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Chapter 510: Young Noble Absolute Kill

The main entrance to that building was a hundred zhang tall and had a width of thirty zhang.

It was built from an unknown material that was black as ink, reflecting a black glow beneath the sun’s rays.

Huang Xiaolong could feel a frigid coldness coming from it even though he was standing more than ten meters away.

This frigid coldness stemmed from the soul.

An aureate burst of light enveloped Huang Xiaolong and vast Buddhism energy spread throughout his body, dispersing the coldness.

He raised an arm, slamming a powerful punch at the black gates, banging them opened.

What surprised Huang Xiaolong was that the doors were not damaged in the slightest after a blow from his fist.

In fact, not even a mark could be seen on their surface.

“Little Huang kid, no need to stare at it, this Deities Templar’s doors are made of materials from the Divine World.

Only high-level God Realm and above can damage it.” While Huang Xiaolong was immersed in his surprise, he heard Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s voice.

“High-level God Realm!” Huang Xiaolong was stunned, his breathing quickened slightly.

He didn’t expect this Deities Templar’s Preceptor would possess this kind of high-grade material.

If such a material was used to make a divine armor instead, wouldn't that mean…!

As if knowing Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi assured him, “Little Huang kid, don’t worry, it’s not that easy to forge a divine armor.

In order to forge a divine armor, the prerequisite condition is possessing a divine flame.

Secondly, to forge a divine armor, one must have knowledge of the Divine World’s array formation talisman symbols for it to be possible.

Not all of our clan’s Star Realm ancestors were lucky enough to possess a divine armor.”

Divine flame! 

Divine World’s array formation talisman symbols! 

Huang Xiaolong received another shock, however, knowing that Temple Preceptor Ying Tian couldn't possibly have forged a divine armor from this material, he felt immensely better.

After barely taking a few steps into the Deities Templar center hall, two piercing sword rays shot out from the depth of its hall, targeting Huang Xiaolong.

Both swords were aimed at his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong’s reflexes reacted before him, raising an arm up in defense. 

When both swords stabbed at his palm, a long vibrating ‘zheng!’ of metal crashing resounded, followed by an exclamation of surprise from the inner part of the hall.

Obviously, the attacker was surprised that Huang Xiaolong was able to block the swords so easily.

Deep in the center all, space distorted as two silhouettes emerged from the void. 

One of them was a middle-aged man clad in Deities Templar’s brocade robes, with mile-long eyebrows falling down the sides of his face.

However, the style of his brocade robe differed from the Elders and Grand Elders.

There was a small diagram on the chest of his robe, formed from a mysterious talisman!

Whereas the other one was a handsome looking young man wearing a blue star-robe.

On the blue star-robe, clusters of stars gathered, depicting the vast galaxy and its esoteric profundity.

The young man’s gaze was strangely soft and feminine.

He was carrying a sword at his back, an ancient sword!

As the young man walked toward him, Huang Xiaolong felt an invisible coercive sword energy locking onto him, stabbing at his soul like it wanted to perforate it.

This was sword intent! Only when one’s cultivation of the sword reached a certain threshold could sword intent be formed! There was no doubt that this young man was a genuine sword master!

Both men came to a stop about thirty meters from Huang Xiaolong.

Inwardly, the young man was secretly astonished watching Huang Xiaolong’s calm demeanor, no signs of being affected by his sword intent at all.

“Brother Mo Jie, I didn’t expect such a young expert to appear in your Martial Spirit World!” The young man laughingly said to the Deities Templar middle-aged man, “It seems like I didn’t make this trip in vain!” His words were spoken in a relaxed tone, perfunctory, not really putting Huang Xiaolong in his eyes.

The middle-aged man smiled in reply, “Who doesn’t know that you, Young Noble Absolute Kill, are our Black Tortoise Galaxy’s genius that deterred ten thousand worlds.

Everyone has lost count of the number of geniuses that died under your Absolute Kill Sword, this is merely a peak mid-Tenth Order Saint realm, who knows if he can even last until your third move!” He pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong, “This punk here is called Huang Xiaolong, you probably know his Master, Ren Wokuang.”

“Oh, so it’s Ren Wokuang’s disciple.” At the mentioned of Ren Wokuang, Young Noble Absolute Kill’s interest toward Huang Xiaolong increased a little.

Huang Xiaolong merely watched the two men with a stoic expression.

Black Tortoise Galaxy

Young Noble Absolute Kill 

That middle-aged man should be Deities Templar’s only Great Grand Elder.

This Deities Templar’s Great Grand Elder was just as mysterious as Temple Preceptor Ying Tian.

From what Huang Xiaolong heard before this, no one had seen his true face, yet his strength was said to be terrifying and unfathomable.

Huang Xiaolong could see that this Deities Templar Great Grand Elder Mo Jie’s strength was infinitely close to breaking into God Realm, a peak half-step God Realm.

Even amongst half-step God Realm experts, there was a distinction between strong and weak.

This Mo Jie, compared to Nine Yang Valley Branch Master Chi Jiuyang, was many times stronger.

And definitely much stronger than those ancient species demonic beasts that Huang Xiaolong dealt with outside.

As for that Young Noble Absolute Kill, his strength was certainly no weaker than Mo Jie.

“Since you’re Ren Wokuang’s disciple, tell me how many moves of the Asura Sword Skill have you mastered.” Young Noble Absolute Kill, Su Tang, went on, “My Absolute Kill Sword does not unsheath easily, as long as you can take three hits from me, I will allow you to leave this place.”

Huang Xiaolong sniggered coldly in retort, “If you can take three moves from me, then I won’t take your life.”

Young Noble Absolute Kill Su Tang was dazed for a moment staring Huang Xiaolong before bursting into laughter, “Wonderful, so brazen! Just like me! You’re called Huang Xiaolong, right I’ll leave your corpse intact!” At the drop of the last word, the ancient sword at his back flew out from its sheath. 

Like the call of all phoenixes, a crisp, clear hum rang out.

Sharp sword light appeared, carrying world-splitting momentum accompanied by frightening sword intent that pierced the nine heavens, dispersing the sea of clouds.

Several thousand li in the far distance, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the other experts were all shaken by the sight of the sky-piercing sword intent.

Including Chi Jiuyang, who felt it even more, causing his heart to palpitate.

“What a terrifying sword intent!” A film of sweat appeared on Chi Jiuyang’s forehead.

He most likely wouldn't be able to take even one hit.

One swing of that sword and he’d be split into halves.

Inside the Deities Templar’s center hall, a rain of sword light flew toward Huang Xiaolong like it was deadly set on destroying everything in its path.

Not even a God Realm master’s tough physique was a match for it.

Myriad sword light pierced through Huang Xiaolong’s body in an instant, however, it was merely his afterimage.

When the Absolute Kill sword chopped down where Huang Xiaolong stood, its terrifying sword qi pierced deep into the ground, cutting the hard floor like it was tofu.

Young Noble Absolute Kill was secretly stunned that Huang Xiaolong was able to dodge his spontaneous attack, but he harrumphed coldly.

A silver glow shone from his eyes as the Absolute Kill Sword rotated upward, raining down sword qi to every corner of the spacious hall.

“Absolute Killings in One Direction!” Sword qi pierced through every inch of space in the hall.

High up inside the hall, a series of metal collision noises rang ‘dang! dang! Dang!’ forcing Huang Xiaolong to reveal himself and his position, enmeshed by numerous sword qi rays.

Those sword qi rays then took the shape of sea dragon, rotating at rapid speed accompanied by lightning’s destructive power, sweeping out to all corners of the hall.

The sword qi of the Absolute Kill in One Directions move was transformed into a different attack.

“Heart Demons Killing Sword!”

The Absolute Kill Sword returned to Young Noble Absolute Kill Su Tang’s hand, and he thrust the sword straight at Huang Xiaolong.

Heart demons existed in every human since they possessed their own desires, their own obsessions.

This Heart Demons Killing Sword was intended to kill the demon in one’s heart.

It was as if Su Tang became one with the sword in his hand, his entire being was the Absolute Kill Sword.

Space cracked and shattered where they passed.

Something resonated deep inside Huang Xiaolong’s heart and his mind became disoriented.

Just when Huang Xiaolong was disoriented, Su Yang’s Heart Demon Killing Sword qi stabbed into Huang Xiaolong’s chest.


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