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Chapter 523: Central Starfield


“Big brother Huang, will you return” Shi Xiaofei’s beautiful eyes gazed sadly at Huang Xiaolong, already teary and red-rimmed.

Huang Xiaolong’s fingers lovingly caressed Shi Xiaofei’s soft, long hair, coaxing in low whispers, “Silly girl, of course I will return.

After becoming a Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple, I will definitely return.”

According to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, as long as he stepped into the God Realm, he would be qualified to become a Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple.

The institute did not restrict the freedom of an inner disciple.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong would be free to come back to the Martial Spirit World.

With his cultivation speed, it shouldn’t take him long to achieve it.

Shi Xiaofei let out a giggle, which turned into peals of laughter hearing Huang Xiaolong’s promise that he would return once he became a Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple.

Her laughing face was soul-stirring.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly reached out, pulling Shi Xiaofei into his embrace, causing her to blush all the way to her ears.

In Huang Xiaolong’s embrace, she felt safe, warm, and comfortable.

“You must work hard too, you have an innate Buddha Physique, if you can awaken the internal Buddhism energy, then your cultivation will soar, improving by leaps and bounds.

Who knows, maybe you’ll reach the Highgod Realm even faster than me.” Huang Xiaolong teased.

Shi Xiaofei was born with an innate Buddha Physique, moreover, it was the strongest kind amongst the known Buddha Physiques, called Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique.

He knew this because Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi told him.

At the moment, however, Shi Xiaofei had yet to awaken her internal Buddhism energy, thus unable to display the potential of her Buddha Physique.

Once she awakened it later, her cultivation speed would be horrifying.

Nevertheless, awakening the internal Buddhism energy could only rely on the person herself, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help even if he wanted to.

“Big brother Huang, I definitely will.” Shi Xiaofei tilted her head up to look at Huang Xiaolong, determination shining in her beautiful eyes.

Night gradually gave way to daylight.

The rising sun’s brilliance was reflected on the sea surface as waves after waves washed up on the shore.

When morning came, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei made their way back to the Huang Clan Manor.

By this hour, everyone had gathered in the Huang Clan Manor’s new main hall in a gloomy atmosphere, knowing that Huang Xiaolong would be leaving the Martial Spirit World.

Seeing the two of them walking in, everyone stood up.

Huang Xiaolong signaled everyone to sit as he began reminding them one by one what they should take note of after he left the Martial Spirit World.

In the future, the Starcloud Continent would be overseen by Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, the Ten Directions Continent would be taken care of by the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey Huang Xiaoyong, as for the Snow Wind Continent, Huang Xiaolong assigned it to his future father-in-law, the Blessed Buddha Emperor, Shi Fantian.

Lastly, the Bedlam Lands would be looked after by one of the demonic beast subordinates of his, a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.

Huang Xiaolong instructed each one of them with great detail.


Three hours later, before the Huang Clan Manor’s grand front entrance, Huang Xiaolong glanced at the faces of his parents, younger brother Huang Xiaohao, younger sister Huang Min, Shi Xiaofei, the Heaven Swallowing Beast Lil’ Tian, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the rest.

He then turned around and leaped to the sky, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Su Yan watched Huang Xiaolong’s shadow disappear in a flash from her eyes and tears started falling from her teary eyes.

This scene reminded her of the time from more than twenty years ago when Huang Xiaolong was just a small child, leaving the Huang Clan Manor.

In the blink of an eye, more than two decades had passed.

“Alright, let’s go back.” Huang Peng hugged his wife’s shoulder in a consoling manner, sounding a little somber himself, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Long’er.

Didn’t he promise that he’ll return once he becomes an inner disciple of the Black Warrior Institute.”

In these years, never once did their son disappoint them.

Su Yan nodded.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong had reached the sky’s highest point.

Under his feet were the Martial Spirit World’s seas and mountains spanning to the horizon.

The initial transmission array built in the Martial Spirit World was destroyed in the Great Fiendgod War, which was why Huang Xiaolong had to rely on his own strength to leave, tearing through the Martial Spirit World’s natural barrier and chaotic space layer to reach the outer space.

Huang Xiaolong continued to tear through space as he flew higher up, the vigor qi around him easily tore apart the natural barrier in the higher atmosphere.

Just like this, Huang Xiaolong continued to fly higher and higher, reaching the chaotic space layer.

In the chaotic space layer, natural-formed lightning ran rampant, fire, and blacksand filled his sight.

Regardless of their strength, early-level Saint realm experts or mid-level Saint realm experts, no one would look lightly on these lethal natural-formed streaks of lightning and blacksand, but Huang Xiaolong was nonchalant, unperturbed as these streaks of lightning, fire, and blacksand hit his body.

Instead, he used this chance to temper his True Dragon Physique.

Very soon, he reached the center of the chaotic space layer.

“Little Huang brat, this chaotic space layer contains both the time and space laws.

Although it's a little chaotic, if you can stay here in the center to cultivate, it would bring great benefits to you when you’re breaking into the God Realm.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said.

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate at all, sitting cross-legged on the spot.

As expected, in mere moments, Huang Xiaolong already sensed the time and space laws contained within the chaos.

Huang Xiaolong remained like this for an entire month, comprehending traces of the time and space laws.

In the chaotic space layer, the flow of energy was extremely violent.

It could easily tear apart an average high-level Saint realm expert’s body, but when these violent flows brushed past Huang Xiaolong, he remained still.

One month later, Huang Xiaolong stood up.

Judging based on appearance alone, Huang Xiaolong looked no different from one month before, but only he knew that his comprehension toward the time and space laws had increased several folds, which also enhanced his attack power.

“Really not too bad, your comprehensive ability is stronger than I expected.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi generously gave a word of praise, “With your talent and comprehensive ability, you will definitely be able to break through to God Realm within ten years’ time.”

“Ten years is too long.” Huang Xiaolong remarked.

“Ten years is still too long” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was rendered speechless.

“In the top ten thousand of the Black Tortoise Galaxy’s monstrous geniuses, they could cultivate from Xiantian to peak half-step God Realm in less than a hundred years, however, from peak half-step God Realm to God Realm, they spent much more than a hundred years!”

“You’re only a late-Tenth Order Saint realm now, being able to break through into the God Realm within ten years, this speed is absolutely first in the entire Black Warrior Institute!”

Late-Tenth Order Saint realm, peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm, half-step God Realm, peak half-step God Realm, only after that would one arrive at the God Realm!

In ten years’ time at that! This speed could indeed be hailed as number one in the whole black Tortoise Galaxy.

In his time, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi took close to two decades to climb from peak half-step God Realm to God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong gave a sheepish smile, but not a sound came from him.

Moments later, he began to tear through the chaotic space layer, continuously moving up until all of a sudden his body trembled, feeling light like a load was taken off his body.

Scanning around, all he could see around him was a vast space filled with stars, infinite.

Silent, spacious and empty, faraway, primeval.

This was Huang Xiaolong’s first impression of this vast, boundless space.

Lowering his eyes to look at the Martial Spirit World below him, he breathed in deeply.

There was a feeling of novelty, leaving the Martial Spirit World for the first time.

He felt a little excitement as well as uncertainty.

A short moment later, Huang Xiaolong managed to calm down his emotions.

Looking around at the vast space, he thought ‘Where shall I go next’ He posed this question to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi thought for a moment before speaking, “Head to the Central Starfield.”

“Central Starfield” Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a moment.

“Right, the Central Starfield.

The Black Warrior Institute holds its registrations every time in the Central Starfield.

Flying at your current full speed, it will still take you slightly over a year to reach that place.

Moreover, the Central Starfield has many shops, when you arrive there you can straight away buy half-step God Realm beast cores to refine so you can breakthrough to peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.” Dragon Ao Taiyi revealed.


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