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Chapter 511: Soul Binding Needle! 

The instant the other side’s Absolute Kill Sword pierced into his flesh, Huang Xiaolong felt a tearing pain travel up from his heart! This kind of tearing pain was something that Huang Xiaolong hadn't felt in a long time, ever since his physique was reformed into the True Dragon Physique by the Dragon Pearl!

In the nick of time, he pointed forward with both index fingers, the Absolute Soul Finger roared out in attack, straight at the enemy’s forehead.

Young Noble Su Tang withdrew by leaping back, his figure flickering in and out between real and illusory, successfully avoiding Huang Xiaolong’s Absolute Soul Finger.

Huang Xiaolong stole a quick glance at his chest and saw that blood was flowing out.

Red blood tinged with a hint of golden as if Huang Xiaolong’s blood was an ancient primordial dragon’s blood.

Young Noble Absolute Kill leaped back, pulling his sword out.

Shock was written all over his face as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, “You actually did not die!”

Although the Heart Demons Killing Sword did stab into Huang Xiaolong’s chest where his heart was, Young Noble Su Tang was clear that the stab merely pierced through Huang Xiaolong’s flesh, without cutting into his heart.

It was nothing but a flesh wound!

The instant his sword pierced through Huang Xiaolong’s skin, Young Noble Absolute Kill felt his hands numbed from the impact.

“How can this be!” Young Noble Absolute Kill Su Tang muttered in bewilderment, mostly to himself.

His Absolute Kill Sword was a divine weapon.

A treasure he stumbled upon in a fortuitous encounter more than a decade ago in an ancient land.

His current strength combined with a full force strike from the Absolute Kill Sword could easily split apart a peak half-step God Realm warrior’s physique, splitting the victim’s heart open.

But now…!

Did this mean that Huang Xiaolong’s flesh was even more powerful than an early God Realm master’s half-God Body!

In that brief moment, these thoughts raced past Su Tang’s mind.

His eyes saw the wound on Huang Xiaolong’s chest healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The wound had fully closed! 

When Deities Templar’s Great Grand Elder Mo Jie saw that Huang Xiaolong ultimately remained unharmed after being stabbed by Young Noble Absolute Kill’s sword, he could barely conceal the astonishment in his eyes.

He was well aware of Young Noble Absolute Kill’s strength.

In retrospect, if he was the one who received that attack just now, he would have been gravely injured.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong ignored the shocked expressions on these two men’s faces.

His cold gaze fell on Young Noble Absolute Kill Su Tang, “Your three moves are done, it’s my turn to attack now!” Huang Xiaolong’s figure had already disappeared from sight before the last word could be heard.

Inwardly, Young Noble Absolute Kill was screaming ‘Shit!’ However, he was trapped by a sudden torrent of saber lights that filled his proximity.

Some saber lights transformed into an angry thunderstorm, some transformed into lightning flood dragons that covered the floor, while others into blooming petals spinning in the air.

Young Noble Absolute Kill felt cornered.

There was nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

“Lifeline Amidst Plight!” He hollered in rage, propelling his body forwards, once again becoming one with the Absolute Kill Sword.

Countless sword qi rays appeared from all directions, violent, sharp, emitting monstrous killing intent.

Sword qi collided with saber lights.

Huang Xiaolong replied with a cold snort, delving into another attack.

The Asura Blades in his hands made a slash, flying saber lights rotated at high speed, forming a blood red eyeball, and some of them elongated into numerous chains.

Su Tang was befuddled for a moment, but he recovered fairly quickly.

However, the chains formed of saber lights enlarged in his pupils as they locked the space around him, imprisoning him in a small spherical space. 

“Absolute Kill Sword Barrier!” Sword qi hummed as it vibrated at high speed, coming out from Su Tang’s body to form a  sword qi protective barrier around him.

Yet, at this time, Huang Xiaolong’s ten fingers bent like claws, swiping at Su Tang.

The Asura Demon Claw shredded space, landing on the sword qi protective barrier with a boom.

The barrier shook violently and shattered into pieces.

The saber light chain snaked up Su Tang’s limbs and body, binding him like a dumpling.

A shrill shriek rendered the air as Su Tang plummeted to the floor from high above.

The bone-deep saber wounds were obvious to the eyes, as if his body could, at any time, fall apart into several pieces.

“You!” Su Tang stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, then erupted in a sudden laughter, “I didn’t imagine that you could combine several of Asura Sword Skills and execute them at the same time, multiplying their attack power! A small little Martial Spirit World actually nurtured such a genius.

Fine, I lost.

You’re called Huang Xiaolong, right If you want to kill me, then kill, I won’t retaliate.” Su Tang struggled to his feet, swaying unsteadily on his feet.

Huang Xiaolong’s instincts were screaming danger all of a sudden and he did not hesitate, initiating his innate martial spirit ability, Space Concealment.

In the split second after Huang Xiaolong vanished into thin air, a stack of black needles whistled through the spot he stood barely a second ago, piercing into the stone pillars in the hall.

Underneath the daylight, these needles reflected a faint green glow, a clear indication they were laced with toxic poison.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong exited the space pocket with the same aloof expression on his face, looking at the Deities Templar’s Great Grand Elder Mo Jie.

Those poisonous black needles came from Mo Jie’s sneak attack.

Great Grand Elder Mo Jie was surprised that Huang Xiaolong actually dodged his poisonous needles, however, he concealed it behind a cold laugh, “Huang Xiaolong, count yourself lucky for dodging my poison needles.

Regardless, since you dare to walk into our Deities Templar headquarters, then don’t dream of ever escaping.

Here is where your bones will lie!” Finished saying that, he disappeared in a puff of smoke, undetectable.

When Mo Jie appeared again, he was behind Huang Xiaolong, aiming his two fists at Huang Xiaolong’s back.

Huang Xiaolong spun around, clenching both hands into fists, slamming them into the two fists coming at him.

Bang! A loud collision echoed in the hall, shockwaves exploded, shattering the floor tiles into fragments.

The center hall building swayed like it was about to topple.

Mo Jie was forced back from the collision, wobbling more than thirty meters before he managed to steady himself.

Both of his hands throbbed with numbness.

He was beyond shocked, only now did it dawn on him the terror of  Huang Xiaolong’s physique.

He failed to fathom how a human being could train their physique to such an extent!

Yet, he laughed widely in the next moment.

A brilliant smile bloomed on his face, “Huang Xiaolong, you’ve been hit by my Ten Points Poison Devil Scorpion Fist! My Ten Points Poison Devil Scorpion Fist comes from absorbing the world’s most toxic scorpion, the Purple Scorpion King’s poison, for cultivation.

Once struck by my fist the contains the Purple Scorpion King’s poison, only a God Realm master’s half-True Godforce will be able to dispel the poison from your body.

Now, you’re dead for sure!” As Mo Jie was boasting about this, he even waved his fists around complacently in front of Huang Xiaolong.

The skin on Mo Jie’s fists was inky black, looking like aubergines.

Bulky green veins protruded to the surface, resembling lines of poisonous scorpions.

Even the air around his fists turned an inky black from contamination.

This was clear proof of its acute toxicity.

Huang Xiaolong looked at his own two fists.

Strands of black energy could be seen swirling on his skin, moving up along the length of his arms, wiggling their way to his heart.

Mo Jie let out another burst of triumphant laughter watching Huang Xiaolong’s reaction.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong sneered when a dark red energy flowed out from his body.

In an instant, that inky black mist wiggling up his arms was incinerated with a snap.

“You!” Great Grand Elder Mo Jie’s wide smile froze stiffly on his face.

The dark red energy flow was a form of Huang Xiaolong’s true essence fire.

Deities Templar Great Grand Elder Mo Jie once again transformed into a vapor of smoke, disappearing from view and re-emerging above Huang Xiaolong’s head.

“Soul Binding Needle!”

He was holding numerous black needles in his hands, pinning them down on Huang Xiaolong from above.

Huang Xiaolong had his guard up the whole time.

In an instant, a layer of black scales emerged from his skin and two pointed horns grew on his forehead.

Strands of dark red energy swirled close to his body.

Instead of summoning the twin dragon martial spirits, Huang Xiaolong released the suppression on his Asura bloodline, transforming into the Asura Physique.

When those black needles were inches from the crown of his head, Huang Xiaolong blocked with his arms.

The black needles that hit Huang Xiaolong’s arms were repelled instead.

At this precise moment, a piercing sharp sword qi exploded into a resplendent light.

With a mad slash, it aimed a horizontal cut across Huang Xiaolong’s throat.

“One Sword Cleaving the Heavens!”

The attack came from the gravely injured Young Noble Absolute Kill, Su Tang.


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