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Chapter 545: You Already Refined All of Them!


Very soon, news of the Black Warrior Institute’s Principal receiving Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple spread out, sending great waves in the galaxy.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong’s final score in the new disciple assessment was also spread out.

Some were shocked, some felt envious, and others were jealous.

Of course, most people felt that Huang Xiaolong ascended to great heights in a single bound, akin to a poor country bumpkin that suddenly befriended the emperor of an empire. 

However, when the super forces’ ancestors found out that Huang Xiaolong had merely cultivated for no more than thirty years, their momentary daze turned into strong envy toward the Black Warrior Institute Principal for receiving such a heaven-defying ‘treasure.’

Whereas the Wang Family that was still harboring a grudge against Huang Xiaolong could only give up on any ill intentions.

“Ancestor, are we really going to forget this matter!” Within a certain space, Wang Biaoyuan’s face displayed great unwillingness.

But, just as the words left his mouth, he was sent flying by the Wang Family Ancestor with a sweep of palm.

Holding the side of his face as he climbed up from the ground, Wang Biaoyuan was stunned with disbelief as he looked at his Ancestor.

As far as his memories go, his Ancestor had never hit him.

The Wang Family Ancestor’s eyes were cold glancing at him, “The Wang Family’s face has been shamed by you! If you have the ability, go defeat Huang Xiaolong fair and square.

Roll back to your place, and go into closed-door practice!”

About the same time the news of the Black Warrior Institute Principal receiving Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple spread out, another piece of news also spread—Wang Biaoyuan was beaten to a pulp by Huang Xiaolong in the Hall of Heroes square, turning the Wang Family into a laughing stock in the eyes of other prominent families.

A God Realm master, one that had the legendary Indestructible Vajra Physique was beaten like a dog by a half-step God Realm, if this wasn’t a joke, then what was

The schadenfreude from the other families caused the Wang Family Ancestors to lose a lot of face.

Wang Biaoyuan dared not make another sound seeing that his Ancestor was really upset, squirming away as quickly as possible.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Every time he recalled the scene of himself being pummeled by Huang Xiaolong in the Hall of Heroes’ square, Wang Biaoyuan’s eyes gleamed with venomous vengeance.

This matter, he would absolutely not let this humiliation slide.

Defeat Huang Xiaolong fair and square In that case, he will defeat Huang Xiaolong fair and square!

New disciples were subjected to competition assessment every three years, and at that time, new disciples were allowed to challenge each other.

“Huang Xiaolong, three years later, I will defeat you in front of the Black Warrior Institute Principal and the entire institute’s disciples and Elders!” Wang Biaoyuan sneered, he would let his Ancestor and the whole galaxy understand that Huang Xiaolong was nothing before him!

A soft light flashed in his hands, revealing a treasure map.

This treasure map was something he got three months ago.

As long as he could find the pure metal essence indicated on the map, within three years’ time, breaking into Second Order God Realm or even mid or late-Second Order God Realm was highly possible!

It was no wonder that Wang Biaoyuan had confidence in defeating Huang Xiaolong.

This pure metal essence was comparable to the innate spiritual embryo treasure that Huang Xiaolong found previously.

On top of that, Wang Biaoyuan’s Indestructible Vajra Physique was of the metal element.

After refining this pure metal essence, his Indestructible Vajra Physique would be enhanced to an unimaginable degree.

While everyone was immersed in the shocking news of the Black Warrior Institute Principal receiving Huang Xiaolong as a personal disciple, the star of the moment was cultivating inside a large palace-like manor in the center region.

This manor belonged to the Institute Principal, a compound spanning thousands of li, and the spiritual energy here was several times denser and purer compared to other places.

Sitting cross-legged inside the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong took out the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets he was rewarded, opened his mouth and swallowed a hundred pellets in one go.

If Gudu Leng, Wang Biaoyuan, Jiang Shaoze and the others saw this scene, they’d jump up in fright.

One of this Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellet contained extremely potent energy, an average disciple required at least one month to fully refine and absorb the effects of a single pellet.

Even geniuses of Gudu Leng and Jiang Shaoze’s caliber only dared to take two or three pellets at once, but Huang Xiaolong actually swallowed one hundred pellets in one go!

The instant the one hundred Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets entered his body, Huang Xiaolong immediately felt flows of pure cold energy gather into an energy tide, rushing to every corner of his body.

Neither panicking nor hurrying, Huang Xiaolong ran the Asura Tactics, steadily refining these tides of energy and absorbing them.

Several hours later, he fully refined the effects of one hundred Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets.

Stopping to check his body’s condition, he immediately felt that his True Dragon Physique had grown more powerful and his soul grew noticeably stronger.

“You kid is a genuine strange creature that has never existed before!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi couldn’t resist voicing out after seeing Huang Xiaolong refine one hundred pellets in one sitting.

During his time, even he didn’t dare to swallow one hundred Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets at once, moreover, refining them all in a mere five hours.

Even if one eats rice, it wouldn't digest so quickly.

This kid was literally treating the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets as snacks!

“Old Dragon, what do you think about my Master’s strength” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The ‘Master’ Huang Xiaolong was referring to was, of course, the Black Warrior Institute’s Principal.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi slightly paused before answering, “Very strong.

Even at my peak strength, I may not be your Master’s opponent!”

May not be That means there was a fighting chance.

Just from this, one could imagine how strong Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was in his time, after all, the Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang was the current strongest person in Black Tortoise Galaxy.

One hour later, Huang Xiaolong continued swallowing one hundred Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets.

Like this, three days passed peacefully while Huang Xiaolong finished refining all one thousand pellets that he got from the first place reward.

One thousand Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets refined in just three days’ time!

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was already numb being rendered speechless.

An average disciple refined one pellet every month, twelve pellets in a year, taking a century to refine one thousand and two hundred pellets, and two centuries’ time to refine over three thousand pellets!

After he was done with the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets, Huang Xiaolong began refining the six hundred and eighty-nine God Realm beast cores that he harvested from the Deepwood Star, starting from the lower early First Order God Realm.

This time as well he refined them in a batch of one hundred.

After that, it was the souls of the ghost creatures he killed, and this didn’t take long, for he only had a little over a hundred of these sealed souls.

Despite having yet to reach peak half-step God Realm, his strength took a great leap compared to the time before he entered the Deepwood Star.

Exiting the manor, Huang Xiaolong decided to take a stroll outside.

There was still two weeks’ time before the grand apprenticeship ceremony, taking advantage of this window, he wanted to take a look at the Black Tortoise World.

As coincidence goes, he ran into Institute Principal Feng Yang just as he was going out.

“Master.” Huang Xiaolong stepped forward in greeting.

Institute Principal Feng Yang’s face was filled with mirth as he nodded, saying, “How are you progressing with refining the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets Although they’re high-grade divine spirit pellets that can strengthen your physical body and cleanse your soul, you still cannot consume too many at once.”

It happened many times in the past where some new disciples overestimated their talents and swallowed fifteen pellets in one sitting.

In the end, the potent energy was too much for them, nearly causing their bodies to blow up and die.

Hearing this, both Huang Xiaolong and Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi had an awkward sheepish expression on their faces.

“What’s wrong” Noticing the oddity on Huang Xiaolong’s face, he asked with concern.

“Erm, those Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets, I’ve already finished refining them.” Huang Xiaolong’s brain churned rapidly, and decided to answer honestly.

“What! Y-You’re saying that one thousand Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets, all of them, you refined all of them! In fifteen days!” Institute Principal Feng Yang looked at his newly received personal disciple with a dumbfounded expression.

“En, yes.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Originally, he wanted to say that those pellets were finished in three days, but decided against it.

After all, it might be too overwhelmingly shocking.


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