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Chapter 515: Black Tortoise Galaxy

“Sovereign is mighty!” 

“Lord Beast God is mighty!” 

Reaching Huang Xiaolong’s side, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and those of beastmen and demonic beasts experts knelt on the ground and sang his praises.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, gesturing for everyone to get up.

“Ten in a team, everyone scatter and search for any survivors.

If anyone is found alive, kill!” Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and everyone acknowledged the order respectfully, heading off in different directions in groups of ten, combing every corner of the island.

Slightly over an hour later, all the experts assembled once again before Huang Xiaolong to report their findings.

After a detailed search by Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the others experts, they indeed found some Deities Templar disciples hidden in obscure spots.

All were killed after being found.

Huang Xiaolong stared at the floating island below, a thousand arms appeared from his back.

“The Fifteenth Move, Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!”

Each one of the thousand arms launched an attack of fifteen divine dragons, from the five elements of water, fire, wind, wood, and golden dragons to the Buddha dragon, followed by the black, white, hump, bone, nether, devil, true, and ice dragons.

One thousand arms, amounting to fifteen thousand divine dragons flexing their powerful claws and smashing them onto the island below.

Zhao Shu and the rest witnessed the enormous island in front of them quake, with cracks and fissure lining its the surface, crumbling into pieces and plummeting down.

Finally, the whole island disappeared, submerged to the bottom of the sea.

The experts sucked in a cold breath of air watching this scene.

Collapsing an enormous island with a single attack! This kind of strength was probably on par with a God Realm master.

In truth, the reason why Huang Xiaolong was able to shatter the island with a single punch was due to the battle earlier with Temple Preceptor Ying Tian.

The aftershock of their battle had rendered the island on the verge of collapse, therefore Huang Xiaolong’s last attack was able to break up the island entirely.

“We’re leaving!” Huang Xiaolong waved an arm signaling to the others while watching the Deities Templar island and headquarters’ ruins plummet to the bottom of the sea, then they left the place.

With Ying Tian dead and the Deities Templar headquarters destroyed, the next step was to uproot all Deities Templar’s branches.

These branches did not pose any real danger, but if they rallied up together, it was still quite a force.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong was determined to eradicate all troubles at the roots.

Deities Templar’s disciples, not one must remain!

Subsequently, departing from the Dead Sea Gorge, Huang Xiaolong did not return to the Starcloud Continent, instead, he led the experts over to the Snow Wind Continent to pay a visit to every Deities Templar branch.

More than nine-tenths of them were located on Snow Wind Continent.

“Old Dragon, what’s that about Black Tortoise Galaxy” On the way, Huang Xiaolong asked Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

“You don't know about the Black Tortoise Galaxy” It was Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi who was surprised instead.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I have never left Martial Spirit World.”

“No wonder, but some of your subordinates should know.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, “Since you’ve asked, then let me explain about this Black Tortoise Galaxy to you.

You already know that other than this Martial Spirit World, there are many other world surfaces such as Peace Emperor World, Dragonsnake World, Undefeated King World, Ice World, and Luo He World.

“This, I’m aware.” Huang Xiaolong said.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, “These are world surfaces in close proximity to Martial Spirit World, and our Martial Spirit World, Peace Emperor World, and Dragonsnake World are in fact located within the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

World surfaces such as this Martial Spirit or Peace Emperor, the Black Tortoise Galaxy has more than ten thousand of them.”

“What More than ten thousand!” Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked, and it showed on his face, feeling that the enormity of things was too incredible.


Extremely dumbfounded!

Huang Xiaolong swallowed with difficulty, his throat dry.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi laughed at his reaction, “What, did I frighten you This is actually very normal.

Anyone who heard about this for the first time would react the same way, including me when I first came to know about it.

In fact, the Azure Dragon Galaxy next to us is many times bigger.

Our Black Tortoise Galaxy has approximately one hundred and twenty-three thousand such world surfaces, whereas the Azure Dragon Galaxy has more than one hundred and ninety-one thousand world surfaces!”

Azure Dragon Galaxy, one hundred and ninety-one thousand!

Once again, Huang Xiaolong was stunned agape.

It took him a moment to recover.

“Are there many galaxies like the Black Tortoise Galaxy and Azure Dragon Galaxy” Huang Xiaolong asked after regaining his senses.

“That’s right, below the Divine World surfaces, there are countless galaxies like these.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said.

Our Black Tortoise Galaxy is under the Divine World’s Vientiane Area's governance.

The Vientiane Divine Surface controls four galaxies in total, including our Black Tortoise Galaxy.

The others are called Azure Dragon Galaxy, White Tiger Galaxy, and Vermillion Bird Galaxy.”

Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird!

The four big galaxies!

Divine World’s Vientiane Divine Surface!

Huang Xiaolong could hardly contain the excitement in his heart.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong realized that he had been looking at the sky from the bottom of a well in the past.

He had thought that there were, at most, a hundred or so world surfaces like the Martial Spirit World, or perhaps two hundred.

But now he knew better, and even he found his past assumptions simply ridiculous and unbelievably naive.

More than one hundred and twenty-three thousand! And that was merely in one Black Tortoise Galaxy! A light shone in the depth of his pupils, ‘It seems like after I unify the Martial Spirit World, I'm leaving this world surfaces.’

Amongst the vast galaxy, Martial Spirit World was equivalent to a countryside.

“In the Divine World, how many divine surfaces are there that are similar to the Vientiane Divine Surface” Huang Xiaolong’s curiosity showed.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi shook his head, “I’ve never been to the Divine World, so don’t ask me this.

But I guess it’s not a small number.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“Then do you know anything about the Star Sword Sect and that Ying Family” Recalling something from earlier, Huang Xiaolong asked.

That Young Noble Absolute Kill, Su Tang, shouted out loud that he was from the Star Sword Sect, while Deities Templar’s Temple Preceptor Ying Tian claimed that he was from a certain Ying Family.

“I’ve heard a little about Star Sword Sect, it’s an old sect of our Black Tortoise Galaxy that goes back more than ten thousand years, therefore they're quite well-known in the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

There are quite a few masters in their ranks, but no Highgod Realm warriors.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi went on, “As for that Ying Family, I don’t know, I've never heard of it.

It's probably a new family that rose to power in the recent ten thousand years or so.”

Huang Xiaolong frowned, he didn’t expect the Star Sword Sect to actually have such a long heritage, exceeding ten thousand years.

Even if all the past ancestors of the Star Sword Sect took one wife each, after several thousands of years of reproduction, one couldn't even count the number of generations since then!

While it was possible that the Ying Family was a new rising family, just a mere Ying Tian was already a God Realm master, one could imagine the powerful force that this family possessed.

As if knowing his thoughts, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, “You don’t need to underestimate yourself, I’ve reigned over an ancient era and have come across countless geniuses in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, but I've yet to see one with a talent like yours.

I believe that in another few hundred years there will be a place for you amongst the ranks of Black Tortoise Galaxy’s top masters!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in silence.

It was just that a few hundred years seemed a little too long.

One day later, the group arrived at Snow Wind Continent.

However, just as they arrived on the Snow Wind Continent, Huang Xiaolong’s group heard a piece of news saying that the many branches of Deities Templar had assembled together to attack the Duanren Empire.

Huang Xiaolong and his group were stunned hearing it, then he grinned at Zhao Shu and the others, “Even with Ying Tian’s death, these Deities Templar branches are still in the mood to attack the Duanren Empire.”

“Come, we’re heading to the Duanren Empire!”


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