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Chapter 539: Fourth Place Already!


Huang Xiaolong ignored the group of family disciples after a cursory glance, nonchalantly feasting on roast meat and wine.

Excellent meat paired with excellent wine.

Huang Xiaolong was probably the only person extravagant enough to use a mid-First Order God Realm demonic beast’s meat for barbecue.

His profligate use of resources even surpassed that of large families’ disciples.

These disciples descended on the peak where Huang Xiaolong was, approaching him.

“Half-step God Realm” Upon closer observation, one of the disciples let out a laugh sensing Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation realm, “A mere half-step God Realm dares to build a bonfire here, alone, roasting meat Perhaps he’s a fool”

His words brought a bout of loud laughter from his companions.

A half-step God Realm roasting meat over a bonfire would attract numerous demonic beasts prowling in the area.

This was literally a suicidal action.

Huang Xiaolong took a sip of his wine, shooting a glance at the person who spoke just now, his expression stoic, “Seeing that I’m still in a good mood, you can still make it if you scram right now.”

“Scram!” After a moment of daze, the disciple laughed in contrary to his fury, “Punk, have you thought of the consequence of the words you just uttered”

“What consequences” Huang Xiaolong pulled off a piece of the tiger leg and bit a large chunk off, sending meat juices splattering to the ground.

“Courting death!” That disciple’s anger boiled over seeing that Huang Xiaolong dared not to put him in his eyes.

Letting out an angry roar, he struck a punch at Huang Xiaolong.

“Heaven’s Violent Slaughtering Tempest Fist!” Fist force whistled through the wind, raising violent currents.

A faint majestic power could be felt from the attack.

Huang Xiaolong slightly tilted his head up, blowing out a gust of wind from his mouth. 

The uprising of a violent tempest dissipated, the powerful force from the fist dispersed, and that family disciple was howling tragically as he was sent flying back, exploding into pieces in a high arc.

Everything went deathly quiet.

The rest of the family disciples froze, blanking for a moment before looking like all the blood was drained out of them.

That family disciple that blew up was a peak half-step God Realm, someone infinitely close to breaking into the God Realm.

He was the strongest one amongst them, but he died from a simple blow!

When the remaining disciples regained their senses, all of them subconsciously retreated a step. 

“You, who are you!” One of family disciple stammered.

Huang Xiaolong took another sip of wine, answering nonchalantly, “Huang Xiaolong.”

“Huang Xiaolong!”

“You’re that seventh place Huang Xiaolong!”

All two hundred faces grew a shade paler if that was possible.

If this was three days ago, maybe most of them wouldn't have heard of Huang Xiaolong’s name, but now, among the eighty million disciples going through the same assessment, who didn't know of Huang Xiaolong

“So, it’s Brother Huang.” A family disciple stepped out with some false bravado, offering an amiable smile with cautiously as he said, “It was us who have offended earlier, hope Brother Huang can be forgiving, we’ll take our leave immediately!” Despite having over two hundred people in numbers, if Huang Xiaolong wanted to kill them, it’d be like a predator toying with its prey.

Killing a peak half-step God Realm merely took a breath from his mouth, killing them all wouldn't need more than two hundred blows of breath, this was what was going through that disciple’s mind.

What this disciple didn’t know was that if Huang Xiaolong wanted to annihilate all of them, he could do it in one breath.

Killing one or killing two hundred bore no difference to him.

“Roll away!” Huang Xiaolong no longer paid them any attention.

When the Saint realm experts within the group heard the phrase, it was akin to heavens’ amnesty.

Everyone secretly breathed out in relief as they turned around, about to leave, when…

“Wait!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded.

Hearts tightened nervously, all their actions frozen and faces turned a deathly shade of gray.

Did this Huang Xiaolong change his mind

“Remove all the spatial rings on your bodies before leaving.” Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded once again.

Did they dare to utter any objections All they could do was remove all the spatial rings on them with the fastest speed, handing them over to Huang Xiaolong before fleeing for their lives.

Just as these disciples were fleeing for their lives, a loud bang resounded.

Looking at the source, one of the disciples ran into a high mountain wall in front of him in haste and did not pay attention to his front, resulting in a full-frontal collision.

“My head’s spinning!” Crashing into the mountain wall, the disciple became dizzy and plummeted to the ground.

One had to admit, this family disciple’s head was quite sturdy.

These mountain walls on the Deepwood Star were extremely hard, average swords or knives could hardly leave any scratch marks on their surface.

Huang Xiaolong blanked momentarily watching that disciple, then was speechless, before shaking his head with a faint smile.

At this time on the Hall of Heroes square, the different forces’ experts stirred, many of them had noticed that Huang Xiaolong’s score hadn’t moved for the last two hours.

The two people in the void above also noticed this matter and exchanged a look between them.

“Could this Huang Xiaolong have run into a late-First Order God Realm demonic beast” Su Haodong made a conjecture.

In general, and all the past assessments, late-First Order God Realm demonic beasts were not included.

However, this time, because of Gudu Leng, the Black Warrior Institute deliberately ‘released’ two late-First Order God Realms on the Deepwood Star.

Li Zhiqun’s brows creased into deep furrows.

If, by chance, Huang Xiaolong really did run into a late-First Order God Realm demonic beast, it would be troublesome.

There had been no changes in his points for some time, he was most likely gravely injured by the late-First Order God Realm demonic beast, rendering him into a coma.

If this was truly the case, forget fourth place, he wouldn't be able to hold on to the tenth place.

Huang Xiaolong’s ‘quietness’ was also noticed by the He Family disciples.

As Huang Xiaolong remained still while He Xiu’s points, who was kicked down to the eighth position, kept climbing up, seemingly about to overtake Huang Xiaolong very soon, the He Family disciples burst out in cheers.

“That Huang Xiaolong was so fierce in the beginning, but do you see now, he can’t do it anymore.” One of the He Family disciple mocked.

“I’ll say, he can’t do it anymore, he  most likely went soft.” In the distance, the Zhu Family disciples who held a grudge toward Huang Xiaolong chimed in.

The other families’ disciples snickered at the side, shaking their heads.

But then again, if they were to know that Huang Xiaolong was leisurely treating himself with meat and wine on the Deepwood Star, these people would be angered into fainting.

On Deepwood Star, Huang Xiaolong finally stood up two hours later, stretching his waist and arms lazily.

Well fed and watered, it was time to get back to work.

Huang Xiaolong appeared in the sky in a flicker.

Taking out roughly two hundred beast cores from the Asura Ring, he repeated what he did during the day.

He used his consciousness to control these beast cores to rotate around him at high speed, creating a fierce wind cyclone, and marched onward.

Everywhere the wind cyclone passed through, no demonic beast was left behind.

During the day, Huang Xiaolong had noticed that using his consciousness to control these beast cores actually enhanced his soul force by a great margin.

On the Hall of Heroes square, before the eyes of the He Family disciples, just as He Xiu was about to catch up to Huang Xiaolong’s score, with merely several hundred points difference, Huang Xiaolong’s points shot up and continued to increase at a frightening speed.

The crowd was left reeling at the sudden turn, especially when the sixth place Li Mingxuan was overtaken by Huang Xiaolong, and soon after, his points surpassed the fifth place Jiang Wei.

Huang Xiaolong’s points continued to shoot up like a nightmare, dogging on Xu Shaoqing’s heels.

Gasps of shock and astonishment grew increasingly loud on the square as time passed by.

And those He Family disciples that were laughing at Huang Xiaolong being fierce in the beginning and going soft at the end felt like their heads were hammered, there was nothing but a white blank space in their minds.

Didn't this look like he got even fiercer But, wasn't this a bit too savage

On the Deepwood Star, the eighty million disciples felt their minds humming as they watched Huang Xiaolong climbing up the top ten ranks like a devil.

At this time, the positions in the top ten ranks shifted again.

“Fourth place, Huang Xiaolong’s in the fourth place now!” A disciple’s shrill shriek cut across the square.


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