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Chapter 506: Changes in the Dragon Pearl

After reaching the Asura City, Huang Xiaolong’s group of three went straight to the Asura City’s Castellan Manor to meet the old man who had nineteen stalks of Dragon God Grass.

The other party’s facial features were ordinary so to speak, he had a slightly thin built, the kind of person that no one would notice if thrown into a crowd.

Yet, this extremely ordinary looking old man gave Huang Xiaolong an inexplicable sense of danger.

This feeling was similar to being targeted by a venomous viper.

The old man’s body contained a power that caused Huang Xiaolong to feel intimidated.

Just as Huang Xiaolong observed the old man, the old man was also observing Huang Xiaolong.

“Not bad, truly a talent hard to see in a thousand years, you’re Huang Xiaolong” The old man nodded.

“This one is Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong said.

The old man did not waste time with nonsense, a light flashed in his hand as he took out the stalks of Dragon God Grass.

Not one more, and not one less—nineteen stalks.

Instantly, the main hall was filled with a thick dragon qi.

“This Dragon God Grass is of no use to me, but still, I cannot give them to you for free.” The old man said, “I know that you’ve found Eminent Holiness’ cultivation space and the Ghost King’s ring.

I only want two things, one is the Seven Desires Magic Art Painting, and the other is the Ghost King Dan inside the Ghost King’s ring.”

Seven Desires Magic Art Painting!

Ghost King Dan!

Huang Xiaolong was stunned!

When he heard the old man speak of the Eminent Holiness space and the Ghost King’s ring, he immediately assumed the old man wanted the Eminent Holiness Halberd Sutra and the Ghost King Ring, but the two items that the old man requested were out of Huang Xiaolong’s expectations.

A light glimmered in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, a sixteen-sectioned painting of beauties appeared in front of everyone.

Each of these beauties exuded a unique characteristic, cold and aloof, soft and gentle, bewitching, pure and untainted, but each one was a peerless beauty, as vivid as if they were alive.

They were drawn naked without a thread covering their bodies, invoking desires in the heart of anyone who saw them.

This was the Seven Desires Magic Art Painting.

Ever since Huang Xiaolong took this from the Eminent Holiness secret space, it had stayed quietly inside the Asura Ring, mostly forgotten by him.

Today, if it weren’t for this old man speaking about it, Huang Xiaolong would have completely forgotten about its existence.

When the old man saw the Seven Desires Magic Art Painting, his body quivered with excitement, “Seven Desires Magic Art Painting, it really is the Seven Desires Magic Art Painting!” Unable to help himself, his hand reached out to caress the Painting, tracing the alluring outlines of the beauties’ curves, just like he was touching a real-life woman.

Moreover, the thing that made Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu speechless was that this old man actually had saliva drooling from the corner of his mouth! That demeanor, that expression was the epitome of a lustful old devil, a contradiction from his overbearing momentum in the beginning.

Next, Huang Xiaolong removed the remaining Ghost King Dan he had from the Ghost King Ring.

To him, both of these items were now useless.

Despite knowing that the Seven Desires Magic Art Painting was definitely a very high-grade demonic art, there was no heartache.

Carefully putting away the Seven Desires Magic Art Painting and the Ghost King Dan, the old man passed the nineteen stalks of Dragon God Grass to Huang Xiaolong.

It was obvious that the old man was in an excellent mood after obtaining the things he was after.

He was beaming.

Huang Xiaolong seemed more pleasing to his eyes, “In the ancient times, the Seven Desires Magic Art Painting was our devil sect’s supreme cultivation technique.

With this Seven Desires Magic Art Painting, my cultivation can reach a higher peak, breaking into another level very soon.

These here are ten Deranged Devil Pellets, take it as a token from me.

Free of charge.”

“Deranged Devil Pellets!” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were stunned staring at the thumb-sized, glossy smooth, pure black pellets in his hand, emitting a strange odor, that was quite unpleasant.

The Deranged Devil Pellet was known to be the ultimate drug of the devil sects in the ancient times.

According to the information passed down, taking one Deranged Devil Pellet could rapidly enhance one’s strength by several times in times of emergency, moreover, after the drug’s effect dissipated, it wouldn't leave any adverse effects on the user.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly surprised, staring at the old man. 

‘Deranged Devil Pellets From his words, this old man is clearly someone from the devil sect!’

However, Huang Xiaolong did not refuse.

His spiritual sense did a quick scan over the Deranged Devil Pellets, and after confirming that there was nothing wrong with them, he put them away into his Asura Ring.

A light of appreciation flashed past the old man’s eyes feeling Huang Xiaolong checking the Deranged Devil Pellet with his spiritual sense, saying, “I’m called Du Dashan, if you ever come to Peace Emperor World in the future, you can come look for me at the Hidden Mirage Devil Sect.”

Peace Emperor World, Hidden Mirage Devil Sect!

With that, the old man’s figure blurred in a flicker, turning into a wisp of green mist that blended into space, disappearing.

“This old man actually comes from the Peace Emperor World’s Hidden Mirage Devil Sect!” Zhao Shu spoke with a solemn expression.

Huang Xiaolong turned to Zhao Shu, waiting for him to elaborate.

Zhao Shu quickly explained, “Sovereign, in Peace Emperor World, the Hidden Mirage Devil Sect is quite powerful, its one of the handful top forces.

Even our Zhao Family in Peace Emperor World cannot afford to offend the Hidden Mirage Devil Sect.”

Frankly speaking, Huang Xiaolong was a little, just a little astonished hearing Zhao Shu’s words.

Zhao Shu was one of the Peace Emperor World Zhao Family’s disciples, thus he had some understanding of the forces there. 

Hidden Mirage Devil Sect, one of the top super forces in Peace Emperor World, one that even the Zhao Family would need to think a twice before offending.

‘On the other hand, what status does this old man, Du Dashan, have in the Hidden Mirage Devil Sect’ But Huang Xiaolong was not interested to delve too deeply into the matter, his attention was solely focused on the nineteen stalks of Dragon God Grass in his hand with anticipation and excitement.

With these stalks of Dragon God grass, he could refine another two primordial divine dragons.

Immediately, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Asura’s Gate headquarters with Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Leaving a list of tasks to them and the Elders, and informing his parents that he would be in closed-door practice for some time, he dove into the Xumi Temple to begin refining the next primordial divine dragon.

This time, Huang Xiaolong chose the hump dragon and bone dragon.

The hump dragon and bone dragon were ranked high in the dragon hierarchy, comparable to the Buddha Dragon, only weaker than the five-clawed golden dragon.

Taking his place at the center of the Ten Buddha Formation and heaping enough grade one spirit stones in the middle, Huang Xiaolong swallowed down the Dragon God Grass and ran the Asura Tactics.

He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply in the direction of the hump dragon.

In an instant, strands of true dragon essence energy floated toward Huang Xiaolong, drilling into his body.

At first contact, Huang Xiaolong shook violently for a bare second before calming down.

Before this, Huang Xiaolong had refined a total of eight primordial divine dragons; the water dragon, fire dragon, earth dragon, wood dragon, gold dragon (metal), Buddha dragon, black dragon, and the white dragon.

Making his True Dragon Physique more formidable than the ancient Dragon God’s body.

Now, when refining the hump dragon, his body didn't react as intensely as it did during the first time.

Now, his True Dragon Physique was akin to a divine mountain, regardless of how violent the true dragon essence energy swirled and crashed inside him, it could hardly bother Huang Xiaolong.

Half a year passed.

Huang Xiaolong had fully refined the hump dragon in this short duration, helping his cultivation grow to peak late-Ninth Order, another step closer to Tenth Order Saint realm.

Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth and inhaled, continuing to refine the bone dragon.

But, not long after Huang Xiaolong began refining the bone dragon’s true dragon blood essence, the Dragon Pearl in his forehead shook violently.

A bright light shone, spreading to ten thousand zhang.

The vague dragon shadow inside the Dragon Pearl flickered nonstop, shifting between reality and illusion. 

Gradually, the dragon shadow grew clearer still, becoming a real solid entity with flesh and bones.

This primordial divine dragon that had been sealed for who knows how long inside the Dragon Pearl had finally resurrected!

The primordial divine dragon opened its eyes, causing intense ripples in space as it opened its mouth and inhaled.

The bone dragon’s true dragon blood essence swirled into the Dragon Pearl at a terrifying speed, right into the dragon’s mouth.


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