and stood up.

From their perspective, with so many of them cooperating, there would only be one end for Huang Xiaolong—defeat!

 If Huang Xiaolong lost, their tribes wouldn't be controlled by him.

Therefore, more and more patriarchs stood up.

“Father, is our human race joining as well” Amongst the mass crowd, Lei Hua asked Thunder Human King.

The Thunder Human King hesitated.

In the end, he stood up with a grim expression.


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