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Chapter 512: Star Sword Sect

Young Noble Absolute Kill’s eyes were scarlet, filled with violent killing intent.

“My One Sword Cleaving the Heavens can even split a divine stone in half, I want to see if it still can’t chop your head off!” His crazed voice shrieked.

But his body suddenly disappeared, leaving only horrifying sword qi.

Zheng! A loud noise of metal clashing rang out as the sword qi met Huang Xiaolong’s throat like striking against an iron wall.

A burst of fire sparked due to friction, then the sword qi died out.

However, the actual Absolute Kill Sword appeared with a swift horizontal cut across Huang Xiaolong’s throat, giving anyone under those circumstances no time to react.

For this attack, Young Noble Su Tang exerted every shred of power left in him, his spirit, his soul, his will.

This was an attack driven by intense killing intent.

The most powerful attack belonging to a peak half-step God Realm master.

A sure-kill sword attack! And it was many times stronger than the previous Heart Demons Killing Sword.

The moment after Young Noble Absolute Kill felt his sword make contact with Huang Xiaolong’s throat, he leaped ten meters back looking slightly pale, panting hard as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

This one full force attack took everything out of him.

The saber wounds Huang Xiaolong left on his body split open once again, with more blood flowing out, dyeing his body and tattered robe red.

Despite that, he wasn’t the least bit concerned with all these, his eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong’s throat, refusing to blink until he confirmed the result with his own eyes.

A sword slash appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s throat.

From that sword slash, a thin cut mark ran across his skin.

Blood gurgled out endlessly along the cut.

Watching this, Young Noble Absolute Kill breathed in heavy relief, the joy on his face evident.

In the next moment however, he saw spots of blue light rise from Huang Xiaolong’s feet to his head.

Surrounded by these spots of blue light, the sword slashed and cut on Huang Xiaolong’s throat began to heal at horrifying speed.

Innate martial spirit ability, Instant Recovery!

“No, impossible!” Young Noble Absolute Kill’s face was blood-drained, falling into denial as he shook his head vehemently, giving birth to hopelessness and despair inside him.

Even this failed to injure the other party! 

Was he still human! That was a monster that wouldn't feel pain being beaten, and couldn't be killed!

Horror! This was the first time in his life when Su Tang felt horror!

In recent years, the number of half-step God Realm experts that died in his hands exceeded a few dozens, if not a hundred.

That included peak half-step God Realm experts, but now, he was rendered helpless by a mere peak mid-Tenth Order Saint realm human, leaving a trauma in his heart.

“God Destroying Palm!”

A cold harrumph broke the brief moment of silence.

Great Grand Elder Mo Jie made another attempt to kill Huang Xiaolong by slamming his palm down on Huang Xiaolong’s head.

The size of his palm enlarged to a tremendous size as if it could cover the heavens.

Before the palm arrived, the tile floor beneath Huang Xiaolong’s feet cracked, and even the earth shook.

Mo Jie may be fast, but Huang Xiaolong was much faster.

His figure vanished in an instant.

Before Mo Jie could react, Huang Xiaolong was already right above his head, slapping down an Asura Demon Claw down at the back of Mo Jie’s head.

When the noise of impact subsided, Great Grand Elder Mo Jie was lying face-down on the floor.

Huang Xiaolong’s figure flickered into a blur, appearing in front of Young Noble Absolute Kill, Su Tang.

Su Tang’s face contorted with fear.

“Wait!” He shouted, but the Absolute Kill Sword made a sudden thrust at Huang Xiaolong.

Still, his movements were too slow.

Shaping his left hand into a claw, Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Demon Claw pierced right through Mo Jie’s chest, coming out from his back.

With a wave, Su Tang’s body was sent flying, only Huang Xiaolong’s hand maintained the same angle, holding something bloody in his palm—Su Tang’s beating heart.

With a little pressure, Su Tang’s heart exploded into pieces.

Su Tang fell to a corner of the center hall with blood spurting madly from his mouth, and eyes widened with unwillingness staring at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, I’m a core disciple of the Star Sword Sect.

This time, I came over to the Martial Spirit World because of Mo Jie’ invitation, there was no intention of becoming enemies with you!” Su Tang blurted out: “You cannot kill me!”

Unfortunately, just as Su Tang shouted, the Blade of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hand cut down from the top of Su Tang’s head.

A horrifying saber light split Su Tang’s body into halves from his nose down to his crotch.

Su Tang’s voice died instantaneously as he stared at his lower body.

Then, his body halves separated, falling in opposite directions.

Blood splattered all over the floor.

Huang Xiaolong did not bother to take a second look, taking out the Ghosts and Devils Flag and summoning the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

These were a half-step God Realm experts’ flesh and soul, and precious resources shouldn’t be left in vain.

Before these two banes, not even Su Tang’s soul could escape his fate of becoming nourishment for the Devils and Ghosts Flag and the Poison Corpse Scarabs.

“Huang Xiaolong, the Star Sword Sect will not spare you!” The last words Su Tang shouted before his true death, echoing in the spacious hall.

Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed.

‘Star Sword Sect’

When he was just a small Xiantian realm warrior, he didn’t even put the Deities Templar in his eyes.

At the time, if a flood comes, he’ll cover it with soil, if soldiers come, the general will battle.

After dealing with Su Tang’s corpse, Huang Xiaolong turned around, ordering the Poison Corpse Scarabs and the Devils and Ghosts Flag to start on Great Grand Elder Mo Jie.

After the two corpses were handled, Huang Xiaolong put away their spatial rings.

With the Eye of Hell, he looked deeper into the hall.

A dozen breaths later, Huang Xiaolong closed the Eye of Hell.

He was frowning in wonder, for Deities Templar’s Temple Preceptor Ying Tian was actually not around.

And Li Lu was nowhere to be seen either.

Did that Ying Tian somehow predict that he would attack Deities Templar and escaped in advance

No, Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

His plan of attacking Deities Templar had no way of being leaked, Deities Templar couldn’t have gotten wind on it.

Ying Tian probably did not know.

If he did, he probably would have taken some precautionary measures, and Huang Xiaolong definitely won't be able to reach here so easily.

Huang Xiaolong flew into the inner hall, scanning the surrounding with his spiritual sense and combing every inch carefully.

Even so, he failed to detect any signs of Ying Tian and Li Lu.

“It seems like Ying Tian really isn't here!” Admittedly, Huang Xiaolong was disappointed.

He had thought that he’d be able to uproot Deities Templar in one fell swoop this time around.

He wouldn't be able to feel at ease for a day unless Ying Tian was dead.

Although he failed to find Ying Tian, Huang Xiaolong ran into quite a few Deities Templar’s experts hidden inside the inner hall, and those people were easily dealt with.

Other than peak half-step God Realm, Huang Xiaolong cared not for other warriors.

After making checking the center hall and inner hall one last time, Huang Xiaolong flew out of the building.

Outside, screams of killing and slaughter rendered the air, blood flowed into a river.

The island ground was dyed red by the Deities Templar disciples’ blood, even the ancient trees and the green shrubs turned blood red.

Everywhere on the island were Deities Templar’s terrified disciples.

The group of high-level Xiantian realm disciples was more than hundred thousands in number, yet within an hour’s time, half of them were done in by Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the rest of Asura’s Gate experts.

Whereas Saint realm experts, there were only two hundred or so remaining.

Huang Xiaolong stood high in the air above.

A simple punch from him, through the distance space, directly blasted a Saint realm expert into pieces.

Three hours later, all of Deities Templar’s disciples, including Saint realm experts were annihilated.

The blood-curdling screams stopped, leaving an eerily silent island.

“Clean up.” Huang Xiaolong said to Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu.

Suddenly, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi shouted a warning in his mind: “Look out!”

Before Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi could finish his words, a hand emerged from the void above.

A hand resembling white lustrous jade underneath the sun rays, reflecting an alluring glow.

A single finger lightly pointed at Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Huang Xiaolong’s body shuddered, falling down into a deep pit.


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