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Chapter 499: Return to Asura’s Gate!

The one who erased Li Lu’s memories was undoubtedly Deities Templar’s Temple Preceptor, Ying Tian!

Huang Xiaolong’s body emitted frigid killing intent, a layer of frosty ice covered the floor.

At this time, three people, Ao Kun, Lei Ge, and Chuck entered the inner hall.

Sensing the killing intent from Huang Xiaolong’s body, they held their breaths, not daring to breathe in fear of disturbing Huang Xiaolong as they carefully and cautiously stopped a few steps behind him, saluting respectfully, “Liege Lord Beast God.”

Huang Xiaolong merely grunted a reply but he converged his killing intent.

“Speak, how many people have we lost in this battle” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Ao Kun took a step forward, answering respectfully, “Our beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans lost a total of sixteen Saint realm experts.

Peak half-Saint and half-Saint experts as much as one thousand two hundred people, and over fifty-four thousand normal disciples!”

A tiny frown etched on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead, losing one thousand two hundred peak half-Saint and half-Saint disciples was a bigger number than he expected, on top of that, over fifty-four thousand disciples!

These disciples were killed after Li Lu and Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City’s Elders broke out of the array.

“What about the other tribes and clans” Huang Xiaolong continued.

“The Sea Tribe has thirty-five Saint realm experts that died under Liege Lord’s hand, seventeen people from the Green Devil Tribe, Skeleton Tribe has a total of sixteen, and five Saint realm experts from the Heart Eating Devils.” Lei Gei also stepped after reporting the death toll from each tribe in detail to Huang Xiaolong.

The nine tribes that colluded with Deities Templar, including the Sea Tribe, lost about one hundred and seventy Saint realm experts.

Huang Xiaolong also killed some from other tribes that were induced by these nine tribes, killing slightly over ninety Saint realm experts.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly at the end of their report.

Despite the high number of deaths overall, it was still within Huang Xiaolong’s range of acceptance.

Although the Sea Tribe, Green Devil Tribe, Skeleton Tribe, and six other tribes colluded with Deities Templar, it was illogical for Huang Xiaolong to kill all of their Saint realm experts.

That would greatly weaken the overall strength of his forces after unifying the Ten Directions Continent.

From the tabulations, Huang Xiaolong had exterminated close to one-third of the nine colluding tribes’ Saint realm experts.

Whereas the thirty-seven tribes and clans that were induced to rebel lost two-tenths under Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

This time, among the three hundred high-level Saint realm experts from Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City, including Li Lu, only a small number escaped, no more than thirty people.

In short, they had lost more than two hundred and seventy top experts to Huang Xiaolong!

In this expedition, Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City suffered insurmountable damage!

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong discussed with Ao Kun, Lei Ge, and Chuck about the laws and regulations for the newly unified Ten Directions Continent.

Of course, ‘discussion’ meant Huang Xiaolong’s decisions.

After defining the foundation of law, Huang Xiaolong elected new Patriarchs for the Sea Tribe, Green Devil Tribe, and the others whose patriarch had fallen.

It was to be announced the next day.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked a question, “Which of you know of any cultivation techniques that can control a person’s soul” Huang Xiaolong did not conceal his suspicions about Li Lu’s condition to the three of them.

The three exchanged a quiet glance amongst themselves.

“Liege Lord, to this one’s knowledge, in the old days there was a technique called Soul Seize Red Dust Reversal where one would implant a soul seize seed inside someone’s soul to control them.

Moreover, this technique could erase part of the seeded person’s memory.” Chuck spoke after spending a short while searching his mind.

“Wicked ancient cultivation technique, Soul Seize Red Dust Reversal Technique!” A gleam flickered in his eyes, “How do you break this technique”

“The only way to break this technique is to kill the person who cast it, then the soul seize seed controlling the victim’s mind will naturally disappear.

However, the lost memory would not return.” Chuck respectfully answered.

This made the frown on Huang Xiaolong’s brows deepened.

Kill Deities Templar’s Preceptor Ying Tian Deities Templar Preceptor Ying Tian was most likely someone who had broken through to God Realm, killing him was easier said than done!

Moreover, if Li Lu’s lost memories couldn't be recovered, would they forever be strangers then

Although the Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate he practiced could also erase part of other people’s memories, there was no mention of being able to restore them.

“Also, from what I know, after practicing this Soul Seize Red Dust Reversal Technique, it is taboo for the cultivator to have any intimate relationship with women.” Chuck added, “If they break the taboo, then their accumulated Soul Seize Red Dust Reversal qi would dissipate, greatly damaging their cultivation, so much that it would be difficult for them to have any cultivation breakthrough in the future!”

Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a moment.

‘What’s this If what Chuck said is true, then that Temple Preceptor Ying Tian is not much different from an eunuch! Even if he has a good package below, it cannot be used.’

“Do you guys know if there’s any technique that can restore someone’s memories” Recovering from his momentary gaffe, Huang Xiaolong asked.

This time, all three of them shook their heads and were excused a moment later, leaving Huang Xiaolong alone in contemplation.

Admittedly, he had thought himself unrivaled below God Realm, but today after fighting Li Lu, he realized that his own strength was weak in comparison.

If he soul transformed with both the black and blue dragon, he was confident in defeating Li Lu.

However, below the God Realm there would only be more powerful geniuses even stronger than Li Lu.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong must still strive to enhance his strength.

If he could break through to Tenth Order Saint realm, he could easily defeat experts on Li Lu’s level.

“Tenth Order Saint realm…” Huang Xiaolong muttered the words to himself.

At the moment, there were still seven primordial divine dragons inside the Xumi Temple.

But… there was no more Dragon God Grass!

In the coming days, regardless of the methods, he had to find enough Dragon God Grass in order to break through to Tenth Order Saint realm in the shortest time possible.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was thinking of finding more Dragon God Grass, the Dragon Pearl on his forehead shook slightly, a warm flow of energy spread throughout Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Surprised, Huang Xiaolong quickly directed his spiritual force internally to find the vague dragon shadow inside the Dragon Pearl glimmering with a soft golden light, as if it was about to come alive.

But it did not show any response when he tried to communicate with it through his consciousness.

Since Huang Xiaolong advanced to Ninth Order Saint realm, the Dragon Pearl had stopped spewing true dragon essence into his body, as if all the true dragon essence had been absorbed by him.

Staring at the dragon shadow which had grown more solid over the years, his instincts told him that it would revive very soon, and that would be the time when he and the Dragon Pearl fully assimilate as one.

The night passed slowly.

Light gradually cut through the blanket of darkness as the sun rose steadily on the horizon.

Early morning, Huang Xiaolong summoned all tribes and clans’ experts to the Nine Dragons Temple.

Ao Kun recited the new laws as well as the names of the new patriarchs of the Sea Tribe, Green Devil Tribe, and the others.

When Huang Xiaolong stood up to announce the Ten Directions Continent as one unified entity, all the experts knelt down, lauding, “Liege Lord Beast God’s supreme glory! Ruling Ten Directions Continent for thousands of autumns in generations to come!”


Now, all of you prepare to depart to Starcloud Continent with me!” Huang Xiaolong announced.

Depart to Starcloud Continent!

Return to Asura’s Gate!

Initially, Huang Xiaolong planned to use two months time to reorganize the many tribes and tasks in Ten Directions Continent.

However, he suddenly had a change of mind last night!

The matter about him unifying the Ten Directions Continent would spread out very quickly in the Martial Spirit World.

Amidst the unrest and chaos, it was very likely that the Cosmos God Cult would be up to their tricks once again, trying to provoke the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and the other twelve super forces to confront him!

Which was why Huang Xiaolong wanted to return to the Asura’s Gate before he Cosmos God Cult, Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and others reached an alliance, clearing these obstacles one by one and subjugate them!

If he waited for these forces to come together before taking action, it would be a hundred times more difficult.


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